Kaemon’s Rant 001: Hello there!

Posted: January 11, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants

Hi there folks! This is Kaemon speaking (or more like typing) here!

For now on I will be taking a little care of the updates and news, aswell as keep you informed about what’s new arround here.

Hannibal is not too fond of publishing a lot here right now because he is quite busy with college, a supposed girlfriend I don’t believe in because I haven’t seen a photo in bikini yet, and… his new map!

Yes, that’s was right, after the success of both Paranoid and Mako Reactor zombie escape maps with their unique game style, Hannibal has already started a brand new map, returning to his origin series: LOTR.

Some of you might know already (since it has been mentioned and rumored on some forums) that Hannibal is doing Minas Tirith as his last LOTR masterpiece, and that’s right!

So far the map is looking good and going fine.

It was started some time ago so its already quite advanced, however a couple of months may still have to pass until the map is in “Beta Status” for the servers; so you will have to wait a little more for it… But trust me: the wait will be worth it!

More info will be published in the coming days.

If you are reading me, take this in mind: news will be coming way more frequently and I will try to share a piece of info (or maybe some tricks for the already released maps) on a daily basis if possible; so let you friends and server companions know so we can get more visits arround here! This place has been quite dead 😦

Also, don’t be afraid about using the commentary section to comment (what an original use of it!) the news or to communicate with us. You can also ask questions regarding other Hannibal’s maps or any doubts you may have that we can answer, and I will try to address them all on the next rant on in a commentary, depending of the subject.

I know these are quite little commentaries, not a full working and with a high population forum, but it’s what we got and we be damn if we don’t use them! 😛

So, that’s it for today.

Just saying hi in this my first rant test and letting you know that Minas Tirith is on the work!

See you tomorrow folks; and I hope we can get some new readers every day!

EDIT: As a reminder, you can comment in English, Spanish or French. Also, we prefer a “bad english” than an almost incompressible web-auto-translated spanish version like the one Billy Smauz just did. XD

How can I be so good?


  1. Bill Smauz says:

    Muchas personas les gustaron los otros mapas de LOTR especialmente yo. Yo espero por mucho tiempo por los otros mapas de Hannibal y Kaemon y ojalá que vosotros hicisteis rápidamente.

  2. Kaemon says:

    Thanks Bill Smauz.
    However in the future I would prefer if you kept it in english; not only its your main language and the one most people visiting this site will understand; but we have a better time understanding it that a Web-Translated-Spanish version of it. XD

  3. Kaemon says:

    Reply test. XD

  4. rafuron says:

    Yeah, talk in English. Dont worry, spaniards are used to read and write in english, moreover if there are french or germany visitors they will understand better english than spanish.

    See ya.

  5. Masak is Soldier says:

    good to see a new map is coming, should be a blast like the previous maps. paranoid gotta be my fav map out the lot 🙂 as you two have seen me before on servers i hope the best of luck with the next map


  6. Crazyjay says:

    good to see you guys get a site up and running, and good luck with your map ;P

  7. Sandfly says:

    Well done Hanni & that scallywag Spaniard, the redoubtable Kaemon! Nice look, good to see most things in English – with respects to the Spanish heritage here – and it should be much more easily navigable for all visitors.

    Greets from Australia & ICannt, lads .. and if we do not go underwater from these shocking floods here in Brisbane, Queensland, well speak soon! 🙂

  8. Puni says:

    Nice one with the site guys, looking forward to the map!

  9. Kaemon says:

    Thanks for all the comments folks!
    Rant 002 is comming a little late because Hannibal didn’t give me access to this new blog publishing site yet… I will eat the flesh and guts of his first born son because of this.

    (No, is not that a big deal; I just like eating flesh and guts from the innocents. Also I accept requests)