Predator v1.1 should be ready soon.

Posted: February 5, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE Predator Ultimate

So, I was just talking with Luffaren, and he told me that the second version of Predator Ultimate (v1.1) should be ready soon.
He isn’t doing any real major changes (even if he kinda did a couple) but right now he is more concerned about fixing some glitches, wich include Complex Boss being unkillable in reloading servers or difficulty mode getting saved (so getting stucked on an impossible ultimate-difficulty until the server is restarted for most servers).

So… He wants the v1.1 to be playable already on all servers without big inconveniences. However he is planning other changes for v1.2 or v2; like including new special weapons and even adding some new paths.

When the version is out I will do my best to post a list with all the changes. The accuracy will probably depend of Luffaren‘s ability to keep track of them. XD

About others maps… I would like to remind you that Hypernova should be released tomorrow if Eddie doesn’t encounter any kind of problem that stops him from uploading the map.
Also looks like a new version of ZE_Minecraft from TheGregster is going to be released soon; version that will include a second spawns and more cave paths to reduce the number of infection on the servers that don’t teleport their zombies back to spawn.

And looks like no one knew from where was the last rant’s quote.
A hint: it’s from Paranoid, and can’t be heard on the last versions.

  1. ZaN says:

    Pickup sound for Vulcan

  2. Rubber Johnny says:

    I’ve never even played any Paranoid before Ultimate, lawl.

  3. Kaemon says:

    Unless ZaN can point me to a really old version of Paranoid that I don’t own right now, that did in fact play that sound when you picked the Vulcan Minigun, he is wrong >:)

  4. ZaN says:

    Sheesh, I assume it’s Reborn_v8 that had the sound, it was also on some of the early ultimate versions, with the “shoot you’r favorite mode” spawn

  5. Luffaren says:

    V1_1 is now uploaded to gamebanana! 😀

    >>> EDIT V1_1 <<<
    Added alien ending
    Changed map paths, holdareas and bosses depending on difficulty
    Added more particles
    Added 2 new weapons (Alien sample and Flamethrower)
    Added a new ending (only hyper)
    Fixed boss hp on 3rd boss
    More change between difficulties
    Fixed some timing issues (now there will be more zombie encounters)
    Changed/replaced some music
    Added more detail
    More optimised at spawn
    Added another weapon pickup area (boulderdefense left after camp)
    Fixed/worked around issue where players got stuck in first elevator on ultimate
    Added/removed blockers to tweak balance better
    Ammo replenished before every bossfight (will replenish to servers max ammo)
    Added transporter push in spaceship
    2nd boss kills on touch instantly
    3rd boss now takes less damage