Kaemon ranting again!

Posted: March 4, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants

Long time since I posted here for the last time…
I got a little break from SDK and Steam this days to see if I get my mapping mood back; lately I haven’t been working on neither my map, my tests nor special things for other mappers… 😦

I see that Hannibal did a couple posts himself; and I will make sure we end having a section with the name of all the songs used in the maps as he intended; mostly because people keep asking about them. XD

Anyway, today I talked with both Eddie (creator of Hypernova) and Luffaren (creator of Predator).
Both are working on newer versions of their maps.
Eddie is improving some things and this time we are almost sure to have found the crashing source (the lasers themselves seem to be causing the problem). Anyway, some places got some work aswell to try to improve FPS, and I hope that next version will also give a map of smaller size.
Luffaren, as many of you know, has also a crashing problem when too many people are on the server for Predator during Hyper and Ultimate difficulties. That is bein addressed, aswell as he keeps trying to improve the gameplay and balance of some zones or events.

It’s nice to see that the mappers care enough to keep improving and fixing their maps, buts it’s a pity that so many versions of both maps were needed due to crashing problems…

Hannibal told me yesterday night that he was ending the 4th (and last) round of Minas Tirith. So even if the map still needs lots of works (details, triggers, gameplay testing, entities and events) the mapping is going really fine, and the physic layout it’s almost complete.
He got already rid of the problems of limits we has having already; and after some testing we discovered yet again new limitations of hammer, what causes them, and how to avoid them.

I can’t know 100% sure (nor can Hannibal) but chances are big that after Minas Tirith being in playable (or fixed) status, he will proceed to make a new version of Paranoid.
Paranoid is a big favourite of many people for its diferent game style, the various possible game modes, and it’s monsters and weapons. But even if is still being played on most servers, the truth is that it gots some really big bugs remaining on it, including some powerups that are too easy to exploit. I won’t mention most of them (because knowing about them makes them exploitable) but one of the most famous problems it’s  the Nuke of Reverse Mode not working (people outside the safe zone get stucked in an infite teleport loop between Coliseum and Core).
Big chances are that some songs/monsters/weapons are added, removed or reworked (Turtle Launcher and Crow are big candidates for being removed or fully changed).

I will let you know more about the next Hypernova, Predator and Paranoid versions in the near future; and I will try to post this weekend (tomorrow or Sunday) some info about the kind of game style Hannibal want’s to achieve for Minas Tirith.

“Hurry! Inside. Get them inside!”

  1. fuckballs says:

    quote is from Helms Deep, I think used more than once, when the zombies are inside the castle and that voice plays, telling you to get in the Keep

  2. Luffaren says:

    Quote is from helms deep while the “fallback” event is triggered

  3. Kaemon says:

    OMG the bastards, talking about the quote instead of saying things like “It’s great to have you back!”. XD

  4. Luffaren says:

    It’s great to have you back Kaemon!

  5. fuckballs says:

    Hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t see any of your maps get covered from page 😛


  6. FreeZe says:

    Quote is from Kaemons Mother when the police came to his house

  7. Jajajajaajajja 10/10, you did it.
    Thanks to god Kaemon is here, he has willpower to write things like that. Moreover I’m not used to write things of my maps, and still less of other mappers.
    The new version of Paranoid will come at the same time of Minas Tirith, the map still being voted a lot of times : ) , the 10_4, one of the most bugged versions.
    But, as Kaemon says, the next one will be a big update, so, the Ultimate suffix may change.

  8. Kaemon says:

    Sorry for taking so long to answer here, but Fuckballs got the Geek Point!
    For a total of 2 Geek Points! One more to go!