Kaemon Ranting: 100 followers?

Posted: January 28, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants

Well… The math here can’t be exact I guess; but this past week we have been receiving a little over 100 different visitors each day; that doesn’t really mean 100 persons are following the blog… It could be less (if some of those people just happened to found a link that day and didn’t like what they saw) but it could be more aswell (in case some followers just check the blog once every couple of days!).
In any case, I think we can all agree that it’s a number! And one we are kinda happy with, but we hope it continues increasing!

However we couldn’t but notice that most of you don’t ever comment. And now; I won’t force you or anything, you do as you please, of course! But just a quick reminder than both me and Hannibal would be more than happy to read (and answer) anything you want to comment or ask; even if sometimes we may not know the answer or we be able reveal it just yet.

Later I’m gonna try to update some part of the blog… Like the “Work in Progress” section, or maybe add IPs of our favourite servers and links to their forums. I will have to discuss this with Hannibal, but I don’t see any problem doing the last. Anyone thinks different?

Also, if I don’t get lazy, Sunday I might post a little surprise… 😉

“The ring is mine.”

  1. Luffaren says:

    Have you run out of quotes? xD
    the quote plays when the ringbearer doesn’t drop the ring into the fires of mount doom!

  2. 3DG says:

    Yo, it’s 3D, euhm, 2 things I’d like to ask really.

    1. To luffaren, if you can fix infiltration, because since the latest version, where all barriers are removed, the gameplay is terribly quick, and zombies catch up to humans so easily. Thanks.

    2. At the Works in Progress it also says Last Man Standing, what exactly is that?

    Ps. kaemon, if you can please reply through steam as I may not read the blog everday.

  3. Kaemon says:

    I haven’t ran out of quotes just yet… This one is new; I used however one that its part of the same conversation.

    +1 Geek Point for you! Now, go Get a Life. ASAP.

  4. Kaemon says:

    Well, we allready answered that Last Man Standing question on the FAQ (its one of the only two we have answered! XD).
    Its the next map Hannibal is planning to do after releasing Minas Tirith. The name may change; original idea was to call it “Last Stand”, but there is allready a ZE Map that goes by the same name.

  5. Crazyjay says:

    doubt that you can surprise us since it is probably just gonna me more information about maps we already know about (either predator is being released or we see more of minis tirith is my guess)

  6. Luffaren says:

    3DG, the version you were playing was the remade version by Aeris_004 i have nothing to do with it 😦
    Here is the original newest version : http://www.gamebanana.com/maps/143906

  7. Roflcopter says:

    Not really a question of such, just some praise of your maps – Love them all, great music, great fun and urm, yea. (slightly overplayed, but thats not really a bad thing)

  8. Cazador says:

    You must also take into account people who subscribe to the blog with RSS, which allows to view your posts without entering the site.

    I am really excited about Tirith, and I see it has passed to 55 % so fast! 😀

    PS: I guess you have already said something about it xD but 100 % of Tirith will be a private release for testing or that will happen before 100 %?


  9. Rave says:

    Will you answer this? Is your new map that Kaemon is making based on a game or movie? xP

  10. Kaemon says:

    Hm… It advanced today aswell, and I’m gona try to keep mapping …
    So probably I will announce it sooner than spected (if I keep the good mood) so I’m gona answer your question…
    Yes. It is based on a game or movie. XD

  11. Well, I never test unfinished maps with other ppl ( not even with Kaemon or Maese Danielot). So, the meaning of 100% == the beta 0 will be posted in less than 10h). I’m nearly to start making the map structure of the 4th round (the last one), after it, i’ll improve the first round and then detail, and finally, i’ll put triggers and scripts : D

  12. It is not my map, is 100% Kaemon. Well, I see that Kaemon “answered” you xD

  13. Puni says:

    I think it would be awesome if there was a better way to discuss map developments other than comments.

    I dont mean a forum because its not that much.
    I dont mean a shoutbox either because they tend to lose information

    But some way we can discuss techniques with each other.
    I used to use i3d for this kind of thing but its kinda dieing out there now.
    And this place attracts the best people to have discussions with.


    I started my ZE map, im trying to bring something new to the table, the map is an open forest environement (at least the first stage is).
    It requires players to run around finding clues as how to find a randomly placed key to get to the next stage. Lots of teamwork.

    I am bored of linear ZE and maps with routes, so im trying to make it a totally open environment. Hopefully i can make gameplay good.

  14. Kaemon says:

    I really want to get some kind of Forums working arround here, but I have no clue so far; so I will mention it on the next rant to see if someone helps me out.

    I don’t think its too much, we will just keep them small, like: “Mapping Discussion” and “Specific Maps Discussions”.
    Its my intention to gather many mappers arround here if posible; and even if I aim mostly for the Zombie Escape ones; MG, ZM and any other one is wellcomed aswell.

    About your open forest enviroment…
    Take care with the “load rooms”, because loading an open forest with lots of threes can be FPS-Killer. And about the keys; I like the idea, but you need to do it properly.
    There is some Key-Gathering on the last version of Biohazard, but I don’t like it. First of all you don’t get any warning that you need to get the keys nor that you got one of them; and second, they are just there in the middle of the path… If someone knows about them, he just presses them by passing (no one notices he is doing it and he is not slowed or delayed for doing so) and if no one presses them people get stucked at some point, usually clueless of the reason…

    Also I think its hard to get a nice puzzle, teamwork event, or RPG element that fits on a 50 players game where people are used to just shot at things… But don’t give up! Just make sure to made it the best posible way.
    Good luck with it and I really like seeing another mapper arround and doing original things! Let’s see if I can get some forums or something working so we can communicate properly… XD

  15. puffi says:

    i love your maps guys , just wanna say thanks for creating them and today i played with kaemon wow i’m soo happy , hope i’ll mmet you again

    P.S: i’m enouGh96
    P.S2: sorry if i made any mistake i’m from romainia

  16. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, I learned you how to get the Titan, but not the Annihilator. XD
    Thanks for enjoying “our” maps, and if you made a mistake it was only to comment in an old new. XD