Waiting for ZE_Hypernova_v1c

Posted: February 12, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE Hypernova

Eddie already released the second version of his Hypernova map, the v1b.

The map is not yet on Gamebanana (it gave him problems once more trying to upload) and the bug that crashes many people games on that corridor before the laser room persist.
However, after testing it a little more, and seeing that crash problem persisted (after removing the hint we believed was causing it) I decided to go check the .vmf for Eddie, and I’m almost sure I found the problem.

That corridor has a microleak near the crashing place, but that doesn’t lead to the VOID but instead to a fake-room wich contains 85% of the map inside it.
Not only seems that to be the cause of the crashing problem (explaining why only crashed to some people), but it could also be affecting FPS on the whole map, increasing the file size, and its for sure the reason why the map looks “weird” from the spectator view, with flickering and disappearing rooms and props.

So now Eddie is fixing that whole big-room that shouldn’t exist, touching even more the balance issues (that were already improved on v1b) and is gonna try to reduce the map size and improve FPS on the Green Houses for the third version: v1c.

So, for the moment I’m not uploading v1b here, and I would suggest all of you to do the same and wait for the v1c, that will be released as soon as possible. Maybe this weekend if possible.
Also, I’m thinking about stop updating the blog everyday (and you probably noticed I didn’t the last couple days). Main reason being that even if I was up for keeping the schedule, there isn’t always something interesting to post.

“Pull everybody back. Pull them back.”

  1. Crazyjay says:

    gaw i know its a quote from helms deep, im guessing its when humans have to fall back into the last hold area, the hall.

  2. Puni says:

    Theodon, when he realises they are failing, just after the wall breaks

  3. Kaemon says:

    You two know what; I don’t know “exactly” when the quote occurs. I will check or ask Hannibal later. XD
    Also, I wasn’t specting two comments so fast… Its 05:00 in the morning here… XD

  4. The Sandvich Guardian says:

    Hey, me again lol, this map is pretty good, love the ending and it works fine on GMOD so I’m assuming it’s works well on CSS.

  5. xD34tHRowZ says:

    I havent get to see the last part of Hypernova yet due to the issues =P

  6. Puni says:

    Im a late night mapper 😉
    And the actual quote comes just after aragorn and gimli get hoiseted up the wall my legolas, slighly after the wall blows up.

  7. Puni says:

    It is the most visually appealing thing you will ever see on CSS.

  8. Kaemon says:

    Thats what SHE said.

  9. Crazyjay says:

    kaemon, thats what she said does not apply to CSS xD

  10. Mah face was like :O when I saw the last explosion, that eddie… its map before was Item Battle, a map without VRAD! omg

  11. Kaemon says:

    +1 Geek Point for Puni. Not only its a Theoden quote, but it also occurs when the wall breaks. Good job.
    (Your frist GP I believe?)