I will be back!

Posted: February 2, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in News

I’m Hannibal. Tomorrow I’ll go to Dublin for 5 days, so I’ll be out of mapping and CS play until I return, just for you to know.

Kaemon EDIT: I spend half my day Skype-Chatting with Hannibal… I’m gona get bored… Give me love 😦

I let you with Kaemon, who will post tomorrow (Day 2) some info about the ungoings of Predator Ultimate,  and maybe the future changes of the upcoming version after talking to Luffaren.
The community is growing fast, our visits are increasing every day and we have been meeting new mappers that want to join and show their works! 🙂
Don’t worry, I still working on Minas Tirith even if I had been slacking with the info about it, and I have “Last Man Standing Project” in my mind, evolving and improving even before being started…

So, worry not about me…

I will be back!

  1. Rave says:

    Bring your compute with you D= lawl.
    Jokes, have fun one your trip.

  2. Kaemon says:

    That pathetic weakling… If he manages to come back I can asure you he encountered no terminator at all on his trip…
    Also, that reference was really random :-s

  3. Rinzler says:

    I thought you were announcing that you were making a Terminator map, and then I read it and I was like… Oh… -_- ….

    Ah, I kid, have a nice trip!

  4. Jajaj I knew you would think that. I leave now, see ya.
    Kaemon, carry on well.

  5. Luffaren says:

    Good luck with your trip kaemon!

    a little more effect – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1ypn0y32Ac

  6. Kaemon says:

    I’m not going anywhere?
    That might be the one with the dog face.

  7. Luffaren says:

    I seriously need to get eye surgery or pay more attention.. :S

  8. Jeong Hoon says:

    Hi. hannibal.
    i’m question for mako rector (FFVII) . my server using mani special config (map config)
    but i don’t know fair config. so . i need ur advise. could you tell me your e-mail? or else?
    I would like to contact more details.
    thank you.