ZE Predator Ultimate V1.4 – RELEASED!

Posted: April 13, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, Map Update, ZE Predator Ultimate

So… A new version of Luffaren‘s map Predator Ultimate is out and ready to be played!

This time seems like the crash is completely gone, so you should stop suffering it even with a big full server. But I think most servers already stopped having crashing problems with V1.3.

The map includes some minor and major changes; the main difference being the Ultimate Fight, wich has changed drastically and now shows, for the first time on a ZE map, the real unmasked face of Predator!
But don’t take my word for it, download it and go see for yourselves!


Kiss me you fool.

Luffaren: “Everyone should have some patience with the new ultimate boss. Now it’s harder and you WILL fail the first tries. Give it some time and work on different tactics. While we were testing the map on pF we failed alot, but we still almost made it at some times!”

V1.4 Patch Notes

– Completely removed the crashing problem on full servers
– Added a new hold position on Hyper difficulty
– 1st elevator on Hyper/Ultimate takes 5 extra seconds to leave
– 1st elevator on Hyper/Ultimate crushes again players beneath
– Added 3 new special items: Claymore Mines, Grenade-Launcher and Impulsor
– Reduced Flamethrower and Minigun’s pushback
– Ammo Dispenser and Alien Sample are now sightly more effective (increased radius and lifetime)
– Added some extra paths (vents) after 2nd elevator on Hyper/Ultimate
– Added more particles and detail
– Optimized some parts
– Added a “song list texture” and prepared the “contest-rules texture”
– Increased HP on Hyper Boss
– Hyper Boss now spawns Rollermines
– Brought back the “Alien Ending” (now with better animations and particles)
– Changed the final explosion effect
– Changed the hold position on Ultimate difficulty before 2nd elevator (Hyper Boss area)
– Fixed some smaller glitches and balance issues
– Added thunder effects
– Crazy thunder available on hard boss (only activated under special circumstances)
– Completely remade Ultimate Bossfight

Remake of the Ultimate Bossfight

– Zombies can now get over to the humans by jumping on rotating platforms (some humans must hold)
– Ultimate Predator now uses the Hard Predator running system (but he is faster)
– Ultimate Predator also uses Hard Predator attacks (more damaging though)
– Ultimate Predator now has an “Enrage” which activates at 50% of his health, unlocking 3 new attacks
– New “Climb Event”, all humans must try to hold the zombie bridge while one player climbs up and jumps into the core. Zombies wont get teleported back anymore, it’s a lot more challeging
– New “Alien Ending” in the absolute end
– Removed the “Green & Black room” (since now zombies have something to do during the fight)
– Added new effects and sounds
– Overall fight is more intense, fun and chaotic

Download from Dropbox: DROPBOX
Check the map on Gamebanana: GAMEBANANA

  1. Metro says:

    what did go wrong this time ;( heh

  2. AtOmIc says:

    Awesome, downloading and checking it out!

  3. Metro says:

    Kaemon i mean with version what did go wrong 😉

  4. xD34tHRowZ says:

    Hard and Ultimate boss now goes to Near Impossible Apeshit boss xD

  5. sebaKa says:

    ultimate boss is damn impossible. and you should have made the hard boss easier as well.

  6. Kaemon says:

    You and Deathrowz mean Hyper boss? Because I saw Hard boss diying in 10 seconds without killing anyone. XD

    Also, Hyper boss it’s mean to be Hyper-Difficult, and Ultimate-Boss is the Ultimate-Dificultie! XD

  7. teckei says:

    So since no more green & black room I’m guessing we don’t get healed anymore during Ultimate boss fight? or will there be something else…

  8. xD34tHRowZ says:

    Eh.. Hyper Boss is the one that stands and puts out Rolllermines.. thats too easy..

  9. :ĤΣŁŁ'Ź:: Swify says:

    Pouaaaaah God damn this new version is AWESOME

  10. Omg we didn’t kill the fucking last predator! Is fraeking more difficult, i love it : D, it’s much more funny than older versions. Very nice Luffa 😀 you did it

  11. xD34tHRowZ says:

    We did happen to killed it on SG.. but after that we failed ==

  12. Bukkake says:

    Cuz zombies dont get tele.. Now zombies catch falling humans xP

  13. xStylle says:

    can u post the song list here please , i would love it ❤

  14. Kaemon says:

    This post is almost two months old… You were lucky I was checking last posts or I wouldn’t have seen this…
    I think all the songs used on Predator can be seen in the secret little brown room in the map. Go take a look (you need to go with Noclip or Espectating)

  15. defqonone2 says:

    I need to know the songs….. i wanna know song at beginning of ze_predator_ultimate_V2 on difficulty ultimate