RELEASED: Ze_Hypernova

Posted: February 6, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, Map Update, News, ZE Hypernova

New map for everyone! From the spanish mapper Eddie I’m glad to present you all ZE_Hypernova!
Sorry for ranting this late, but I waited until Eddie could upload the map.

Feel free to report any bugs, glitch or balance problems you might see here or in Gamebanana.
Eddie hopes the map is fully functional and good enough to be the only needed version.

Check ZE_Hypernova on Gamebanana: Coming soon…
Download from Dropbox: DROPBOX
Download from MediaFire: MEDIAFIRE

Actual in-game explosion of the Hypernova.

As you can appreciate on the screenshot from the real in-game particle, Eddie did an excellent job on his particles.

The action takes place inside a space station near a red dwarf star that it’s about to implode and become a supernova; so you better hurry up to the escape ships! And you might find out something even worse than just the explosion if both teams somehow manage to survive, long enough…

The map includes HDR and Color Correction (use “Mat_Colorcorection 1” on console to activate it).
Eddie intends this to be the only needed version of the map, but he will keep an eye on the map. He will play it and read your reports, making new versions if bugs, glitches or big balance issues prove it necessary.

NOTE: Right now Eddie is unable to upload to Gamebanana since the website is giving him troubles. He will update there as soon as he cans.


  1. Kaemon says:

    Right now we only have available the Mediafile download… I will add a Dropbox one as soon as posible.
    Eddie will upload the map to Gamebanana, but the website its giving him problems tonight; so maybe tomorrow he will be abble.

  2. Eddie says:


    10 Seconds after I uploaded the map to mediafire this post has been created 😀

  3. Rushaway says:

    omfg I love this fucking news !

  4. LeGrem says:

    download in progress ^^
    gamebanana really sucks with huge files since the new version of the website !!

  5. fuckballs says:

    I took one look at that map and I said… wow.. twice. Never seen anything like this, it’s incredible.

  6. Spifft says:

    Downloading now can’t wait to see what’s in store. Thank you.

  7. Psykotrop says:

    Map design very nice, but gameplay a bit monotonous.
    The end is amazing!
    Thank you for the job.

    I noticed a slight bug below the first elevator (visible when he leaves).

    ps: sorry for my poor english I’m french.

  8. //.Mad says:

    Arrrrggg, my download from Mediafire is sloooow. I think i may have to wait to download from a server, unless anyone else has another mirror 😛

  9. //.Mad says:

    And why does everyone seem to mess up “fire” and “file” on Mediafire lol.

  10. Kaemon says:

    I uploaded the Dropbox link already. Try it out if you still don’t have the map, should be faster.

  11. //.Mad says:

    The map is looking nice so far. It still needs a bit of work, obviously there are things that cant really be tested with a limited amount of people. It downloaded alot faster when on a server. I was worried about download time at first, but even with my average internet connection it didnt take too long.
    I did a much longer review with issues and stuff i came accross, over on the i3d forums 😉

  12. Kaemon says:

    Nice to hear. I’m pretty sure Eddie will appreciate the feedback. I kinda liked some parts that I thought I wouldn’t; and I think the zombie fighting is too present, to the point you can get run out of bullets or zombies out of health. XD

    I think I will recomend him to add a couple of Ammo-Crates and maybe some Zombie-Healing places.
    (Apart of the obvious glitches and balance problems)

  13. Puni says:

    What secrets are you hiding?!

    You uploaded two seperate files for gameservers and download servers! The download is larger, so im guessing you used entspy to keep the checksum intact while removing something from the download one 😉

  14. Kaemon says:

    OMG… Since my MediaFire download was going Ultra-Slow; I got the map BEFORE from a server I joined than the actual download; so I didn’t even checked it…

    Looks like he wanted to do the compresed version some servers use for faster download, in case they didn’t know how to do it by themselves on some server… XD

  15. Puni says:

    Oh yes darn, its Bz2’d. I didnt see that!

    I thought he may have been hiding a secret using entspy, so that clients cant download the secrets from the servers!

  16. Eddie says:

    If you are comparing the size inside the .rar file remember that the .bz2 are not compresed, but the .bsp is compressed a lot.

    If you extract the .bsp inside the .bz2 and the .bsp withtout compressing you will see that both files have the same size.

  17. Jeong Hoon says:

    i think skybox is error
    sometimes. if i get out space. my css is off (error)
    i saw this same problem other map. that’s same skybox i think. so..
    solve plz

  18. Sandfly says:

    Hi Eddie,

    Firstly, great to see this style of map be brought back with modern effects and styling. The players love it, and they hope to see an upgraded version of the map, as well as some other Escape maps that derive from the older style of Spacestation maps – well done.

    We’ve had reports of crashing in the map at a specific point that one of the members has taken, along with a missing texture of sorts – please have a look here at this link, and see if you may already be aware of it, and if it might be fixed.

    Hypernova Missing Texture & Map Crash position screenshots

    The crash issue I will test personally soon – it may well be a random thing that Valve occasionally has happen, but if it crashed at the screenshot point again, I’ll confirm both in our Forum thread and back here for you.

    Excellent, enjoyable map so far, with some very nice effects.

  19. Kaemon says:

    It does crash on this place for some reason. Happened to many people on other servers aswel.
    Got myself as screenshot of them spot with 2 people that had crashed on it. XD

  20. LeGrem says:

    reinstall your css, because it’s well working