Minas Tirith progress 2

Posted: January 16, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in News, ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Hi all again!

As I said yesterday, I want to explain some of the special features of Minas Tirith. First of all, I must say that these are not ramblings of an excited man; some of them were implemented already on previous levels and all them can be easily designed with the Source SDK editor  (Hammer is so awesome!):

  • Items : will not be a flood of items around the map, with random positions or similar; and all them will be totally integrated with the map (no shiny/floating/colorfull/powerful items). Items will be a secondary map element, and the most of cases, these items will be a reward for “playing well”. There will be 3 item types:
    • Zombie items: 🙂
    • Human items
      • Special rewards for good players: attack and team defense
      • Barricade items: team rewards for good playing, you can use them to build your own barricade for better defense.
  • Holding zombies : this is important and I need your opinion. With the intention of innovate and improve gameplay, Minas Tirith won’t have defending times! you will never see the typical “Door opening in x seconds!“. You will “continue” the escape only if:
    • A zombie invade the defense area: you will see a text like “YOU HAVE LOST THE DEFENSE SPOT, RETREAT!”
    • You defended like a boss and a scripted event forces you to retreat (troll, nazgul,…):  you will se a text like “A TROLL IS COMING! RETREAT!

After these messages, the following text will be displayed: “DEFENSE QUALITY : X ” , where X will be BAD, MEDIUM, GOOD, PERFECT

Just remember the defense of Helms Deep wall, but now it will have a rating and the places will be : the gates, the walls, the streets, etc… Rewards will be based on the “barricade items”, different ending and achievements.

  • Achievements : after the discovering of an entity that saves the state permanently,  I had the idea of make achievements for Minas Tirith. A list of blocked achievements will be displayed on the first hall (I’ll explain later). Everytime you unlock an achievement, will be shown at the first hall permanently. In example: you reach the PERFECT rate at all defenses, you unlock the “ELITE DEFENDERS” achievement (I’ll catch cheaters, don’t worry). Furthermore, achievements may unlock special features like items or endings.
  • Stages : as I said at the post before, the map will have stages. Everytime you win as CT, you will go to the next one. If you finish the map, you will start again (stages loop). Stage system use the physics (like in Mako Reactor). Bouncy physics will set the map to a ZM at any of the different stages (randomly).

Remember. The stages will be:

  • Osgiliath (~4 minutes)
  • Minas Tirith defense (~6 minutes)
  • Minas Tirith retreat (~5 minutes)
  • Minas Tirith last stand (~4 minutes)
  • Extra stage (+1 to 3 minutes)

The photo on the right shows (partially) the stage 1 (Osigiliath), the photo on the left shows (partially) the stage 2.

  • Main hall: the first hall will have the unlocked achievements, map progress and the special items or buffs (rewards). The main purpose of this hall is to zombify a nice number of humans and teleport them to the current stage. It wont be as boring as the train wagon of Mako Reactor. Moreover there will be different rewards (lvl 1, lvl 2, lvl 3), for both teams, so, if you are zombie level 3, you could pick up a troll 🙂

Now, out of these features, which are your favorite? (choose 3) 🙂

  1. Crazyjay says:

    Sounds interesting. You said that you want to reward good players for attacking and defending with items, but how do you make it so only those players get those items?

  2. Easy, at the main hall will be items/buffs, that will be pickable by the players named “pros” (internal value).

    At the end of the round I’ll put a trigger, if any CT (survivors) touches the trigger, I’ll name it “pros”; moreover, that trigger will be activated only if there are more than 2 “good” defenses (i.e). At the next round, they will be able to pick these items.

    Moreover, I could put something like different pro levels, 1,2,3, and you could pick up a decorative item (lvl 1), a sword (lvl 2) or.. who knows , maybe a horse? (lvl 3). Anything is possible.

  3. Mr.HotDog says:

    lvl3 zombie pick up a trollolol xD sounds great lvl 3 human horse riding? :p

  4. =pF= RAGE says:

    Nice map Hanibal and Kaemon and Kaemon. if you’re gonna beta test you can do it on PF just ask the higher ups there guys Im sure they will allow it we have a lot of good people playing there :). Im not an admin in PF btw.

    AWESOME AND COOL MAP hope you can claim this as yours Kaemon LMAO