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Posted: March 29, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, MG 2D (Unnamed), MG Coliseum (Unnamed)

Hello everyone once more. Today I’m going to talk a little about my projects and, hopefully, their future.

Many of you who read this know me to some degree, others don’t. Those closer to me, specially other mappers, have seen at some point many of my “test maps”.
Basically, I come with some special and very different idea, and try to make it possible within the source engine (using Hammer, I don’t know to program), and I start creating it. But as soon as I see I “solved” the problem and I see its possible to make, I lose the interest on it, or making a whole map that uses it.

I had been mapping for a while now, making lots of things on Hammer; some to learn, some to experiment. I have created many “engines” and specialized some mapping techniques (which I will teach here someday if possible), which later I learned to many other mappers. Those include ways of mapping simpler, optimizing better, and some really wonderful creations I hope to end using for some real maps…

Some examples would include an “engine” to grant 2D-Vision (like Mario/Sonic games) to players, “intelligent” enemies that can follow and act according to players (which has been applied to some degree by Luffaren on hist last version of Predator Ultimate), a system that allows you to shrink down making the world look larger for you (not other players), and many other things…

However, I haven’t released (nor completed) a single map for the Source engine to the date… But I hope I end releasing something, and maybe sooner than expected…

Right now, my “Project J” (a ZE map, you can see what I said about it on our Archives) is completely frozen; I don’t feel like mapping it right now; but I still hope end going back to it someday. Instead, now I’m gonna try to release two MG (Mini Games) maps; and I’m being helped and supported by Paul from Steam Gamers (which many of you may recognize as creator of more than a dozen MG_ maps) with one of them (using the 2D-System) and we hope being able to release the first Alpha Version really soon.
The camera has giving me some problems on multi player, mostly because it was designed for HL2 single player; but I think I managed to overcome its flaws with some workarounds, and even if it’s not going to be as good as originally planned, it should make the map both playable and enjoyable.

One of the early test of the 2D Mini Game.

The other MG Project I want to release soon (I have plenty, but this seems the most doable and realistic) its a Fighting Coliseum.

I always liked mapping coliseums (I made already 4 different coliseums for Paranoid versions, and around a dozen for myself, also please note that the released Paranoid coliseums were all “destroyed” by Hannibal due to the brushes limitations, since we weren’t aware of Propper back then), and I also love monsters and to create them and their attacks (I downloaded almost every single monster model available for Source)… So a Fighting Coliseum sounds like a perfect plan!

I always wanted to make this map, but it wasn’t until some weeks ago, that I saw the MG_Warmcup_Arena. If you remember, was also this map that made us investigate further on the causes of High-IN causing lag online, which evolved in the great discoveries mentioned in this article: Good News Everyone!
Well… It’s not like I’m plagiarizing it, but to be fair (no personal offense here creators of Warmcup Arena) the map its kinda bad and easily upgradable…
So I decided I could make something better in a couple of hours, and I’m gonna try it!

About my problems finishing maps… I got some personal problems that may influence that happening; and I decided to look Internet for some advice the other day… I saw many people share my same kind of problem, and I read many possible solutions or suggestions from those people…
Finally, I found one I kinda agreed with, with summarizes like this:

“Release, then detail. If you wait for your work to be perfect before releasing, you will never release, specially if you are a perfectionist. Just make it work and release, later you can add details and improve the product.”

Note that it was used in a different context, but it can be applied in my opinion to almost everything… So I’m gonna try to do that.
I will do a quite simple coliseum, and maybe just a couple of simple enemies to fight (first version may be boring?)… Then I will release so people can start playing it already, and keep adding details and more complicated enemies (which special attacks and Game UIs).
On the long-term I want to have lots of possible monsters/enemies to fight; random layouts; maybe more than one single coliseum, and make it so you can play Player vs Player (1-5 random selected humans controlling the monster/s of the round) or Player vs IA (with some “intelligent” monsters; that follow players and react to them).

So… I’m off right now to see if I manage to completely fix the 2D System; and if I don’t slack nor get further problems, an Alpha Version (to spot new problems when playing online with many people in a real server) could be released this night… Even if it’s not fun to play because the path course it’s just something simple for testing.

Wish me luck, and comment whatever you feel like commenting! Also, sorry for the wall of text! XD

  1. Puni says:

    One of the best walls of texts ever!

  2. UNREA1 says:

    Damn Kaemon, sadly you haven’t come with many releases, no ofence but thats what I call a waste of talent, because you clearly are talented, really talented actually. Per haps your problem without not-finishing maps is that you don’t get enough support? I think if you finished a map and see people play it you could overcome that problem.

    I remember testing your 2D map Kaemon, and that was just brilliant, some people might come with that idea, but many don’t get to make it work, and you did! 😀 Glad you finally posted about it! And I’m looking forward for your new map idea too, hope you manage to release those. SOON hopefully! :d

  3. DeepInferno says:

    I wish you luck! It sounds and looks (from the 1 screenshot) fun!

  4. AtOmIc says:

    Wow, this looks just amazing! I also have an idea, when most people said that Doom would be made as an “Mini Game” Map I could never figure out how it would be made, but if you think about it around three terrorists or so could become demons within the facility and around 10-15 Counter-Terrorists would search the facility top to toe. I wish you luck on this project!

  5. Kaemon says:

    Glad someone liked it… I was worried about no one reading it. XD

  6. Kaemon says:

    Well… More like “no releases at all”. Even if I helped on many maps (Paranoid being probably the one that got me most involved) they weren’t really my maps.
    The 2D seem to be working good… I’m gonna test it in some minutes (a couple hours) with more than 1 player to see if I solved the main problem. I think I did.

  7. Kaemon says:

    I hope it ends being fun; but it can become really crazy with 45 guys jumping arround at the same time on the same screen…
    There is a system (already made) that allows you to chose Model and then change its colour (could be improved however, and won’t be included on the first alpha versions).

  8. Kaemon says:

    Well… Right now, as mentioned, I got more ideas/projects than maps, by a big difference, so if there is something I don’t need, its more ideas. XD
    BTW, I think the maps should be thought to allow at least 40 players (normal number on MG servers) and, even if it wasn’t made with those numbers in mind, be abble to support 64 players (normal maximum of a CS:S server)

  9. UNREA1 says:

    You just have to find more ideas to put in to avoid people getting bored of it, possibly a variety of diferent obstacles everyround, something that works pretty well too is pickups, you could use HEGrenade with some fun stuff attached to it and filtering its damage, works on most deathrun maps. Even a little secret to create more interest on people. Mario-like coins that gives the picker 1 point? Diferent cvars on every new round (ex. sv_gravity, sv_friction, etc…) Or even 4 diferent season-based levels? And then winter could have slidy stuff like that? x] Just shooting out some ideas… :d

  10. Puni says:

    Good luck Kaemon, unique and class as can be expected from you!

    If you ever are ever sending the map out for testing/ or other test maps you make, give me a message. I appreciate mapping and gameplay techniques alot, especially unique and creative ones like you seem to do often!

  11. xD34tHRowZ says:

    We.. want.. to.. see.. your.. ZE MAP!! Lol..
    Oh wells, good luck on what your doing. =)

  12. No one of you know about the list of awesome/perfect/visually cakes made by Kaemon; the first time I saw his ‘things’ I couldn’t believe it. But… you, Kaemon, biatch, finish a map asap!

  13. Crazyjay says:

    God damn it kaemon, I was also working on the same coliseum idea xD. However I’ve been playing so much with friends I haven’t gotten anywhere :(. Ehh, back to the drawing board for me

  14. Maese Danielot says:

    dejate de gilipolleces y ponte con lo que importa de verdad que me voy a cagar en todooooooo

  15. Luffaren says:

    I was testing out the system with kaemon yesterday and it really looks promising!
    Imagine all the possible concepts here, like bossfights, spells, items, physics and much more. I just hope it will work without problems once played on the servers.

  16. Kaemon says:

    This in an english site. XD

  17. cl2 says:

    I will stop playing css till either Minas Tirith or your new ze_map will be released…
    So – make it Work =P