Minas Tirith, closer

Posted: February 17, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Minas Tirith is at 63% now. I can say that I completed the design of 3 of the 4 rounds/places of the map and the 3º seems to take 6 minutes or more 🙂 . I wanted to post pics but It’s too late, so, keep tuned at the blog; tomorrow I’ll post pictures with VRAD (lighting and views of the map).

I’m trying to make a new experience at ZE but don’t worry, Minas Tirith is going to share the classic and the new characteristics of ZE; the map wont be only graphics and eyecandy, and will have an easy path to follow for noobs, and complex ones for pros; furthermore, a lot of rooms/ways are connected: are there zombies infront of you? are you trapped? don’t worry, hide yourself and wait until a gate opening, you will catch the CT group, if you are skilled :D. Moreover, the map will not have any boss, and all scripted sequences will affect directly to the gameplay, and the most of these will not be automathic (catapults, ladders, door breaking, Nazgul effects,…) and zombies or humans will activate them.

At the moment, I finished the 3º round, which ends at indoors. The 4º round will start indoor as well (like a longer round). So… at this map you will do ALL possible things in ZE: playing at indoors and outdoors, defense spots like classic maps, normal run, timed doors, carry items, activate nice events, playing at day and ¿at night?, build your own barricade, decide your destiny at the end round, the freedom of classics ze, carry beasts as zombie, a bit of climbing, coop moments, etc… all this without invisible pushes and invisible walls!

See you tomorrow!

  1. The Sandvich Guardian says:

    Can’t wait, I’m sure it will be great.

  2. xD34tHRowZ says:

    It sounds like an another Paranoid xD

  3. FreeZe says:

    how can you know the percentage so precisely? ;P

  4. Puni says:

    Love the percentage 😉

    Nice to hear about no bosses, it will keep the gameplay more flowing. Although the nazgul scene could have been quite cool as a boss

  5. I have the percentage at my mind; it is not 60% or 65% , it’s 63% , I know! And it will not be like a Paranoid, I’m sure that some moments you will feel that you are in a classic map.
    About the Nazgul, I’ll put them, but not like a NPC, just like in Mount Doom (but improved ofc).

  6. I must leave now, I’ll put the pics later ( in 2 h or 2:30h), the damned compile failed.

  7. Puni says:

    Im so excited 😉

  8. The Sandvich Guardian says:

    What is the nazgul in Mount Doom exactly, it doesn;t work in GMOD, you just go in there and nothing happens :/. If you could give me some info about it maybe we can get it to work 😀

  9. The Sandvich Guardian says:

    BTW I know how it works as I’ve played it in CS:S lol.