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Posted: February 23, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in News

Well, there is nothing new to say. Minas Tirith still in progress, Predator new version is more stable, etc.New ideas are coming to my mind to make the last lotr better than any other (it’s hard to beat Mako Reactor), and the last round (the 4º) will be pretty intense and funny! Intense interiors , high views, last stand, …

To make the post more interesting, take a look at all the top view of all my maps (without triggers), … and Minas Tirith still at 66%. I’m near explode the engine (don’t worry, all current crashes of all maps are based on number of entities and some other shit (I didn’t start on this yet)

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  1. dale says:

    you’re exceptionally talented. your maps are a joy to play and the community truly appreciates them. thank you for all the hard work.

  2. xD34tHRowZ says:

    Comparing to the the other maps that you made.. Minas Tirith is HUGE!! =O

  3. Thanks! Without the “propper” (plugin to turn brushes into props) I would have reached the limit 3 or 4 times, everytime you make a map you learn a lot of things to optimize and make the map “compilable” but bigger : )

  4. LeGrem says:

    I like propper too, without it i couldn’t finish pipes on a map due to max brush and planes and it’s reduce a lot the compilation time (vrad)

    You almost use all the grid of hammer ! This will be epic !

  5. Agent Wesker says:

    Why would you turn a brush into a prop…? Also what about func_detail?

  6. Puni says:

    Saves limits in hammer. Detailed brush works can take hell loads of limits up.
    Func_detail is optimzation, any “lesser” brush can be turned into func detail to improve performance. Dont do it to big walls and stuff tho

  7. LeGrem says:

    you can’t get over theses limites 🙂
    for exemple :
    brushes 5799/8192 69588/98304 (70.8%)
    brushsides 51910/65536 415280/524288 (79.2%)
    planes 48370/65536 967400/1310720 (73.8%)

    without propper i should be at 110% each

  8. Kaemon says:

    Mostly what Puni and LeGrem told you: because on big/detailed maps you get Brush/Vertex/Planes/Etc limits unless you make them into Props.

    There is also a Limit of arround 3.000 Prop Statics on a map, but that one is hard to get.

    Also, if you have a detailed pillar (for example) that ocupes 0.1 MBs each (because brushes info). 10 Pillars would be 1 MB, and 100 Pillars 10 MBs (Func_Details).
    But if you make it a Prop, the Prop size would be 0.1 MB, and adding 100 Props would be like 0.11 MBs, because it only needs the tiny piece of info of “That Prop, Repeat it Here”. So it can also be used (sometimes) to decrease map size aswel.

  9. jordan06480fr says:

    Hi, i have see your all maps ! im :O you are a very very very good mapper, continue to create maps ! your all maps are beautiful, balanced and good 🙂
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    thanks you if you accept me 😀

  10. jordan06480fr says:

    PS : i forgot, i have add you, just accept me pls

  11. Ey dude, sorry for not accepting your before. I have the list full and I must remove some ppl if I want to add someone (moreover, I have a list of invitations).
    Thanks for your comment 🙂

  12. Well, models look to weight more than the func_detail. Anyway is the best to turn details to prop, as LeGrem says; it wouldnt be possible to make huge maps.

  13. UNREA1 says:

    Big ass map 😀