Kaemon’s Rant 003: Blog is evolving!

Posted: January 14, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants

Hello there once more folks! Sorry for not posting anything yesterday, but I was kinda busy with other things (that may or may not include playing a little, XD).
Also; I thought that maybe ranting everyday is not really necessary, not sure if you people like to see the little “news” when they are not about new exciting things like Minas Tirith. Opinions?

EDIT: Looks like Hannibal will upload the first info about Minas Tirith tomorrow 15 of January. Wait for it!
(Also I added unnecessary links to the sections!)

So we managed to add a couple new sections to the blog; some of them are not implemented yet. So far, <FAQ> is working and some people are already asking interesting questions.
I also added a <MAPS> section where you can find the download to all the released Hannibal‘s maps. So far its the same you can find in the left-sided bar (only the links) but we may add more things like screenshots and descriptions in the future, however remember that if you click on the Gamebanana link of each map you will get a fine summary of the map.

And talking about summaries… Hannibal added one to the blog! It includes many sections, some in blank for the moment; but he already filled many info on others.
On <All Maps> you can find a list of all the maps Hannibal has ever made for Counter-Strike: Source, along with the dates. It also includes a list of most of the versions ever released of his most known works. As an interesting fact notice how Paranoid changed name every time it suffered a big update, but preserved the number of version.
And talking about <Interesting Facts>… That section was also added! It stills need some work (as most of the blog) but you can already read some fun facts of Mines of Moria, Paranoid, Mako Reactor, and some of Hannibal‘s unknown works.
The last one of the edited sections of  the summary is <Special Thanks> wich thanks most of the people that have somehow help or inspired Hannibal in order to make all his maps possible; if you are not in there and you feel like you should, please contact Hannibal and give him a break: he can’t have all your names in mind at once!

So far, that is what’s new on the blog. You probably also noticed <Map Progress/Status> on the left… Not a big fan of it personally; I think he should only show Minas Tirith (or whatever is working on) in there and start adding some screenshots of the progress or last made parts; will see if I can convince him. What do you guys think?

As a last thing, since I know many of you may be curious about or could even make a use of them… You probably noticed most of the unknown Hannibal‘s maps are marked as “Open-Source“, this means you can use anything inside of them without any problem, or even re-edit them and publish without asking for permission.
Right now we don’t have the download of those maps on the side, but we will do our best to find them and add the necessary links for those of you who want to play or edit them (.vmf and .bsp files).
Notice however that those maps are all previous to Mines of Moria and they don’t look as good and have serious optimization problems.

See you guys! We will do our best to bring news and/or improvements tomorrow!

“Take that, you dirty rat!”

  1. Crazyjay says:

    Yay, news about minis tirith finally. Good to see the blog grow. The quote comes when the annihilator is fired in paranoid.

  2. Kaemon says:

    +1 Geek Point to Crazyjay! And he has 2 now! XD

  3. Luffaren says:

    Awesome news about minas! Can’t wait for tomorrow.
    Its great to see you guys giving so much effort to keep the blog alive! 😀

    Also i have a small suspicion that crazyjay have no life! xD

  4. Crazyjay says:

    i was just checking if Hannibal answred my question on the FAQ, and the next thing i knew kaemon posted this rant