UPDATED: ZE_Predator_Ultimate_v1_2

Posted: February 20, 2011 by Kaemon in Map Update, ZE Predator Ultimate

So, Luffaren just uploaded to Gamebanana the last version of his ZE map, Predator Ultimate.

EDIT: The crash (on Hyper/Ultimate difficulties when more than 35-40 players are on the server) remains unfixed… We will try to fix it… Its probably however, that V1.2 needs more people (40-55) to crash the server.

Check the map on Gamebanana: GAMEBANANA
Download from Dropbox: DROPBOX

Predator Ultimate V1.2: Released

Here are the patch notes according to him, please note that this is anything wrong, is not me to blame!

– FIXED CRASH (We hope the map stops crashing on full servers) <— NOT FIXED
– Removed “Alien Ending” on Ultimate (may come back, better done, in future versions)
– Forced a special weapon to spawn 100% of the time (expect a weapon every round)
– Added a few more particle effects
– Added a new weapon: Ammo dispenser
– Fixed (removed) teleport at 1st boss (ruins after compound)
– Increased/decreased hold timings
– Deleted first hold area on Hyper difficulty
– Added new starting path on Hyper/Ultimate to avoid massive infection
– Added difficulty signs in devroom (Brown NoClip Room)
– Fixed issue that allowed zombies on the helicopters wining the difficulties (Zombies interrupt win if they get inside chopper)
– Made slight changes to music (don’t worry! The endmusic *serenata immortale* at normal is still there :P)
– Added more detail (mostly at river)
– Worked around the render at spawn
– Blocked heli ropes (preventing players from failing to climb it)
– Changed the defense at camp
– Made more changes between difficulties
– Increased hp a bit on 2nd boss
– Changed 3rd boss to be Hit-Based instead of Health-Based, some reworking on his numbers may be needed.
– Ultimate Boss now is more lethal, but also weaker (dies faster)
– Added a force-death timer on Ultimate Boss if humans are slow on Fase1 or 2 (45 secs each)
– Increased chances for random weather to choose the “clear weather”
– completely removed friction settings at final boss (Fase 3), it was messing the server if it was ON when the map change occurred
– Added a blocker at the final stage of final boss for a few seconds (more pressure – more excitement)
– Added triggers to give zombies some extra hp along the map
– Fixed players falling through the chopper on Hyper difficulty.
– Fixed/added some console messages
– Fixed (hopefully) the elevator lags
– Removed the zombie push on Hyper/Ultimate hat leads to zombie cage
– Added BlockBullets textures on some zombie cages to prevent players from killing zombies during bossfights
– Changed minigun to hurt less
– Added more fuel to flamethrower
– Changed ladder placements on cliff area to be easier to climb (I hope)
– Merged/deleted entities to prevent crashing (smaller visible things)
– 2nd boss now runs slower (is more dodgeable, less luck-based and easier to shot) but kills on touch
– Removed (or at least decreased) the “blind spots” on Ultimate Boss (Fase 2)
– Improved the Player Clips on the Beamup to Spaceship, hopefully players wont get stuck anymore
– Black/Green area (between Ultimate Predator Fases) is now a hold (as originally intended) a Hold Position. Added some structures to help humans defending.
– Better optimization (I hope)

“Ain’t no way for no soldier to die.”

  1. Crazyjay says:

    Quote comes from predator map right before humans fight the predator that is right before the helicopter

  2. xD34tHRowZ says:

    A tons of changes i see.. just hope it wont be like v1.1…..

  3. Kaemon says:

    Also known as Second Boss or Beach Predator.
    +1 Geek Point for you… again… For a total of 9! GO GET A LIFE! ASAP! FOR THE THIRD TIME!

  4. FPSDuck says:

    The epic soundtrack at the end of the map when the CT’s get on the chopper, anyone got any source on that? Would really love to know


  5. FreeZe says:

    lol kaemon you say get a life to someone else… simply LOL šŸ˜€

  6. Rinzler says:

    Hm, quite a big problem with this one. It seems that whenever you are defending either Ruins or Forest, if one side fails and gets zombied, they end up colliding with the humans that survived the other side (In most cases, that would be Forest, as Ruins has fail written all over it now). Now this possibly could have been intentional to give more of a challenge, but I don’t like it šŸ˜›

  7. The map is more balanced, but now is more easy šŸ˜¦ yesterday we won easily. Anyway, the beam part to the ship is epic and difficult (but sometimes the ppl defend at the corridor after the lift, and this makes the stand more easy).
    Lots of ppl ask about the songs, I think that I’ll add a new section.

  8. Luffaren says:

    No need to add the song list, i will add a texture inside the map where all song names is. Also i know it’s too easy right now, the final boss is just ridicolus :s
    But that’s the beauty of making new versions i guess.

    V1_3 wont really be an improvement version, just a fix with:
    * Less entites (to prevent crashes)
    * Easier/harder defenses
    * Bugfixes
    * The music texture i guess šŸ˜›
    * Maybe a new pickable item if i feel like making one + if the map seems crash-safe

  9. Bukkake says:

    Love the changes exept the ruins part where zombies can climb over xD (we always fail on this part even with 10+ humans )

  10. Dasch | Omen says:

    Luffaren,yesterday Hyper mode crashed Plague Fest server.
    I thought you fixed it.

  11. Luffaren says:

    I said i wasn’t sure if it was fixed which it wasn’t.
    I will remake the 2nd boss a bit improving the run event to save lots of entites, hopefully this will prevent crashing or atleast require more players to crash.

  12. LeGrem says:

    Luffaren i don’t know if someone told you that the boss on hyper mod is again too hard one reloading servers

  13. Bukkake says:

    Pf server has 62 player slots now o.o crazy much for predator?

  14. Alexander says:

    Please tell me how to get to the secret room….very necessary….