Hypernova: Screenshots. Also more Predator-Beta info.

Posted: January 23, 2011 by Kaemon in News, ZE Hypernova, ZE Predator Ultimate

Again, sorry for posting late (even if you are already used to it) but I was fighting with the Screenshot-Posting.

Well, as promised here I am, one more day, today with info and screenshots from the upcoming map ZE_Hypernova by Eddie.

As already mentioned, the map takes place in a Space Station near a Red Star that it’s about to become a Supernova, so humans must get to the escape ships while the whole place is destroyed by the explosion and call it a day.
The general feeling I got from the map is more close to the old classic maps and I’m sure many people will love it for that; we don’t see many good maps with a classic play style anymore.

The original idea of Eddie was to add many special weapons to the map, like Flamethrower, Freeze-Gun, Plasma-Cannon and the always present Mini-Gun; but so far there is none yet and I think he might have dropped the idea of including them for a more normal game style. But I can’t speak for sure.
What it sure has it’s some nice particles, including the Red Star and the big explosion themselves.
Notice that there are 2 escape ships, and if both humans and zombie made it, the fight will keep going: the space ships will come together for the fight, while their rear parts get separated and sucked into the newborn Black Hole!

The map is looking great and is almost ready for public as far as I can tell, so hopefully you all should be playing it soon. Here are the promised screenshots for those who want to know what the map is looking like.

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Also, I was just playing the ZE_Predator_Ultimate (beta 5) right now with arround 30 more people. The gameplay still needs some polishing, aswell as some bug fixing here and there; but Luffaren got rid (apparently) of the crashing problems and people seem to be enjoying (a lot) the boss fights, difficulties, and the epic endings.
Hope the stable version for all servers gets released soon.

By the way, I will try to convince Hannibal to post more Minas Tirith info, or at least some actual screenshots tomorrow or one of those days…

“Togo hon dad, Legolas! Dago hon! Dago hon!”

  1. Luffaren says:

    Hypernova looks really good to me 🙂

    *lotr_helms_deep when a zombie picks the torch to blow up the wall (after a few secs)
    *KILL HIM*

  2. Kaemon says:

    It sure does Luffaren.
    Also, +1 Geek Point to you for a total of 2! I guess you were lucky that Crazyjay wasn’t arround. XD

  3. Crazyjay says:

    Hypernova looks insteresting, but I need to play it before I make a decision. Don’t worry kaemon, I’ll get my 6th geek point sooner or later xD

  4. Sandfly says:

    Hi all,

    ze_Hypernova looks great. As the redoubtable Spaniard, Kaemon, has already intimated, it harkens back to a fun filled era of such similarly themed maps as Natalya’s zm_nostromo, as well as her ze_spacestation styled Escape maps, and that is no bad thing ever.

    Those maps are always extremely popular with players, and ze_Hypernova will certainly be well supported in |IC| UltimateZombie: Reloaded server.

    Further to Kaemon’s information, after this morning’s test, where Hannibal, Kaemon & I went through Predator Ultimate from start to finish, we can say the map is just looking fantastic.
    Luffaren (Per) has put so much work into it, that it’s impossible to even begin to know where to start, and a very special acknowledgment must go to Hannibal & Kaemon for their support, advice and direct help & participation of the project, without which, it would not look and play as spectacularly as it does.

    I’d like to issue an invitation to any and all global readers to come and participate in the Beta tests – even if you can only spectate due to ping issues – the schedule of which can be found here in this thread, along with the latest screenshots:


    Pics & Map development thread

    You’ll need to register at the Forums but Hannibal & Kaemon are there, and it takes only a few seconds … you will even see both Hannibal and Kaemon’s names in the testing completion of ze_Predator_Ultimate, plus all news on the development of Per’s magnificent Predator map.