RELEASED: ZE_Predator_Ultimate_v1!

Posted: January 30, 2011 by Kaemon in Map Update, News, ZE Predator Ultimate

Ok folks, Luffaren changed plans and decided to release ZE_Predator_Ultimate tonight!

EDIT: Feel free to report any bugs, glitch or balance problems you might see here or in Gamebanana.
Right now map seems to be too Human-Friendly, and some minor needed changes had been spotted.

Check ZE_Predator_Ultimate on Gamebanana: GAMEBANANA LINK
Download V1 from Dropbox: DROPBOX
Download V1 from Mediafile: MEDIAFILE

ZE_Predator_Ultimate RELEASED

Luffaren: “I know that the map isn’t fully balanced, in fact it may be very unbalanced. It depends between servers, but i hope you can still have fun playing it and get through the first difficulties at least.”

So… Enjoy the map! Remind that its the first public version and it may need big changes once Luffaren can check how it goes on many different servers.

Also, remenber that there will be a World Challenge for the map, learn more on the link bellow, or reading the README included on the zip file!
Don’t look for news in a couple of days, we will keep this new in front page for a couple of days.


  1. Rave says:

    Hehe.. onto downloading so i dont need to wait when i go in the server xD
    Im having high hopes for this map just like at Mako.

  2. Luffaren says:

    Finally got it working!!

  3. Roflcopter says:

    Was great fun to play earlier, cept for the hardcore ultimate mode…

  4. Luffaren says:

    I am fixing all of this now, ze_predator_ultimate_v1.5 will be the fix. 😉

  5. Puni says:

    Awesome, we’l try to get it up soon again when you release it 🙂
    Was really top quality, only the last rope bugged me, would have been much better if the rope was facing the player when he was on the roof and not to the side

  6. Rave says:

    I dont know if you knows this but we were playing this in the IC server on Ultimate Mode and the first boss never seem to attack us half of the time, just recharging the attacks.

  7. Kaemon says:

    I’m not sure, Luffaren will let you know; but I think you can interrupt his attacks doing enough damage while he is charging.
    But it can look weird or glitchy, specially if he only does the charging one and doesn’t summon the electric balls.

  8. Rinzler says:

    Just played it on IC, makes me want to go watch the original Predator xD

  9. Rave says:

    I saw ya, I was xD34tHRowZ, though you died while going up rofl.
    And i found another problem, that the ending dont actually kill all zombies coz of our respawn. The Admins have to slay all of them to end it.

  10. Agent Wesker says:

    I hope I can get my name on this map like I did with Mako.

    Also thanks Hannibal and Kaemon for making these maps you have inspired me to make my own entity heavy / based maps. (boss fights, items, particle effects and so on)

  11. Kaemon says:

    Nice to read that! But… Do I know you? We can maybe get in contact if you like mapping. Specially if you are trying to make a Entity-Heavy-Based map. XD

  12. Agent Wesker says:

    I don’t think I know you but if I get a map started then I will contact you.

    The problem for me is that I always get a concept but never finish it. (Do like 25% of the map and then stop)

  13. Kaemon says:

    I got the same problem, and I know many people that can prove it. XD
    Anyway, I think you should add me on steam (or viceversa). If you are par of the Steam Group of the blog, its easy to spot me there ;-P

  14. Emil Popescu says:

    how to get to the boxset to put it on hard mode