Mako Reactor v2_2

Posted: January 11, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in Map Update, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor

I just released the v2_2 version of Mako Reactor. The final one. You can get it directly from my dropbox public folder:

Biggest changes from V2.1 to V2.2:

– Using a Materia that doesn’t belong to you will ignite you and most of the time keep burning you until yo die. The system is not perfect, but helps discouraging Materia Griefers and makes them easier to spot for admins who can punish them accordingly.
– Fixed a bug that was causing lots of rounds to have only Ultima and Earth Materia on them.
– Sighly increased Bahamuth HP per player.
– Ultima can no longer be used by Zombies when it’s still on his spawning spot.
– Reduced 1 minute the duration of the ZM rounds.

– Fixed a glitch that allowed people to go on top of the Pub on the City Area.
– Dodging Sephiroth’s last attack on Extreme now grants 100 additional points to all who make it.
– Sighly changed Gravity mechanics, now it doesn’t completely freeze the zombies within; on the game gives the same result.
– One un-used door was removed; the secondary door on the first hold position is now deeper in the wall to prevent getting teleported inside to people who prefer to take that door.
– Fixed minor bugs; like removing the cornice near Sephiroth’s corridor.
– Prevented unwanted-teleport-spam for zombies falling on some blind spots on the top of the trains, at the begging of the round.
– Now there is no door for the Button’s Room on Extreme; some people keep trying to go there and believed the locked door to have juts bugged. You can’t use buttons on Extreme.
– Removed the door on the Big Room that leaded to the Vent Way; it was always open by the time someone reached it.
– Tried to prevent humans deads on a human-winning ZM round from the nuke when they were getting switch back to Terrorist Team for the next round. It may not work as intended.

See ya and happy Christmas

  1. Luffaren says:

    Just an awesome map! 😀
    Could play this any day wich i mostly do also..
    are you planning on a new version also?

  2. rafuron says:

    Nah, no more versions never! at least in some months XD

  3. Cat-Z says:

    Hi, i have this map on my server and can you tell me how many time we have to set for the zombies spawn ?

    The variables :

    // Maximum time from the start of the round until picking the mother zombie(s).
    // Default: “36.0”
    zr_infect_spawntime_max “??”

    // Minimum time from the start of the round until picking the mother zombie(s).
    // Default: “24.0”
    zr_infect_spawntime_min “??”