Predator Video – Kaemon is Mapping!

Posted: January 27, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE FFVII Junon, ZE Predator Ultimate

Hello there once more people!
Sorry for not posting in two days straight, but I was busy with Hammer Editor and when I stopped from editing I prefered to go play a couple of rounds instead of writing here… 😦
Also, it seems like I can’t stick with a schedule I decided myself… Half the days I wake up past the 12:00 Global Time the post is supposed to be published. XD

EDIT: As a reminder, ZE_Predator_Ultimate is a map from Luffaren. Also, the map has not been released yet; only some Beta versions for testing it on ICann’t server before the real release, that will be very soon.

In order for you to forgive me, here is a link to a Predator video made by Jargon, from the ICann’t Comunity:

(Notice that the video is from the last difficulty: “Ultimate”, wich has a special path and different ending. Also they were testing the map and boss fights, zombies on that round were friendly)

As Hannibal mentioned yesterday; I had been busy with “something” about mapping… And I’m indeed trying to make a map of my own. CHEERS!
Now, don’t get too excited just yet, since I got quite a big record of unfinished projects. Those who have seen some of them will know that I speak the truth. But I’m gonna do my best to complete this one.
So far the map is looking promising. Its based on something (I’m not inventing the location) and it has advanced quite a lot on the last days. Usually my mapping goes really slow, and by that I mean REALLY slow… I can spend many hours to do something I don’t like and delete it; then I got an idea from those deleted brushes (not related to the map) and I go map that one… And I can be working 5 hours on Hammer Editor for a total of 6-10 brushes… XD

I’m trying to get more focused, and even if I’m still doing the basic shape and paths of the map, aswell as square the map inside the grid (it really doesn’t fit, it’s some big bastard of a map), the map is looking good.
Right now, my biggest concern is the rounds being too long. As you all may know, CS:S rounds have a limitation of 9 minutes; so the map round must be at maximum 8 minutes (unless you want that taking extra seconds to press a button means that you won’t get to the end in time!) so I was aiming for 7 minutes (wich is the duration of lots of maps). However; I may end up having 8 minutes of map (9 minutes of round); and even if it works; I’m personally not really happy having rounds that long.

I don’t want to reveal what the map is about just yet; but I “can” tell you a couple of things:

  • We may refer to it as “Project J” for the moment.
  • Its based on something; I’m not making it up.
  • It is a Zombie Escape Map.
  • It got “special weapons” (like Mako or Paranoid).
  • It will include difficulties; still not sure how many; depends a little of the next point.
  • At some point before the half of the map, there will be to paths. Only one will be open. Paths lead to completely different areas and endings.
  • It may (not sure) include some ZM rounds if you complete the last difficulty (like in Mako). What do you guys think about the ZM rounds?
  • It will contain boss fights (like Mako or Predator).
  • It will contain teleports (NoBlock is required).ç
  • There will be “Teleporting AFK/Slow/Campers” to advanced points so they catch up (as zombies), and no AFK-Killer (AFK-Teleporter instead), so the map supports (and encourages) !zspawn and auto-respawn.
  • There will be an equivalent to “Red Speed Buff” you get when surviving Extreme Mako.
  • I’m probably going to use a “Force Infection” system at start, like Mako does. Will try to make it more compatible with all kind of settings.
  • The map will probably take months even in the case I don’t slack with it and manage to finish it.

As you can tell, it rips off many things from Mako. It’s not really because I lack imagination or anything; but more like because I really liked the map and its play style, and looks to me like many other people really enjoy it aswell.
My guess is that if you like Mako, you will like my map. If you prefer a more Old-Gamestyle, you probably won’t. But who knows?

About the path-split affecting difficulties, it’s because I’m not sure yet how it will work… Some of the options:

  • “Normal Path1” > “Normal Path2” > “Hard Path1” > “Hard Path2” > “Extreme Path1” > “Extreme Path2”
  • “Normall Path1” > “Hard Path2” > “Extreme Path1” > “Insane Path2”
  • “Normal Path1” > “Hard Path2” > “Extreme Path3 (ending is same as Path2)”
  • “Normal Path1” > “Hard Still Path1” > “Extreme Path2” > “Insane Still Path2”

So… Still working on that part…
Path1 shape (not final brushes or details) is almost complete as we speak. But I’m missing the big-starting-area (common to all the rounds) and a big room I must invent to connect some of the existing areas. I’m going back to work.
Also, after writing this long Rant I realize that we don’t have interesting things to say everyday… Still, we are gonna try our best to post a new everyday; even if some days its just a single screenshot of how is some project going.

Sorry once more for not being on schedule!

“I will see you again.”

  1. Rave says:

    Please let it be Kingdom Hearts =P
    It sounds like a based RPG game to me.

  2. Crazyjay says:

    Project crazyJay? Predator looks cool. Gl with your map kaemon. Im gonna guess the quote is when sephiroth sends his final attack in the bunker?

  3. Kaemon says:

    Rave, I was going to answer something like “It is/It is not” “Kingdom Hearts/a RPG”, but if I start doing so this early, you guys are probably gonna end guessing it too soon….
    So for the moment, be patient and wait; if not until the map is done, until I have enough to announce it properly.

    And Crazyjay, are you guessing? Sounds more like you know it by heart.
    Yes, it is when Sephiroth sends his final attack (Extreme) on the “bunker” in Mako Reactor.
    +1 Geek Point, Total of 6. Get a Second Life, ASAP. (And I don’t mean the game!)

  4. Crazyjay says:

    Well I knew it wasnt a Lotr quote, and it sounds like something sephiroth would say, and I don’t remember if he he said something when he sends his final attack

  5. Rinzler says:

    Don’t lie Jay, you know these by heart XD

    As for Predator, it looks very interesting. Should be able to tie me over until Minas and Kaemons new map (Which by the description sounds pretty awesome)!

  6. Maese Danielot says:

    I know the name of the map! muhahaha

    sorry kaemon, but im gonna say it

    ze_Ugonnamakemedrool escape 😀

    I saw it and if he ends it we will have some fun xd

  7. cripler says:

    The models on that server are amazing!! Only if i could play on it.. pings crazy

  8. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, its quite laggy for everyone outside Australia.
    And about the models… If you are saying that based on the video, you haven’t seen half of them. They got like a total of 50 diferent models on the server, and each one has diferent settings (more HP, more regen, more speed, less knockback, etc).

    I personally like the non-humanoides ones like the Hell Hound or the Giant Spider. XD

  9. cripler says:

    haha yess! i just hopped on the server for a little, the mods are crazy. I actually didn’t lag too bad, prob because there werent too many people on. Are any beta tests being planned in the near future?

  10. Kaemon says:

    I suggest you to check their forums:

    So far I think Predator is gona be tested a last time (maybe two) before the public release.
    Check the UltimateZombie:Reloaded / Official Predator Ultimate thread.

  11. cripler says:

    Ahh, thanks@!