Minas Tirith at 63%

Posted: February 18, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

These are the screenshots as I promised. But one thing! THE MAP IS NOT FINISHED! bad texturing (not the same texture at skybox and real world of Minas), black models, flying houses or towers at skybox, no decals, no props, no doors, skybox errors, etc… This is why I don’t like to post images of non-finished maps. Anyway these are the pics:

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  1. Puni says:

    Looks amazing none the less! Cant wait!

  2. Puni says:

    By the way, does anything take place outside the walls, in the pelennor fields?

  3. Well, the 1ΒΊ round is Osgiliath->Pelennor fields -> Minas Tirith doors (safe point)

  4. Puni says:

    Ah nice!
    What kind of ending will you be using?

    I remember in helms and stuff it was still oldschool “nuke”.
    It would be amazing if you did the rohirrim charge instead of a nuke at the end or something.

    The charge is the most epic part of lord of the rings! It would be a great way to end the map and your LOTR mapping legacy!

  5. Aw dude, I wanted to make this part; but I’m sure that I’ll be out of entities and things (planes, vertex, etc). I would need another skybox to show some real scales ( a charge at 100m of the door is ridiculous).
    Anyway, everything is possible.

  6. Puni says:

    No worries if you cant, would have been epic though :’)

    The mountains look amazingly real! Did you use one of those generators? They look far to good to be displacements! Absolutely amazing!!

  7. xD34tHRowZ says:

    This looks EPIC!
    Its so big =O

  8. Luffaren says:

    Finally some pics!
    Looks great so far, keep up the work πŸ˜€
    Also those mountains looks awesome.

  9. Slapaf says:

    This looks, SWEET! Cant wait for the release πŸ™‚

  10. SynDromE says:

    Very amazing map Hannibal nice job you is best mappeur of css πŸ˜€ I LOVE YOUR MAPS

  11. SynDromE says:

    Very amazing map Hannibal nice job you is best mappeur of css !

  12. Thx dudes, now at 66%! gogo!

  13. dale says:

    this looks absolutely amazing. top drawer!

  14. Eddie says:

    Will you add HDR lighting to minas tirith?

    If you add HDR the map will look really better, i hope you add good lighting effects.

    Also the map remembers me to the move, wooo. Nice mapping.

  15. Hannibal[SPA] says:

    I will : D I have some interior parts with torches.