So, as mentioned previously, I will be doing Mako Reactor V6 to fix the map.
Don’t expect anything fancy, just some quick fixes to the crashes and trains and probably will be adding materia leveling back (while keeping the materia filtering).
Some of you may already know this because of the previous posts or by mouth to mouth, as when joining servers I have seen some people concerned about me bringing back materia leveling. If you have an opinion about it, please post it here, I’m open to reconsider things.

I believe most people are concerned about not having Heal++ when facing Bahamut, which made me consider the possibility of adding a second Heal materia to the map (nerfing the immortality duration), but I don’t know, doesn’t feel right… Anyway, the map feels a little too easy nowadays, and not having all the materias automatically leveled could help with that…

As for difficulty, I was also thinking about forcing 100 HP and Fall Damage to all human players to get rid of the unfair and big advantages that some Servers or Admin/Donators have when playing the map. I would also appreciate opinions on that. I know that in the case of Admin/Donators is a usual perk, but I believe its advantage in Mako Reactor (with the whole going down the pipes) is just too big, and often fucks over slower people that have to take the “long” routes.

I know some people want me to add Extreme 3, but I don’t think I will feel like doing so… Still, feel free to make your suggestions.
My idea is just to do the fast (but well made) fixes and be done with it.

I may take a while, as these past days I was resting a little (from Hammer) after so much for Serpentis Temple mapping, and now the Dota 2 International is going on so I will spend a lot of time watching it.
Whatever the case, yeah, Mako Reactor V6, not unlike Winter, is comming; and it should be crash and bug free.
After that, I may go do Serpentis Temple V1.1 and move to Junon. May depend if I end helping Hannibal with Last Man Standing.

And about LMS… Poor bastard now has 4 of the 5 rounds being too long. They are missing around a full minute over the maximum of 9 allowed… And then I always suggest to make the maximum round requirement 8 minutes because you want to give players some room to “make mistakes” or “be slow”…. So yeah, Hannibal won’t have fun having to cut down paths or holds; as the use of a plugin to increment the round duration is kinda out of question.

Anyway, please post your concerns and opinions about Mako V6, the changes I mentioned or something I didn’t even think about.

EDIT: Forgot to mention. What are your opinions on the ZM Rounds guys. Lately I always see them being RTVed for the next map (when not enough time) or players asking an Admin to use the Admin Room to put Extreme back on.
Originally there weren’t ZM Rounds, then they were added (forever) at the end of the map because it was “beaten”, so play ZM or RTV. Then they were added as 3 rounds before the latest added difficulty. Then as “You must win ZM” once to advance. The current version has “Infinite ZM Rounds” but usually only 2 as in the 2nd there is a secret to reach the admin room.
So… Your opinions? Remove them? Improve them? Change them? Make it again so you have to “Win” one to go to the latest difficulty? If I keep them I was thinking about closing the area past the city (so, only the City Area, not that “corridor” with the Earth Spawn and the 2nd Hold).

So, after much testing and fixing, 4 beta versions played for dozens of hours and the help of many test subjects, here it is finally, in all its glory, MG Serpentis Temple V1!

MG Serpentis Temple V1

MG Serpentis Temple V1 – Finally Released!

DOWNLOAD from Kaemon’s Dropbox: DROPBOX


The full changelog can also be found within the .rar file, for those interested in checking all the changes. It covers everything that got edited from the original version to the current one.
If you would like a short version of what this version offers… Well, everything should be working now: No crashes. Particles and Cubemaps show up properly. Many traps and areas have been balanced and polished. The map its decent at last!

Take in mind, its still the good old Serpentis. Even if it has been fixed and got rid of most of the bugs and annoyances the map and gameplay remain pretty much the same, so if you never liked it, you probably won’t like it now neither.
There may still be some minor glitches or annoyances here or there (I noticed you can sometimes hear the helicopter in Medusa’s Chamber), but after so many hours of working on the map I feel like I’m done, so deal with it (still, feel free to report any bugs/problems in the case I someday end doing a fast fix version).

At some point in time I would like to make a new map of this style, but bigger and better. Not only would I be doing a good layout/idea/plan ahead (instead of this “clusterfuck” we rushed for a Gamebanana Contest back in the day) but I would also take advantage of all the things I learned while mapping and testing Serpentis; from better ways of doing certain things to knowing what works and doesn’t in terms of online gameplay. But first I should finish other things… Final Fantasy related things…

So, as mentioned on the previous post, now I will focus on making ZE FFVII Mako Reactor V6 and fix all those annoying glitches/crashes people found about. I may take a while, as I map slowly and test a lot; but its coming. I would post withing the next weeks more info about it; in the meantime please restrain of suggesting the same 5 things everyone suggested to me already (adding Easy back, making Extreme 3, adding Materia Leveling back and the obvious crashes and glitches).

As a last note here you have, if you dare to check it out, a LINK to the original and very first rushed version of Serpentis Temple. Be warned its quite ugly (I blame Luffaren), but comparing it to V1 (after 7 Beta versions) can be worth some laughs.


Quick post about Mako.

Posted: June 22, 2014 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor

We are well aware of some of the current glitches/problems going on with ZE FFVII Mako Reactor and people abusing them. Some of those problems have been known for a long time, but since people didn’t seem to know about them, and with Hannibal not feel like touching the map anymore (specially for only 2 fixes) he didn’t do anything about them. Also, even if he did, some of the recently discovered bugs are new to us and wouldn’t have been fixed anyway.

Hannibal will keep working on LMS, but I will get to fix Mako as soon as I release MG Serpentis Temple V1 (probably tonight), before moving back to Junon. So that’s it.
Sorry Mako Haters, no RIP ;-P

So I finally got around it and went to fix Serpentis Temple for a proper release,
I was planning on leave it on version B4 and move really quickly to a different project that I hope to finish fast enough along which Cuniczek and Kaesar (they are already helping me with it), and maybe release a V1 in the future. Thing is, after several hours of testing  we found some problems (bigger ones being that I broke Sewer Slide and that Elevator difficulty is way too high) so I will just edit and fix them really quick, name it V1, release and call it a day.

For B4 I already nerfed the difficulty on some rooms, including the previously impossible to beat Lava Climb (now beatable), and making the Infinite Paths going from 81 possible outcomes on 4 paths choices, to 27 on 3 (which, in retrospective, was really necessary).
However, it looks like I’m going to need to further nerf some of the rooms. As I mentioned in previous posts, I liked the hours long events we had for Serpentis in the past, but I also want it to become a map you can play by time to time and even be on a normal server rotation, so I will just go ahead and nerf rooms that are too long and/or hard specially the new Elevator Room (in which we kept failing in the easier first third), even if this means deleting half of the contents I made for it.

If you have any suggestions or complains NOW its the time for posting them, as I may not touch the map ever again  after I’m done with V1, which will be hopefully soon enough (maybe even as soon as tomorrow).
Now, for your enjoyment, here are two screenshots of big Medusa bugs that Syoudous found before I released it to the public:

After changing the map to work with Turbophysics, Medusa was being thrown flying by the falling rocks.

After changing the map to work with Turbophysics, Medusa was being thrown flying by the falling rocks.
In fact, you can still see her fly when she dies.

Medusa Rocks Hard

I broke the relay that was supposed to clean the rocks at some point during tests.
It looks cool, but it would end crashing a server if I let it that way.

If you are interested in the Changelog of B3 (that I didn’t publish at the time because I didn’t want to do spoilers), or the one from B3 to B4, I will post them all together (and included in the .rar) when I release V1; so wait for it if you like reading changelogs. XD But beware, its mostly minor fixes and minor additions, don’t expect new rooms or traps.

So that’s pretty much it. Hannibal is doing wonders with Last Man Standing (advancing quite a lot non stop), and now Kaesar is helping him animating some models so he can instead focus on other things, which is great. So maybe we get some LMS news around here soon enough.

GL & HF!


Ey, anybody surprised on this blog not updating more frequently? I didn’t think so! ^_^U

So… As mentioned on the last post I spent sometime in France. When I came back I just chilled out with IRL friends and slacked, then went to play some Dota and slack some more…
Finishing Serpentis should be around 2 days worth of work, but I have managed to not finish it yet… That must be some kind of new record. Anyway, right now I’m trying to get more “serious” (for what its worth) with mapping again. The current plan is finishing Serpentis and then going back to Junon at last. I have been feeling like mapping some Junon for a time now.

Hannibal is still doing some serious work on Last Man Standing when he cans and the map is progressing well. He has all 5 stages mapped and propped (he told me he has done over 500 props) and is now detailing and triggering them (right now he is working on stage 3 after finishing 1 and 2). I don’t know how much polishing/testing/detailing will be needed after the map is done; so still not date on when the map will come out.
Also, since I was slacking and not helping him at all, he got someone else to do his bidding; so now Zuff (not to confuse with Luff) is helping him a little with the map so its not so tedious for poor little Hannibal. So far he helped him with a Stage and Event system using those new fancy techniques that are way more clean and don’t require physics to work.

Luffaren on the other hand… he is now on the slacking team (even if he opened Hammer after I pasted him what I was going to post here). Problem is he now has a job, he spent sometime working on an Unity game with some IRL friends that got abandoned, and he is learning some coding when he has some free time. He says however that the map is not stopped and that we shouldn’t worry (which roughly translates in: “Worry! All hope is lost!”)
Man, between LMS, Junon and Luffaren‘s secret project we are getting ridiculous at how long we take to not release a map… on the other hand, you have Enviolinador.

Enviolinador, as many of you should have noticed, has released lots of maps lately, the guy is a mapping machine and doesn’t slack at all. His most recent map and version is ZE_Boredom_v418216 (LINK) which has big chances of being the final, stable, working and balanced version, so update your servers to it if you haven’t. The first stages are sightly easier (so hopefully no more 0-14) the lag in the end should be gone and some things have been fixed (like the boss delaying the “allowing zombies in” so it would stack with his next attack).
He is also about to release a new ZE_Taboo version with the contest winners on it, so stay tuned for v2. It will also include cvars (some admins may be familiar with them from his map ZE_Antartika) and an extreme mode (because Taboo wasn’t hard enough).

I also briefly talked with both Eddie and error17, which you may remember from ZE_Hypernova and ZE_Shadow_Moses respectively.
Eddie, believe it or not, is still working by time to time on a new Hypernova version that should add many things (I believe) and he keeps fighting the engine limits on faces/props.
error17, even if is now apparently following my self published How To Slack For Dummies rulebook, he assures me he still wants to release his map at some point. Will take long? Who knows? But here is a video of an early implementation of the Raven fight:

Anyway… That is it for today. Now I’m going to eat something and then will see if I go mapping some Serpentis.
I may stream it on Twitch or something (will give link if I do so, here and on the Steam Group) and see if I slack less that way.

Just a quick update, I have been in France for about 1 week, and I will probably stay here until the end of the month.
I don’t have Hammer, Steam or even time right now as I’m quite busy, but I will finish fixing Serpentis ASAP when I get back home as it was almost done.

As for what to expect of Serpentis update: both fixes and nerfs (also you have an almost complete list on the post below). It was fun for a couple of times but I didn’t intend that you needed a several hours lasting event to beat it every time; so when it becomes easier it should be doable in around the normal course map time (assuming you have enough skilled players that know what to do).
Also, when the final version is done and nothing else needs to be changed I will look into porting it to CS:GO.

On the rotting Zombie Escape hand, you will be pleased to know that both Hannibal and Luffaren were doing big progress with their respective ZE maps when I left.
Hannibal has done all the stages and was now transforming tons of pieces into props so the whole thing can compile before getting into triggering and playability; and Luffaren, even busy as he is working on making games from zero with Unity and whatnot, was still advancing a fair amount with his map.

And I don’t know about Enviolinador, but he may have released a couple of maps since I left :-P
Anyway, that is what is going on. Last Man Standing is getting done and Serpentis should be completely done (forever) within the next month; and after both Serpentis and LMS are done for, its Junon (slacking) time again.

So, as expected Serpentis needs a new version. Will try to release it soon enough, but I haven’t started working on it and want to rest a couple of days.
I wanted to make some of the old too-easy rooms a little more challenging and Team-Work based, but for the looks of it I overdid it way too much, as the map is really really really hard, with some areas arguably impossible (they are “possible”, but require an insane amount of Luck/Time/Teamwork/Pros combo).

If you want to help me, please tell me what problems you think the map has that aren’t in the list below.
Those are the current fixes I have written down:

- Cubemaps: Fix the pinkness (in the meanwhile you can remove the “pinkess” using “mat_specular 0/1“)
- TurboPhysics: Will remove the map changing this setting. (I will edit falling Rocks and Falling Logs).
Shortcut’s Waterfall: Reduce its area and/or strength.
- Fire Snakes: MAYBE give some extra milesecs of time to cross.
- Fine Snakes: Add some kind of detail to better understand the reach area of the flames.
- Lava Room: Try to make the room reset/ready when everyone inside dies.
- Lava Room: Reduce the Lava Speed and/or nerf the Long Crouch Jumps.
- Lava Room: Replace rotated main walls with hammer-gridded ones to reduce their “stuckiness”.
- Lava Room: MAYBE reduce in 1 the amount of minimum players required.
- Water Wheels: Reduce the amount of water particles, they are a little too expensive.
- Water Wheels: Sightly reduce the speed of the hardest wheels (latency can make them impossible).
- Infinite Paths: MAYBE change or add something to make the whole thing less obnoxius… Its “okay” to beat once, but is not really something you want to keep repeating. (Accepting suggestions).
- Infinite Paths: Change the amount of players required to open/reach the crystal from 2 to 3.
- Sewer Slide: Try to make the room reset/ready when everyone inside dies.
- Sewer Slide: Sightly reduce the HP and/or frequency of the closed gates.
- Sewer Slide: Add a P90 and/or M249 spawn in the waiting room itself.
- Sewer Slide: MAYBE reduce the amount of time it takes to reach the exit.
- Elevator Room: Try to make the elevator reset/ready when everyone on it dies.
- Elevator Room: Respawn the Elevator in its start position after failing, related to previous and next point.
- Elevator Room: Fix elevator glitching and not being usable (solid) anymore.
- Elevator Room: Remake the traps/levers and their locations.
- Elevator Room: Add some kind of detail to better understand the reach area of the flames.
- Elevator Room: Add some kind of detail near the wheel to understand the movement of the elevator.
- Elevator Room: Reduce all values of players needed in the Wheel by 1 (zero players goes down slowly instead of fast, 1 player stops instead of going down slowly, etc…).
(Notice that the elevator resetting when everyone fails makes the “go down faster” not such a big need)
- Chains Room: Fix the non-solidity of the snakes.
- Chains Room: Make the 2 Bridge-Shortcuts easier to use after being enabled.
- Chains Room: Make most of the jumps sightly easier (giving some extra ladder-chain length in most areas).
- Chains Rooms: Replace rotated main walls with hammer-gridded ones to reduce their “stuckiness”.
- Medusa: Fix the console-spam when reaching/enabling her.
- Medusa: Fix “Stone Gaze” not working after the first “Stonning”.
- Medusa: Fix “Stonning” sound missing.
- Ending: Fix the final music suddenly stopping.
- NEW: Give the CT Team 1 or 10 Round Wins per each crystal reached.

Also, mostly for Admins and Server Owners: Is any of the console commands being given by Serpentis Temple causing any trouble to you? So far it uses:

On Map Spawn:
- mp_limitteams_0 (so everyone can go CT)
- sm_ar_enable 1 (to enable Auto Respawn if you are using Source Mod)
- ar_respawn_delay 2 (to set the Auto Respawn time 2 seconds after you die)
- sv_airaccelerate 150 (this one could be removed if its a burden)
- sv_turbo_physics 0 (to allow the Rocks and Rotating Logs in the very begging to kill people, but will try to remove this one by adding hurt_triggers to those)
- sm_settime 2 (not a clue why is there, removing it, XD)

On Medusa:
- mp_timelimit 999 (so when a server that has 0:00 timeleft reaches her they can get multiple tries against her instead of map ending/changing after their first defeat)
- sm_ar_enable 0 (to disable Auto Respawn if you are using Source Mod so people don’t keep respawning/die during Medusa Fight)
- mp_ignore_round_win_conditions 0 (in case some admin/host enabled this at some point, it gets disabled vs Medusa so the round can end when everyone dies)
- mp_timelimit 30 (so after defeating Medusa the map automatically ends/changes, some people complained about this not allowing a normal RTV-Change)

So thats it. If you have something to say/suggest/complain/praise about the map, say so. Like what rooms you love or which ones you hate. Or what areas are way too easy and which ones feel impossible.
If you feel I’m forgetting something, or know someone that may know, please say so and let me know, so the next version can be, not only the final one, but something that can be played and enjoyed on the servers by time to time instead of being a hardcore 5-hours event once a year. XD
And don’t hesitate on giving personal opinions, like if you liked it better when Lava Climb was Easy and Solo-Able or whatever!