Predator Ultimate V1.3 RELEASED!

Posted: March 26, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, Map Update, ZE Predator Ultimate

Well… New post again today (3 days in a row!), this time about Luffaren and the progress with his ZE Predator Ultimate map.

As all or most of you know, the last released version (V1.2) had a crashing problem that occurred when arround 35 or more people where playing on the server during Hyper and Ultimate difficulties.
Luffaren tried many things, from the most common culprit “too many entities” (wich didn’t seem to be the one to blame after all) to other various things that could be causing it.

He released in the past days two test versions,  and so far they seemed to work kinda good.

We even played many Ultimate rounds with arround 40-50 people without the server crashing; until the last round where a glitch occurred during the final nuke on Ultimate and next round crashed.
So Luffaren fixed all that the tiny problems he saw during those tests that needed to be fixed, and finally today released (even if it’s not uploaded yet on Gamebanana at this point) the real public V1.3 of Predator Ultimate.


Predator Ultimate V1.3 Released!

V1.3 RELEASED: Beware of Predator... Now he knows how to run!

The new version includes:

– Decreased the chance of a crash server even further (may still occur, Luffaren is still working on it; but seems less likely to occur and seems to need more people to happen).
– Slightly decreased the HP of Complex Predator (Hyper).
– Increased the HP on Final Predator (Ultimate). (Increased from the Test versions, maybe not from previous V1.2)
– Added more detail at some places.
– Optimized even further at some points.
– Fixed balancing issue in the split for two different defense points on Hard difficulty.
– Fixed and worked arround some glitches and exploits.
– Fixed (to some degree) players not getting ammo from ammo dispenser or ammo triggers; this may still not work properly, or change from server to server due to different settings.
– Fixed the final nuke of Ultimate.
– Now re-spawning/joining late zombies after the Beach Predator (Hard) can still get to chopper choke point (previously they couldn’t because of the bridge disappearing).
– Increased by 10 seconds the defense time until you can get into the transporter on Ultimate difficulty.
– Improved the “Developer Room” (wich allows to jump between difficulties).

Also reworked 2nd Boss, Beach Predator (Hard):

– Changed the starting animation.
– Changed his HP System from HP (breakable) to Hits (AWP’s are useless)
– Reworked his running system, now it hunts humans instead of moving randomly (and sometimes ridiculously).
– Predator now runs during the whole event. He can choose to do his other attacks (Summon  Rollermines and Explosive Jump) while running.
– Predator becomes invisible sometimes on purpose (uses his cloaking device, it’s not bugging on you).
– Added/Changed some effects and sounds.
– New death scene.
– Less laggy.

This version took way longer than expected because Luffaren‘s studies (that as happens with Hannibal take away a big part of his time) and… there is also me to blame, because I gave him some great anime suggestions that kept him really busy (he watched two full series in less than two weeks!).
I will write someday (soon) a non-steam related post commenting on those, since I got many people asking me about both League of Legends and my favourite animes.

The “Predator Ultimate World Challenge”, even if you completely forgot about it by now and think its a little odd to have a challenge about it after being playing the map for so long, is still (at this point) going to happen when V2 is released.
Once the map seems completely playable and with the crashes completely gone; Luffaren plans to release V2, wich may be the last versions and will probably include a full rework on the final fight, include again the “Alien Ending”  (in a different and more detailed way) and maybe some extra changes to spice up the contest.

So… Enjoy the map, and I hope you don’t find any big problem that didn’t came out during the tests… XD
Blame Luffaren if it happens, not me!

Download from Dropbox DROPBOX
Check the map on GamebananaGAMEBANANA
(Take in mind that Gamebanana link is not updated yet, as I write this post, due to technical problems).

By the way, Hannibal seems to be quite done with his last work that was taking him really busy and will probably post something tomorrow or the day after tomorrow some new info; and I bet he will include some screenshots!. Keep tuned for it!

“Bwahohohohohohohohohoho. BwahohohahahaHAHAHA! BWAHAHAHAHAHA-HA!!”

  1. Rushaway says:

    Thanks !!! Good new’s!!

  2. xD34tHRowZ says:

    Finally! =D
    And i think quote is from when you go up to press E on the Predator in Ultimate? =P

  3. Luffaren says:

    Really nice post there Kaemon!
    Just to make clear to everyone, i am planning to make a complete remake of the final boss in a future version (maybe v1_4, not sure yet) where i’ll use the system for 2nd boss, improved of course.

    I have only seen the revised 2nd boss in action 2 times, one of the times there were only 2 players though but it might be really hard to fight tbh.
    Also dont think it’s bugged if the predator stands still for some seconds, he’s searching for players to attack.
    Right now im trying to upload V1_3 on gamebanana but since my connection back home is horrible it might not work but im pretty sure it’ll be uploaded on monday morning (EU time)

    Cya all ingame and beware of the predator… He’s gone lethal! 😛

  4. Kaemon says:

    Well, its more from when he starts to fly upwards, he doesn’t realy care if you go up to press E on him for start laughting… But I’m gonna accept the answer as good.

    Your first Geek Point I believe xD34tH?

  5. Kaemon says:

    I must confess, that after playing the map myself (both online and alone) I’m not so sure anymore that Predator knows how to run… XD

  6. Dasch | Omen says:

    It`s officially,the boss part from hyper mode crashes the game.

  7. DeepInferno says:

    Helped test predator on the Plague fest server. The FPS seems bad but I suppose with the amount of players on then you couldn’t really help it. It was fun and I can see some improvements. Nice work! 😀

  8. xD34tHRowZ says:

    It actually seem like the Predator is running on the wall like a retard.. lawl..

  9. Luffaren says:

    V1_3 is uploaded to gamebanana now 😀

  10. Cazador says:

    I tried all the map offline and the 2nd boss has actually learnt how to run (except those times he seems to be running but he doesn’t move). The rest of the combat, he was all time attacking me, from one side to another. He recognized where I was, where I moved, and he attacked me (tried with noclip XD).

    Fortunately, the predator doesn’t move randomly any more, as I have seen.

    Imo the battle has improved a lot, the map is in general better, except the 3rd boss that I find too easy for a World Challenge, especially comparing to v1_2. Congrats, Luffaren!!

  11. Metro says:

    Dear luffaren can u pls fix the spawn on Predator ultimate its still a trouble for most people they keep dislike u map cus of spawn so i would like to tell if u can fix that spawn 😉