UPDATED: ZE Hypernova v1c. Crash fixed?

Posted: February 14, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, Map Update, ZE Hypernova

Hello there, Eddie just gave me his third version of Hypernova. The first version had a crashing-spot that made many people crash while playing the map; Eddie thought to have fixed it in v1b, but crash still was there… (Wich is the reason I didn’t upload v1b to the blog).
So we checked the .vmf again and found what seemed to be causing the problem, a microLeak that leaded into a FakeVoidRoom (not the Void itself, so not really a leak).

So now seems like the Client-Crash is completely fixed, along with many gameplay improvements; so the map should be ready to be played in any server. Enjoy!

Check ZE_Hypernova on Gamebanana: Coming soon…
Download from Dropbox: DROPBOX
Download from MediaFire: MEDIAFIRE

The Space Station of Hypernova.

Eddie is now trying (for the fifth time) to upload his map to Gamebanana, but it keeps getting errors (Upload error: Error #2038) and he can’t never manage to upload the whole map… So it may take a while until its uploaded on Gamebanana (if ever).
So far Eddie is thinking about making at least one more version of Hypernova, but he is starting to get really busy with IRL stuff and he won’t have that much time for mapping; so its more of a future-long-term project with all the small fixes and gameplay improvements that get found by playing the map for some months on the servers; aswell as some things he has already planed (like more Spawns and Corridors, a cool looking 3DSkybox Space Station, and improving FPS on the Greenhouses).

If a major bug/problem (like crashing ones) isn’t found, next version won’t be out for some months. So go play v1c!

The map size it’s quite big (114 MBs Unzipped) so I suggest you to download it from our Dropbox or MediaFire links if you are planing on playing it. Dropbox one should be faster for players, but if you are interested in a Downloadserver Zipped version for your ZE server and you don’t know how to make them, the MediaFire zip includes it.

Please feel free to inform us here if you find some glitch, bug or something that could be improved for future versions.

“Giant red star is unstable.”

  1. Rushaway says:

    Thanks for the new version of this map 😉

  2. Hades says:

    Quote is obviously from Hypernova. I guess it’s from the begining, when it says something like “its unstable, go find the pods” but I’m not sure

  3. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, that was an easy one. You got your 3rd Geek Point.
    So here is your reward: GO GET A LIFE, ASAP.

  4. Luffaren says:

    Well i also have the gamebanana uploading issue. I worked around it by copying the map to a usb drive (or whatever) and take it somewhere you have better connection, then use firefox and uploading should be easy cake 😉

  5. Rushaway says:

    For those who find that the download is too long:


    ps: Sorry for my English, I’m French.

  6. Rushaway, I see the list of maps (for curiosity). Fast download is awesome, Helms Deep weights 11 mb. Could you tell me how you pack these maps? I need it to see the size of Minas Tirith. Thanks.

  7. Puni says:

    Possibly this? – http://bzip.org/

    Minas Tirith when bziped2 should be around 15% of the original bsp filesize

  8. Rushaway says:

    I use this :


    Move the file on the icon of the software, wait until the command prompt closes and the record or was the old file, it is now compile in. bz2 format (compress) and after he has left upload your mirror or download site.

    (Remember to unzip the file after download)

    If you prefer, I can speak French.

    (The I pass by a translator)

  9. Astornauta Esp says:

    Hannibal tus mapas son unas pasadas te pasas muchoo y espero k sakes mas mapas

  10. Astornauta Esp says:

    eres español???