More info about Predator Ultimate and Hypernova.

Posted: February 2, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE Hypernova, ZE Predator Ultimate

First of all, let me apologize for the rant Hannibal posted yesterday. The first thing he writes in two weeks, and is about him going away… I can’t see how you could care less… XD
Also he was saying to me how we should start getting used to add a picture on every post, because people would love that. And I completely agreed with him; but I was hoping for a Minas Tirith picture, not some random nonsense… ¬¬U

Anyway… As soon as he gets back I will force him to post something about the map aswell as some real pictures of it.
Now, back to business… And sorry for ignoring the schedule again… I need to write those things in advance and post them automatically… I learned to save the draft already. XD

So far, Ze_Hypernova from Eddie seems to be complete. I’m tested it with him early this morning, so you can hope for a public version really soon.
The map playability seems to me like the Old School maps. It contains no secret weapons or boss-fights. However, some of the new possibilities and discoveries on the world of mapping (like custom particles and events) are present to spice it up.
I really liked the hypernova explosion; but I’m afraid that the particle (as some zones of the map) might be a little low on FPS for some players… Eddie promised me to work on that if it turned an issue.

About Ze_Predator_Ultimate_v1, seems that most liked it, and Luffaren it’s quite happy with the map’s reception. However, even if there didn’t seem to be a lot of bugs (maybe the difficulty getting saved between map changes being the only one) there sure were lots of balance problems going on.
The boss fights seem to be too long and too big part of the map right now, part of it its due to the Predator’s HP being too high (making long combats that were never intended to be that long) and also it can get repetitive to fight 2 Predators per round. I suggest Luffaren to use only 1 Predator Fight per difficulty, because that would shorten both the round time and the not-playing time for caged people (aswell as increasing the Human vs Zombie), but he is not sure about it.
And then we talk about the HvZ going on… The zombie stoppers are a little over the top, transforming the “getting hunted” areas into “just running without seeing zombies”, and some more Hold Position fighting needs to be encouraged. Luffaren is already addressing both issues, and he sure hopes it will become a fun with lots of actions map going on.
The two biggest problems seemed to be, however, the map not supporting very well the servers that don’t have a Zombie Teleport on Spawn feature, wich is being addressed into what Luffaren thinks will be a nice way; and the 3rd Predator (1st of Ultimate, also known as “Complex Predator“) being as good as invincible for servers that need to reload… This last one issue is weird, since it was tested with normal ammo clips and reload in place just to avoid that kind of outcome… Not sure what exactly is the problem, but Luffaren is already working arround it and making him killable in all servers.

Let me remind you that you have been playing the very first public version of the map, and its normal that some things are too hard or too easy, or that the Human vs Zombie part of the map is not perfect yet (as some of you pointed out).
We will let you as soon as the next version is available. Luffaren wants the map perfect before releasing V2 (the one the World Challenge will be using).

“Payback time!”

  1. fuckballs says:

    It’s payback time, that’s a tough one. I think it was taken from Luffaren’s predator map, when you’re on Ultimate and you’re first getting inside the ship after the stairs and you’re walking down the hallway, a voice eventually speaks and says “payback time.” I can’t remember that from the movie, though, I guess I’ll have to watch it again.

  2. Kaemon says:

    You are completly… right!
    +1 Geek Point for Fuckballs, wich I believe is his first one. Welcome to the “fight”! XD

  3. Roflcopter says:

    Yea, the ultimate predator was impossible to kill without respawn :X But the map is still really good, GL with the improvements

  4. fuckballs says:

    We’re you that one guy on WNx server or something? Oh man that was fun as hell xD

  5. Puni says:

    GL with the maps.

    Quick question.
    As we all know, we can change use admin commands in point_servercommands to change peoples colours etc. But are there any commands possible that can change a (SPECIFIC) players targetname.

    Steam ID specified, dont know if this is possible without code. Its the only way I can think of that would mean no one else can do it, because all secrets get found out eventually.

  6. Kaemon says:

    If you want the map to change YOUR (your Steam ID) COLOUR, and only YOURS, it is posible.
    However, will only work on servers using ManyAdminPlugin (or whatever is called) not on all servers.

    Also, you can change the name of a player when he does something (like wining a Mako Extreme Round as Human or touching a button somewhere) and make the change colour trigger only affect the guy with that name.

  7. Crazyjay says:

    It looks liked you copied and pasted our conversation into half the post xD

  8. Roflcopter says:

    I wasnt on that server, but the GE one :X

  9. Puni says:

    Yes i know that 😉 been using them techniques for a long time

    The thing is, i was looking to create a place that only specific IDs could enter. However this cant efficiently be done unless you have an extremely hard secret ingame, but all secrets get found out really.

    I managed it before by using an eventscript for my map but was hoping there was a better way to do this using only hammer!

    Oh well, guess il not be doing it then!