Hypernova V1C is still crashing…

Posted: February 20, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE Hypernova

So, I got reports on the past two days, from people of all the servers that uploaded Hypernova V1C, and the crash is still occurring.

It’s a Client-Crash (not a server crash) that only seems to happen (but maybe I’m wrong on this one) on the “less powerful computers“. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t happen to everyone; and even to some people who it happens, it doesn’t seem to happen every time (I myself suffer it, but not always).

I also got a couple of players mentioning that they had the same crashing problem in another map (Resident Evil based) on another laser room; so maybe the problem comes from the lasers?
The real thing is that we still don’t know what causes the problem. I checked the corridor myself, and there is nothing wrong with it now…
Big chances are that the crash occurs when you start to load the lasers, since the crashing spot moved from the middle of the corridor to that first corner after removing a Hint Brush, changing the place where you start loading that room…

Crashing Spots on Hypernova

Anyway; the fact is, ZE_Hypernova_V1C has still the crash problem that closes HL2.exe to many players; and Eddie (the creator of the map) will make another version when possible.
We are working on removing some other things (because it’s not 100% sure it’s the laser thing, but seems it could be that) and we hope the next version will be also smaller in size.

On other related news, Luffaren is already testing online ZE_Predator_Ultimate_v1_2. Hopefully the crashing that occurred on Hyper and Ultimate difficulties with more than 35 players will be gone forever.
However he found a couple of things he wants to change (including the bug that changes server friction forever) so it won’t be released today; but really soon. (Maybe tomorrow)

  1. Rushaway says:

    Thanks for this news 😉

  2. Mr.HotDog says:

    i think the same kaemon i crashd when enter that part maybe replace lasers will fix it :p

  3. xD34tHRowZ says:

    I guess the World Challenge will be delayed.. but please dont rush the map.. =P

  4. LeGrem says:

    it’s maybe the lasers, i know that on ze_escape_horizon_v3b if you don’t start the fire before to leave the laser room you got a HL2 crash, one time on the second crash on this map my pc restart o_O