Two weeks without a Post :-s

Posted: March 24, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants

Yeah… About that… Sorry guys. XD

I had been quite “busy” doing nothing, watching anime and playing League of Legends.
Didn’t really feel like posting here, and also didn’t have anything to post about. Haven’t been playing CS:S neither.

A couple of days ago Luffaren tested a new version of Predator Ultimate. The crash seems to be still there, so he keeps working on it.
However he reduced a lot the number of entities and the problem should be gone soon.

Right now is a little late and I’m going to sleep, but I promise posting some real news tomorrow!
(Well, more like in a few hours)

The blog is not dead! It’s just that Hannibal is busy and I’m lazy!

  1. DeepInferno says:

    :O I play League of Legends too. Hope Luffaren fixes that bug soon though. Predator is my favourite map 😀

  2. We are two madafakas. Thanks to Kaemon to write that! I told him to write something because I was busy as hhhhhhhhellllll wih the university at the moment, anyway, I continue mapping on my relax time. It has no sense to post everything I make, but after a compile with real lights, I will put screens of Minas; i will need your help also to select some epic/clasical/fight music for Minas Tirith.

  3. Crazyjay says:

    Hannibal stop posting here and get back to work on Minis tirith >:(. Just joking since I am also posting here instead of working on my map :(. As for epic music i recommend Requiem of a Dream (Lux Aterna) since it is the most epic song ever and Right Here Right Now by Fat Boy slim just for something different that sounds awesome.

    Also Kaermon add me on League of legends, Nosadjay.

  4. Puni says:

    Where ever the first epic visual scene is, you MUST have the white tree/gondor music!

    Go to 2.36! OMG EPIC Gondor!!

    1:30 it would sound good for a part where there is running. (This part is used in the film for the lighting of the beacons)

    That reminds me, is there any visual beacon effect on top of the moutain, could be a little nice effect.

  5. Puni says:

    Edit — Actually, the music at 2:36 would be better for victory at the end if CTs win.
    You could use the same thing but lesser tone like right at the start of the video for the first time you see minas tirith, because its more calm and admirable

  6. Luffaren says:

    Atleast it should be LOTR music to keep with the theme.
    (i shouldn’t say so much though due to predator’s music >.<)
    The white tree soundtrack sounds nice imo.

    Anyways predator is ready for a new test and im not sure if the crashing issue is fixed but i got a theory about that env_lights with names may eat more entities than you think. I'll report to kaemon/hannibal/the blog if this works. 🙂

  7. Kaemon says:

    Well, I’m happy to see we still have followers. XD
    Also: Nevah Crazyjay!

  8. UNREA1 says:

    Well, I always follow this blog, even tho I don’t post much, eheh. And I bet there are more people like me, who like to see the news on the blog, but are to lazy to comment. x] So, don’t worry about followers, there are so much more then you think Kaemon.

    OFFTOPIC: Hannibal, wanted to ask you how do you do the paragraph on env_hudhint entity, you did that on Paranoid, to help players on spawn.

    Anyway, Keep up the awesome work guys!

  9. I’ll post soon to ask the songs I should use in Minas Tirith, I want something like 25% LOTR, 75% others (I don’t have any ‘other’ song in mind at the moment). I must do this because LOTR music can be repetitive (sometimes) and I know that some ppl is tired of it or they don’t like LOTR OST.

    (damn i’m at university, the headphones don’t work in that computer, i’ll heard that later in mah house)

  10. Nooo don’t add Kaemon to LoL, he will stop editing as well as you. You two, continue mapping nao, ppl claim new maps.
    So Requiem of a Dream, I think I heard that song, I’ll check later in my house (sound doesn’t work where I am).

  11. I answer you on FAQ 🙂 (i’ll check, it later on my house, but I think that you must use \n), go check FAQ.

  12. sebaka says:

    any good anime?

  13. 2:36 is for a epic victory part for sure!, but run part (1:30) doesn’t fit with the map.