UPDATED: ZE Minecraft b3

Posted: February 10, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, Map Update

Hannibal was supposed to post more info, screenshots and/or progress about Minas Tirith today, but he was busier than expected with college works.

That is the reason this rant is so late today (2 hours past midnight in Spain). Also the new its kinda late, because public release of this version was yesterday; but since it gets trashed on Gamebanana some of you might still not know about it, so:
TheGregster101 published yesterday his last version of ZE_Minecraft, and its ready to be played (b3)

The changes from the previous versions include some new spawn zones to reduce zombie infestation on servers that don’t teleport zombies back, a less glitchy boat that even if it manages to stuck you will break after a couple of seconds, an exploding creeper, some balance changes to make the map sightly more human-friendly and a sword that will appear if you collect the needed materials for it (2 Diamonds and 1 Stick I believe).
Tha map includes more changes and fixes that I’m not really aware of.
Also I learned TheGresgeter101 how to reduce the map size from 65 MBs to 24 MBs; so people should enjoy the fast download when joining a server.
You can try to check Gamebanana for this map, but it keeps getting trashed…

Download Ze_Minecraft_b3 from MediaFire: MEDIAFIRE
Download Ze_Minecraft_b3 from Dropbox: DROPBOX

  1. Jeong Hoon says:

    there is no any copyright problem?

  2. Kaemon says:

    Welll… I really don’t know. If it gets trashed for Gamebanana they sure have (or think they have) a reason; but as far as I know they didn’t mention it.
    Also, if its a Copyright problem… I really don’t get it…
    I mean, there are tons of map there that have models, textures and songs from other games and movies; and so far that doesn’t seem to be a problem…

    But to think it should be a problem to use 16bit textures of a game that can be played for free (yeah, there is a free version on the original webpage)… If thats really the case, if its getting trashed for some copyright problem, I really don’t get it.

  3. Kaemon says:

    Ok… I went to Gamebanana to check, and there is a reason: “Ported textures are not allowed.”

    Wich brings the question why so many other Minecraft Maps with the same textures (wich btw were downloaded form Gamebanana for starters) are not trashed… XD

  4. Puni says:

    I wouldnt take anything on gamebanana to seriously.

    If two people disproved a map it could get trashed or something. (This might have changed). Also there is a difference between reproduced and ported textures. Some people just rush and complain for no reason, especially some of the weird peole on gamebanana!

  5. Sandfly says:

    There are currently discussions going on with Lost & Tom from gamebanana, and Notch from Minecraft, to get a definitive word on the porting situation, which will see the TOS of Minecraft relaxed so that there is no ambiguity at all and textures may freely be used in maps to promote the other.

    In my opinion, it is ridiculous to trash such a fun and entertaining map, as I have conveyed to both Lost & Notch, and as greg himself has seen … as of this day, eight players who have played TheGregster’s Minecraft maps on the IC servers have gone out and purchased Minecraft as a Mod.

    If that isn’t some of the best free publicity Minecraft can get from CSS servers, then I do not know what is. They’d be totally bereft of a clue if they nullified that kind of promotion, but then again, this is the map community we’re talking about, not normal common sense.

  6. The Sandvich Guardian says:

    Not sure if this means much to you guys, but this is one of the popular maps for my communities ZE server . Like I’ve mentioned previously, we’ve had some bugs with CSS maps but this one is relatively glitch free, just a few here and there and the playerbase really enjoys it.

  7. Kaemon says:

    I’m pretty sure it means a lot to TheGresgter101, I will let him know your opinion ^_^