Kaemon’s Rant 002: We are taking off!

Posted: January 12, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants

Hi there once more! As promised, I will try to give you news in a daily basis, for two reasons. The first being an attempt to increase the blog’s visits (not because any hidden reason; I just want to create some kind of community arround here) and the second, because I like ranting about this kind of stuff!

EDIT: Looks like I managed to create a primitive FAQ, so please don’t be ashamed of asking your questions!

So the blog is starting to grow a little, and I personally have some plans for it. I would like to add a FAQ for each map, and probably some guides and fun facts about them.
Hannibal thinks we have enough at it is, and doesn’t want to do anything else… But then again, we are talking about the guy that claimed twenty times that “Paranoid_V4” was the final version! I think I can convince him about adding some articles… Also, a fella I knew a couple of days ago that goes by the time of [OCN] FiX and is working on his own Source Mod is trying to help me (and hopefully learn me about how to edit it later on) to get a working web with 1.5 Gigas of storage capacity and working forums. So will let you all know if it works!
Also, even if we stay here, we are still trying to learn some new things and improve others.

Believe it or not, I have many things to share with you all; but I’m waiting a little until looks like more people are getting used to visit this place (maybe a dozen or two more) before starting. Also I would like the FAQ or Guide section to be up to keep it updated after revealing them on the rants.

Feel free to let your friends know about this place.

And so… Maybe tomorrow I will update with some kind of info of Minas Tirith; but I need to ask permission to Hannibal because I know there are some things that he doesn’t want to reveal just yet…

Please, feel free to comment the rants, and since we are lacking a forum or contact-us form for the moment, you can ask all kind of questions not related to the rants themselves; and I would love to update the most relevant or common ones to the future FAQ.

As a reminder, we here (Kaemon, Hannibal and Maese Danielot) are from Spain; but we visit and communicate with mappers and zombie escapers from all arround the globe, so try to stick with english when communicating so the most people understand you.

However if you really don’t know how to say something in english and you know in spanish or french, go ahead; but then again; I don’t think you are reading this at all if you don’t know about english! XD

I’m starting with some Fun-Facts and/or Secrets about the maps tomorrow if I can’t get the Minas Tirith update; or the day after tomorrow if the LOTR’s map is info enough for one day.

I really want to start revealing this kind of info!
Also, as a fun fact: I’m quoting ze_maps voices/messages on the rant’s signatures; whoever comments from where it comes (map and situation) gets +1 Geek Point. Whoever gets 3 Geek Points gets a warning about getting a life ASAP, don’t let this chance pass by!
(Hannibal and Maese, you are not allowed to participate! Also fellas, remember yesterday rant is still unsolved!)

Also, all those that commented on the previous rant: You are now The Rafuron’s Blog Old School. XD

“Only the chosen may survive.”

  1. Rushaway says:

    Bonne new, content de voir que ce blog prends vie !

    Et maintenant je suis un “The Rafuron’s Blog Old School” XD

  2. Crazyjay says:

    Awesome, I’m in the oldschool blogging group lol. The quote comes from hard mode on mako when sephiroth appears, only on hard mode though

  3. Kaemon says:

    +1 Geek Point to Crazyjay! XD

  4. Kaemon is awesome when he writes posts. Looks like he is going to write much more than me, but well, as soon as I have news from my maps I’ll be writting. I’m currently re-starting my University works, but I find the solution to keep editing and working at same time… not play CSS! xD New maps are being played on the servers , must be fast >: )