KR004: Blog is still underconstruction.

Posted: January 18, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants

Hi there once more people!
I just want to remember you all that the site is still under construction. There are still more things to add, change or improve. For starters we are gonna try to publish the News and Rants always at the same time: 12:00 on UTC 0 (so, 12:00 on United Kingdom and Portugal, 13:00 on Spain, France, Sweden, Germany, etc… and so on).

Notice that the updates can run a little late (or early) some days, but we are gonna try to keep as close to this schelude as possible, and don’t fool arround publishing on unexpected times. No more!
(Also I changed “Kaemon Rant’s” to “KR“, so I had more room for the tittles, XD)

About the things we are still working on… We are gonna add download for Hannibal’s Lost Works, and probably some of myself that were forgotten before being finished and never saw the light of the day…
I’m going to start with that right now; so probably they will be up (at least Hannibal‘s ones) before the end of the day. Not sure where in the Downloads section I will put them… Still working on that one; I need to improve it for future plans.

Also, as a reminder, Hannibal and I really appreciate your comments about the blog and the maps, so please don’t keep them for yourselves. On the same subject, some of you have been asking questions to me or Hannibal like: “How are you going to make this on Minas Tirith?“, “Can I see more screenshots?“, ” on our Steam Accounts.
It’s not like we don’t wanna talk with you or be dicks about it; but try using the blog for this kind of thing. Belive it or not you are not the only one asking for those things; and we try to use the blog to keep everyone informed about them. It’s not like we are going to update this blog everyday just to give exclusive-screenshots to whatever asks for them directly. You know? 😛

And that’s it…
Also, we accept suggestions about what needs improvements or changes in the blog; as well as if you see some section is missing or you would want us to add X or Y things to the blog, so go ahead and comment them if you have a suggestion! We accept all kind of request!

“Fly, you fools!”

  1. Crazyjay says:

    Cool information kaemon. The quote is to easy, it’s what gandalf says when the bridge falls on mines of Moria. I officially have no life, yay 😛

  2. Kaemon says:

    And thats 3 Geek Points for Crazyjay, and here is your reward: Get a Life, ASAP.

  3. Rushaway says:

    FR : Une section pour le partenariat ? Si vous comptez en faire.