ZE_Predator_Ultimate Beta and ZE_Hypernova Revealed.

Posted: January 22, 2011 by Kaemon in News, ZE Hypernova, ZE Predator Ultimate

Hello there once again, today a little more on schedule.

I mentioned previously that Luffaren‘s map ZE_Predator_Ultimate was tested in a closed beta by the ICannt community, the testing took place early this morning.
As anticipated, many new glitches were found, sadly including crashing problems… Luffaren is already trying to fix them.  But I’m afraid the only way to usually get rid of those (after finding them if you are lucky) as far as my experience with Paranoid has learned me, is to delete entities and events…

As far as the map itself goes, people seemed to enjoy it. Note that cooperation with zombies was in place since it was a beta and they were testing the map events, to see the balance of the boss fights and spot glitches and crashing problems; so the real balance testing hasn’t started yet.
Only two of the different predator’s fights could be tested, and the surprises exclusives for the last of the difficulty remain hidden due to the crashing problems.

Also, as a reminder (or for those who still didn’t know) Luffaren wants to make a World Challenge for the map, similar to the Mako Reactor one, with textures on the last versions for the winners glory!
But worry not, once a stable version of the map is released to the public you will have enough time to practise before the real challenge begins! (I guess?)

On a different note, ZE_Hypernova, a Zombie Escape Map made by the spanish mapper Eddie is almost complete aswell. We tested and found some little glitches yesterday. It’s a more conventional map, so probably won’t need an online beta and will be released really soon, since it has no room for crashing problems; maybe some balance improvements will be needed for a second release after map has been played on the servers, but that should be all.
The action takes place in a space station near to a Red Star that it’s about to explode destroying all life arround, so you must hurry to the escape pods!

I will give more details on ZE_Hypernova tomorrow; with screenshots: for real this time, I swear!


  1. Crazyjay says:

    yay more informaotion on new maps. wish i could have tested the maps with you guys, but your mornings are my time to sleep ;(. I don’t know of a quote “slow” but i do know sephiroth does say “to slow” on mako on hard mode when he teleports right infront of the bunker.

  2. Kaemon says:

    Well… I was sure refering to that with the quote. Personally I never hear the “to”. XD
    So… 5 Geek Points for Crazyjay? Seems like no one else is even trying!

  3. Lol, it’s normal to recognize these words! Kaemon. How many times did you play Mako, Moria , etc… you hear that things more than 50 times for sure xD

    This luffa is copying me!!! Nah joking, I support world challenges in all maps, as well as difficulties : D the map seems to double the gameplay.

  4. Luffaren says:

    well i knew it was something sepiroth said xD
    but didnt know when he said it