New poll of the month! ZE_Sewer_Escape_Final_JBG RELEASED!

Posted: March 25, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, News

Well, Hannibal decided to post a new “Poll of the Month” (more like “Poll of the Season“) today, so feel free to vote on it.

We would like to know for how long you had been playing Zombie Mod (escape or not), just out of curiosity.

Hannibal himself its one of those Old School Madafakas.

Myself? I had been playing just for a couple of years now. What about you?

The last (and first) poll was about wich one of Hannibal‘s maps was your favourite, and these are the final results:

Mako Reactor: 54.31%
Paranoid: 22.10%
Helm’s Deep: 11.24%
Mount Doom: 6.37%
Mines of Moria: 5.99%

Looks like we have a big winner in Mako Reactor, wich is not surprising at all. Not only its the most recent map (wich makes it popular by itself) but also allowed Hannibal to use and improve all the things he used and learned while doing his other maps.

Mako Reactor includes many features that lots of people loved: upgradeable power ups with funny and balanced effects, difficulty levels that keep the gameplay interesting, a great soundtrack loved by most people, incredible particles and NPCs, a polished gameplay wich includes not-zombie-stoppers and constant danger in your backs, etc.

As a fun fact; I would like to mention that Hannibal never wanted to make this map, and that he kinda rushed it in some weekends. He was “forced” by his IRL friend Maese Danielot, big fan of FFVII (a game that Hannibal himself has never played!).

I must admit that I personally agree on the Top 2 with this poll, since both Mako Reactor and Paranoid are my big personal favourites (not only from Hannibal‘s maps but from the whole ZE world) to the point that I may only play while those maps are on.

However, I’m not really sure if this was a fair votation, since this blog address is only posted on Hannibal‘s latest map (Mako Reactor). But what can I do? XD

On an unrelated news I noticed that JB_Gamble, creator of ZE_Elevator_Escape, ZE_Underground_Escape and ZE_Sewer_Escape, has released today his last version of Sewer Escape.

I don’t know JB_Gamble personally (not yet) but I’m kinda big fan of his maps. Always liked the style, looks and optimization present on all of them. Maybe they don’t have the most astounding visuals (since they usually aim for realism and small places) but are probably the “best-done” maps (professional looking, like if they were made from the original authors of the game) you can find on Zombie Escape. He sure knows to choose lights and textures to give you that Half-Life 2 realism when playing them.

For a long time Elevator Escape was one of my favourite maps. And Hannibal mentioned to me several times that Sewer Escape (V7, wich was extremely hard) was probably his favourite map.

Well, now you have a new version of this map!

You may notice that the old version was already called “Ze_Sewer_Escape_Final“… Well, the new one is called “Ze_Sewer_Escape_Final_JBG“. The author fixed the nuke glitch, did some minor changes/improvements including even more optimization at some points, and added a new ending section (wich means a third different possible final zone that will open randomly, changing the place where the last stand takes places between 3 possible locations now instead of 2).

You can check it and download it from Gamebanana: ZE Sewer Escape Final JBG

There had been more ZE map releases in the last days (check them all here if you want: Gamebanana ZE Maps).

Those last maps include the last version of Minecraft, a fixed version of the original Jurasik Park escpae map, God’s Wrath (wich still needs some work imo, but could become a nice map) and a Boatescape that I haven’t checked myself, but I mention it because it’s a big favourite and maybe was broken since last patch (I don’t know).

But I felt like I needed to do a special mention to the new Sewer Escape from JB_Gamble because it’s a greatly done map and its worth having in any server.

Enjoy! (No quote today, sorry geeks)

  1. fuckballs says:

    been playing css zombie since it first came out, long ass time ago, ’05 I think, with a collection of different names used and diff steam accounts

  2. UNREA1 says:

    Idd, those maps were pure epicness, and defenatly a great boost for the ze community. I consider myself a “madafaka oldschool!” as Hannibal likes to call it. XD

    Elevator escape used to be one of my favorite along with island escape and nostromo escape. x] aw, good times. Makes me feel so much older.

    Nice post, nice moment, nice memories. :d Thanks.

  3. Kaemon says:

    I’m personally not sure of when I started to play…
    A friend of mine (wich didn’t play a lot, and that uses my real account for playing (while I allways use the account of another friend, XD)) introduced me to ZM, and I quickly became bored… It was fun for a couple hours, then I noticed 99% of the maps (or settings) were retarded, and I ended suiciding to have some fun, or sitting on a vent imposible to lose against zombies…

    When I started playing ZE shortly after that; I remenber Titanic and Elevator escape being my favourite maps; and Moria came out really soon after that… So I guess you can deduce quite close the date at wich I started playing ZE.
    However I had been mapping on Hammer since HL1. I released many maps for original Counter Strike, but not on any site like Gamebanana, and most are lost forever :_(

  4. UNREA1 says:

    Aww. :C

    Meh, I’m not really a big titanic fan, I was for a bit, but now I kinda hate it for some reason. Maybe I’m claustrophobic.

    And Gamebanana keeps surprising me negativly, site seems to get worst and worst and when you think it couldnt be worst, some guy just hacks the freaking site… 😡 I wonder if its still #1 Customization site, as I think it used to be..?

  5. DeepInferno says:

    I have been playing since a year after CSS was officially released. I played ZM alot but found it boring. I then took a break from CSS for about 2-3 years and now I play ZE it’s fun and something new happens every round. New great maps get released and new talent from mappers are found 😀

  6. Puni says:

    GE ZM Deep Inferno?
    I have played Zombie Mod since about 2006.
    We used to have an extremely popular ZM server, consisting of Lila v2, 4way and crazd facility and one or two others.

    Around Spring 2009, we decided ZM wasnt benefiting the clan anymore, most people seemed immature, so thats when we started to play ZE, a few months before Moria I think.

    I really miss ZM on Lila and 4way, its just so old school. I could find a server with it on, but its just not as epic as the old GE server used to be. Very funny memories.

  7. Puni says:

    Oh, also…

    The forum is down?
    I wanted to ask if its possible to send players private messages on a trigger.

    I am going to make a package, when the player picks up the package, it will give them a random item. I was hoping it is possible to send the player a message rather than send everyone a message, because there are lots of packages?

    Is this possible?

  8. Kaemon says:

    Yes it is posible. And Forums aren’t down, but you maybe found them down at some point for some reason…
    We don’t host nor control that kind of stuff, but I have seen both Forums and Blog being down sometimes; its however something that gets fixed in some minutes most of the time.

    Go ask there and wait for my fast and powerfull response!

  9. DeepInferno says:

    Yes, I did play GE ZM server before it got changed into the ZE server. The problem was that it didn’t have enough maps. There were like 3. It’s not a bad thing but I thought it could of done with a few more.

  10. Puni says:

    unfortunately I still have content encoding error 😦

  11. Puni says:

    At the time, yea, the ZM was getting boring wernt it, thats why we changed! But, now I look back, id love to ahve that server again with just those few maps, it was amazing. Especially some of the old players that used to play there 🙂

  12. As Kaemon said, Sewer v7 was my favourite map, but I have another map in mind which name I can’t remember. 4 years ago I made that video about zombie mod (the fuck copyright fucked my song……. this is another song), the map appears at 1:04 or 3:35, does someone know the name of the map? (the one with falling pipes), I don’t if it’s the nostalgia, but I think that it was the most funny map I have played.