Some late rant… Again… XD

Posted: January 30, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants

Hi there… Once more sorry for writing the rant this late…
Got some kind of reasons, but I won’t bore you with my life. XD

EDIT: Change of plans, Predator Ultimate is being released in a matter of minutes. Keep tuned.

So yesterday ZaN (who some of you might know) linked me to a site where they are trying to make a Final Fantasy VII Mod for Source.
The Mod is still on its early stages, but I talked with half of the current team and they seem to know what they are doing, and we will help them as much as possible. Hannibal already gave them permission to use Mako Reactor, getting whatever they need from or just as reference for their mappers…

This is the link to their current place: FFVII Fairs Legacy

Also, I was just asking Luffaren about ZE_Predator_Ultimate.
There were big chances that it was released today, but some little work needs to be done on it; however now it’s almost sure that it will be released this coming week; so from 1 to 7 days from now, be ready!
I will make an EVENT on the Steam Group ( so you don’t miss the release if you are on Steam as soon as Luffaren releases it.
Now, I want to remember you that even if it has been tested quite a lot, it’s a complicated map, and it has only been tested on a server that teleports zombies back when they spawn; so after playing it you might end finding bugs, glitches, or unbalanced places (that may vary depending on the settings). But worry not, since Luffaren is going to play the map himself on all the servers he can, and with what he sees and what gets reported he will release fixed versions if needed.

Also, I want you to remind that Luffaren is planing to do a World Challenge on Predator, similar to the one Hannibal made for Mako. Right now seems that tournament will start as soon as V2 is released.
(I will give more details on this the next week)

And about the forums…
I honestly think it’s a good idea to have some small (I repeat, SMALL) forums; mostly about mapping to answer questions, posting guides… And maybe a little discussion about the maps going on… What are your thoughts?
Hannibal doesn’t like the idea so far… He thinks its excessive… What do you guys think?

If we end making the Forums, we are probably going to use the Invision Version and allow reading (and even commenting) without needing to register (but you can register aswell).
You can check what it would look like (those are still default settings) here, and even post some crazy thing if you want:
They are simple and easy to work with. So let me know what do you think.

By the way, I know some people enjoy reading this news while others might find them excessive or boring…
Any opinions?


  1. Crazyjay says:

    quote is when all players are teleported to the death room on paranoid

  2. Kaemon says:

    Not everytime… So… When exactly? XD

  3. Crazyjay says:

    o you cheeky bastard, it is when zombies press the button for the humans get teleported to the death room a.k.a. the white room of death. there is a 1/10000 chance that humans will not make it to a wall and you know that 😛

  4. Kaemon says:

    Just get your damn Geek Point and get out of here. 8 GPs for you already. XD

  5. Masak is Soldier says:

    dam it jay stop with the geek points i like’s IT’S A TRAP 🙂

    on the prevoius versions of paranoid i used the white room to my advantage on last ct lol when it went to silenthill mode which i turned on and hard annlihator and no one could find me on by the silenthill mode activator 🙂 and waited for timer go to white room and killed all zombies with annilhalator 🙂

  6. Rave says:

    Wants its out everyone get ready to votemap xD

  7. Cazador says:

    I’d really like the forum to grow. Sounds so interesting for you, mappers. Anda maybe I could take part in the map discussion sub-forum (XD).

  8. Garrett says:

    does that FFVII mod look any good to u guys or are the peeps making it dumasses

  9. Dino says:

    no it looks awesome take a look at teh stuff,, they way over there heads but impressive anyways good shit