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EDIT: Some people are telling me they are getting an error link… Dropbox fails sometimes, and seems to fail more with big sized archives… Try again later, or wait to see if Hannibal manages to upload to Gamebanana.

EDIT2: I’m gonna try to upload it aswel to Fireserve and Megaupload. Will take a while…
Also… I love the explosive barrel! XD

EDIT3: APRIL’S FOOL! (Tomorrow some real info! Seriously! SORRY! XD)

Thats it folks! Hannibal made it! We had been really busy testing the map for the past two days and we think that its bug free so far and ready for the servers!
(At least we couldn’t find more bugs on Lan-Test, probably some will appear after playing it in the real online servers).

<a title=”” href=”http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8838155/Blog%20Downloads/ze_LOTR_Minas_Tirith_v1.jpg”>&lt; DOWNLOAD THE MAP >

Minas Tirith's April Fool

On the picture, from left to right: us troling you, you getting troled.

The map itself it’s quite big (223 MBs!) but its full of models, customs textures, sounds, music; and its a really big map itself (in walkable size and details).
However, we are sure that the size its worth it, and Hannibal will try to make as few versions as possible (just fix the bugs) so people don’t have to download it many times…

Right now Hannibal is trying to upload it to Gamebanana, and I will edit this rant with the link as soon as possible; but you know that Gamebanana bugs sometimes, specially when uploading big files.
For the moment you can use our Dropbox download already!

Download from Dropbox: DROPBOX
Download from Gamebanana: Coming soon… (Not really, XD)

We hope you all enjoy the latest map from the creator of Mines of Moria, Mount Doom, Helm’s Deep, Paranoid and Mako Reactor!

Some words from Hannibal:

“Prepare for the end of the journey at the most exciting zombie escape map!”

  1. Luffaren says:

    Holy crap!!! πŸ˜€

  2. Puni says:

    omg uploading to GE in sec hopefully!

  3. Puni says:

    when the link works πŸ˜€

  4. ZaN says:

    Broken Link

  5. AtOmIc says:

    Yes! Going to check it out now, so excited!

  6. Rob - i3D says:

    Looking awesome guys. Can’t wait to play it

  7. Riperzz says:

    Hannibal I hope this wont be aprils fools joke!
    Thank you hannibal million times!!!

  8. VistusCTA says:

    Broken link?

    No va la descarga

  9. Chris says:

    Will upload on Blaze-Gaming as soon as the link(s) work

  10. Rushaway says:

    April Fools? : D XD

  11. Puni says:

    GE Clan Management just asked me to ask you if you would like us to host an official mirror for the map.

  12. Rubber Johnny says:

    I’m gonna go cry now… πŸ˜›

    I should have known, 25% Spontaneously? Plus it’s April fool’s day… Trololololol.

  13. Luffaren says:

    Nah it’s good, only thing was that i spammed that dropbox link for an eternity >.<
    I also wondered why you and Hanni were offline "online 18 hours ago" xD

  14. Kaemon says:

    Sorry guys! We needed to do this! XD
    Maybe it will also help a little to low the hype about the map… XD

    It’s true that the map is almost done, and yesterday’s new was completly real. But no, Minas Tirith it’s not done yet… But it will be soon (can’t say a release date, and Hannibal is OFF). XD

  15. UNREA1 says:

    You just killed 4200 people desperately waiting for the release by heart attack, I hope you are happy now. XD

  16. We are evil!!!!!!!! Don’t kill us : D! Minas Tirith it’s not done yet, but I worked hard on it (now, i’m paying the hammer time with some university hardwork extra hours), I walked a lot of time in my compilable without leaks. Feels good to put triggers and fix easy things.

  17. Riperzz says:


  18. Eastsider says:

    fuck you hannibal, i was waiting for the map LOL : p

  19. DeepInferno says:

    Lol, I actually thought it was being released with that message being put there. You lot had me going. But I’m not mad xD

  20. Metro says:

    damn u got me there Hannibal i cant wait to play this map on i3d ;D

  21. Metro says:

    dear hannibal i hope u have make a Good horses ;D i saw the video about ladders for zombies u did something nobody could think about thats why ur the best Mapper in CS: Source universe

  22. VistusCTA says:


  23. Oh hai east : D Nice to see you here. I thought that the most of originals of i3D left zombie escape.

  24. Hoers for lvl 3 humans : D (just two)
    And let’s see what happens with the ladders.

  25. UNREA1 says:


  26. Bukkake says:

    And i was wonder why arent any servers playing the map D;

  27. Bukkake says:

    wondering **

  28. Rob - i3D says:

    Not really, most still play there, albeit some of the older players have moved on. Still got one of the most popular ZE in the world, and other servers picking up. Should come back to the forums and say hello πŸ˜‰

  29. FreeZe says:

    seems like kaemon broke the mapping codex