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Well… As promised yesterday, here I am to write about my upcoming MiniGame in 2-D.

The map itself remains unnamed so far, not sure what I will call it, but I’m pretty sure it will start with MG_2D_ and if more mappers start doing other maps using my system I would suggest them to stick with the formula.
Wich brings me to my first point: the future of the “engine“. Well, so far I have seen many possibilities of maps using the 2D Camera: sidescroll shooters like Metal Slug, your average fighter plane shooter (both the top-view going top or the side-view going right), adventure-fighting games, puzzle games, games like BomberMan
There are really many possibilities, and even if I’m not going to explore them all, I hope other mappers will… As soon as I release the first MG_2D_Beta for everyone to play and test, I will explain (and release a .vmf if necessary) exactly how it works (even if I know many mappers already decompiled the Alpha version) and explain the things they need to take care with.

8 Friends playing a Fighters game at once! Awesome!?

I can se a lot of future in some of those ideas; however not sure how many will be able to support 40-Players. Also, some of those may require Game-UIs wich I’m not using in my platform game for many reasons (including lag, possible crashes, and that I don’t think it’s a good idea to add so many Game-UIs since I’m making the map playable by up to 64 players at once (even if I don’t personally recommend going over 40).

Well… So 40 guys playing the same 2D-Level at once may be a mess you think, right? Well… Right. But I’m trying to help! XD
As the people who played the 2D_Alpha_001 or those who saw the videos (Alpha0o-LanTest, Alpha01-OnlineTest) you may noticed that I gave some models and colour choices to help you differentiate from the rest… Well, the final versions will have many models and colours to choose from (next Alpha/Beta could have only a couple) and also…


I was trying to teach myself (decompiling other models with multiple skins) how to add more than 1 skin to the same model… And after I figured out (quite fast, but I lost a LOT of time because I did something stupid with the textures) it turned out to be easier than expected…
So in the next version will be something like this: Chose a Model (attached to a Knife), Chose a Skin (will change your models Skin), Chose a Colour (I may end removing this option if I manage to get enough different models with many skins; I don’t like how it turns the “flesh” of Mario and Sonic into a solid colour aswell) and then, at the end, maybe chosing some “Extra” (attached to a grenade) like “A Star above your head“, “Becoming Translucent” and things like that…

SackBoy from LittleBigPlanet may be the basic choice for players.

Now, I had also been asked when is the map going to be ready… Well, as I mentioned yesterday the map itself has not advanced a lot… I was looking for models (like Sackboy there), learning how to Re-Skin them, was still deciding (and thinking) how to do some parts of the “engine” that weren’t added at all just yet and things like that…
I have however decided how to do almost everything now, and as I post this I’m gonna get to work. Will start trying the new ideas for the “engine“, and if they work correctly, start mapping right away.
I don’t know when a real final version that I think it’s worth being called “V1” it’s going to be released… But I’m planing on getting Alpha 3 or Beta 1 ready as soon as possible so you people can start having fun with it, give feedback and test if there are any bugs or problems with the “engine” that couldn’t be spotted just in a few testing rounds.

The next release will probably have courses from many different mappers (since I know quite a few mappers and some of them wanted to make their own courses), so expect different styles and quality varying from one to another…
On future versions I would like to have only good-quality courses (having some standarts and minimum values), having lots of them (maybe using Propper and “SmartMapping” I can fit up to 50-100 courses on a single .bsp) and I want them to follow some kind of storyline (very basic stuff). Also, there will be tons of courses, models and achievements locked. Like “You need to do Course X to unlock Course Y“, and you need to defeat “Bullsquid Boss” to unlock “Bullsquid Model“. Those unlockable features will be saved by the map and remain unlocked until the server resets (the server doesn’t need to reset for a week? your advance is saved the whole week!).

I may chat in the future with some MG_Server owners, and maybe we can figure out a way of saving progress between server-restarts, but don’t count on that… And that’s still too far away anyway!

Now I will explain you what’s the current idea (maybe not implemented yet on next version) of the course-selection/progress…
The idea is that someone (the first one that got to X point, like on most MiniGames) will be “The Choser“: the one chosing the course for that round. He will have many buttons available that lead to the courses, but he will be able to press only on function of what’s available in the “World Map“. Players will be able to decide (with more choices that the ones seen in that example paint picture) what paths to take, to clean every single level to unlock all the models, rush to the end, or try to avoid that specially hard level.
You can also select a green course (already won one) to replay it, maybe because you really liked it, or because it contains some locked achievement…
This system will also include a “Random Selection” available on button AND that will automatically get selected if the player who is chosing takes too long (or do you prefer to have all the time needed to choose and discuss?). The Random Selection will always select a “Red Course” (available and not beaten yet).

(I just thought that maybe I scree the whole Random Selection Engine (saving some entities) and just allow everyone to get to the buttons if the Choser doesn’t select one in X seconds)

I'm so pro and perfectionist using Paint! XD

So that was it…
I may ask for some help at some point in the new future. Right now I can think of doing re-skins for Sackboy and maybe other models. So if someone is somehow skilled skinning and is up for making some, just let me know.

As a last picture, here are some of the models I have at my disposal right now. I accept suggestions (as long as you give link to a valid model, like those on Garry’s Related Files or similar webpages), including better versions of the models. I’m completely ignoring all the “You should look for…“.

Some of the models I have got so far for the 2D MiniGame.

And those are some I thought about but couldn’t find a nice model, or the model wasn’t working: Pikachu, Boomberman, Megaman, Toad, Princess Peach & Princess Daisy, Meta Knight, Koopa Troopa and Donkey Kong & Family.
I have also alread spotted (but not downloaded yet) some interesting models like Meatboy, Invader Zim and the Pukui Family.

Take in mind that not all models will make it to the final cut, and that I may starting adding only 1 or 2, since I’m planing on making about 5-7 animations per model.
Also, some nice working models may get ignored if they give problems animating or recompiling.

Please comment! XD

  1. Luffaren says:

    I love the concept of those fighters!
    I also wanna suggest an idea by myself, why not have a stage where you fight eachother instead, with weapons and spells etc? or maybe 5 players vs 1 (who controls traps or whatever) Or maybe a score based game (the fighter stage would fit perfectly for that)
    where the winner gets a trophy or something that is showed in spawn. 😀

    My point is that it would be awesome to see some competition stages in the map.
    Now go make this map! “DOO EET!! DOO EET NAAO!”

  2. FreeZe says:

    i have one amazing idea for a minigame.

    you have 2 teams which start at different spots.

    the teams get special weapons like pistols grenades and rifles etc
    then they have to fight eachother while having like special missions for example planting a bomb or rescuing hostages. 😉

    other than that i really would like to see that fighter minigame!! seems pretty much awesome

    and what about having boardgames transferred into css like you know that old monopoly cs 1.6 map?

    what would also be nice that i wanted to make once is riddles you have to solve with teams of 4 people always and the team wins that completes the riddles fastest 😀

  3. Puni says:

    Lol Freeze! Monopoly in CSS would be amazing!

    I like puzzle maps, there fun maybe that can be incorped into 2d, although i love the oldschool course style from mario etc as well. 2d actually seems much more fun than 3d atm!

  4. Puni says:

    By the way, were you saying changing skin was making the flash of mario change colour? Im sure this is avoidable, ive seen skins that look completely different and some parts have been kept the same, usually on picture models

  5. Kaemon says:

    Not at all. Right now there are three choices: Model, Skin and Colour.
    Colour it’s a solid colour applied to the whole model; while Skin can have new patterns and different colours.

    I was saying that if I get enough Models/Skins to diferenciaty without many problems 30 guys playing; I may get rid of the “Colour” option; because unlike the skins, it turns everything that colour (or tone), including “Red Flesh Mario” or “Green Flesh Sonic”. While with skins I can keep their flesh the correct colour and change the colour of their clothers/hair/details.

  6. xD34tHRowZ says:

    I would love a Metal Slug minigame that will be epic and it fits the CS spot.
    Riding tanks and killing a boss at the end of each level xD

  7. UNREA1 says:

    Awesome rant Kaemon, this map is turning somehow something even better (so much better actually) then I expected.

    I’d recommend you keep it as simple as possible, not talking about map-making complexity, I mean gameplay complexity (which I think is quite diferent), people get annoyed with complicated maps. You should do some sort of a guide somewhere in the map, but I guess you already had that in mind. :d

    luv those skins btw! xD And if you finally release the map engine, I might give it a go, I’d probably make a bird view obstacle race. 😀

  8. That’s not a map, thats an engine inner another engine : D, Kaemon is finishing the last things of this, and I think that in less than 2 weeks we will see some mg_2D_test working somewhere.
    Kaemon shouldn’t start with an über map of 200 different stages with 60 themes. He should say: “okey guyz, take this template and make me some maps”, in less than one week he would receive like 10 random minigames, and he should release the map mg_2D_Stages. After this, the mappers and Kaemon himself would be mapping themed stages for 1 or 2 months, and the mg_2D_Worlds.bsp would be ready to download and test.
    Remember your words Kaemon, “finish and release it, then, improve it”, otherwise the map wont see the light in 5 months. Mah first version of Minas wont include the lvl 5 items, the different endings and the achievements, i.e.

    About the complexity, it’s true. I have in my mind a 2D minigame about capture the flag with teams and another simple minigame from Little Big Planet (it would take 10h to do). Simple and fun.

  9. The figters are Sackboys form the game Little Big Planet xD I told Kaemon to include them, I love that game.

  10. UNREA1 says:

    OMG, this will sound weird. “finish and release it, then, improve it” thank you for those words sir, you are genious fo’ real.

  11. Kaemon says:

    Yeah. I mentioned about those words some rants ago.
    I have allways had the problem of never finishing anything, because I keep detailing, improving, and after 50-100 hours I quit (bored of the project) and I still have nothing to show for it.

    So now I’m doing the “Make it work and release! Then, improve and detail it.”
    It’s going good so far. XD

  12. ahah Spyro is epic ahah,