Minas Tirith, slow?

Posted: April 18, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Hi all! I hope you will be busy enough playing at Predator of Luffa,  coz Minas Tirith is not finished yet, anyway I’m happy to say that I reached the maximum editing knowledge needed for Minas Tirith and I wont waste more time on learning.

Minas Tirith took a lot of time because many reasons, these were:

  • Steam file failure: when Minas Tirith was at 20%, something went wrong on my computer, maybe a virus or something, and I lost the 80% of models and the Minas Tirith base (at least I didn’t lost the siege tower! : D ); so, I reconstructed the models and half of Osgiliath.
  • Mako Reactor: Minas was at 25% when I started Mako. Minas went freeze and I decided to wait until finishing and fixing Mako completely.
  • Re-reconstruction: after Mako, I decided to change lots of textures and some visuals.
  • University : last year + freaking hard subject + real work at university, omg, I don’t have time to play! but I preffer editing : D
  • Learning 3ds Max: I needed to learn some of model manipulation, I needed new animations, new skins, adding bones, change sizes, etc… and, of course, porting all these to Source engine.
  • Real mountains: I wanted to have a real huge skybox, so I looked for the programs to make them look real.
  • Lag fix : we needed to investigate a bit the lag problem at the maps, and we find it!

Example of custom model + modified skin (shield) + new animation + lag fix + model combination in 3d max (shield+soldier), fuck your arch

Moreover, remember that I tried to change a bit, and these features slowed the mapping:

  • Using no teleports :  stairs, ladders, ramps, lifts, debris…. but no teleports (anyway, some are totally necesary, to help the player mobility, like switch between two zones for zombies)
  • Items
  • Level up system
  • Stages
  • Spawn structure
  • Living world: cheap NPCs and fast placing, armies
  • etc…

Each thing needs design, implementation and testing, imagine the time I needed to finish all them!

So, what is the remaining things? I’m currently at the 70% of the trigger/gameplay of the 2nd round, and I already put the teleport system at all rounds and the level up system. Then, the things to do are:

  • Finish the triggers at 2º round (gate,retreat,walls already done)
  • Finish the triggers at 3º round
  • Finish the triggers at 4º round
  • Fast detailing: prop_static and decals
  • Music
  • Finish the Gandalf and horse items.
  • Put the barricade items (already designed)
  • Create the endings (x3)
  • Finish the two special items (item lvl 4, item lvl 5)

And, a long holiday is coming : D!!!!! I’m gonna have lots of free-time to do all things I want. I want to finish that map as soon as possible.

To finish that post, I wanna say that the Last Man Standing map is going to  be the most epic thing you will see on Source engine; we will be at least three mappers editing at same time, each one will do the best he knows.

See you soon : ) Next update will include better pics for sure.

  1. AtOmIc says:

    Awesome, nice one Hannibal!
    I still cannot wait for the Map to arrive!

  2. sebaka says:

    some sexy stuff. hard to believe you are still learning stuff after all the maps you made.

  3. Mr.HotDog says:

    i hope the servers can handle this map xD awesome arch btw like the blood effect when u kill him >:D

  4. xD34tHRowZ says:

    I think Hanni is try to take the ze maps into a more epic further level xD

  5. I’m trying to make Minas Tirith ultra optimized for server: 50.000 army on skybox, 100 real 3d models and falling rocks everywhere = 0 lag (particle = no lag, 100 real models without physics = no lag, falling rocks = no lag (if the rock kills I put a cheap hurt trigger and server doesnt need to work : D

  6. Luffaren says:

    That discovery of yours sure opened up new paths within mapping, that would have saved predators npc’s back then while testing.
    I expect something amazing with this map, so dont fail me xD
    Altough of what i’ve seen so far it will surely blow everyones minds.
    Keep up the good work man! Quality before quantity 😉

  7. Tr0n0s says:

    Beta versions will come out to test it before release?

  8. Neox says:

    AAAAAAAAAaAAAaaAAaaaAaaaa! I want Portal 2! 😛

    btw realy nice cant wait 😀

  9. I’m downloading Portal 2 tomorrow xD
    Round 2 FINISHED. 2 rounds remaining, the end is near!!! Tomorrow I will finish round 3, and start the round 4. Oh mah gad, I think I’m exceeding with the explosions.

  10. UNREA1 says:

    You should probably implement these already in Minas.


  11. I checked it yesterday and I thought: “why the heck I never tried to call a filter?”, thanks for that info : )
    I think that game_ui system, althought it causes a bit of lag to the carrier, it’s better than a button, because you know that if you press right mouse button it will work instantly. I died… a lot of times due the buttons.

    Round 1 triggering : 100%
    Round 2 triggering : 100%
    Round 3 triggering : 70%
    Round 4 triggering : 0%


  12. not SOLDIER says:

    I’ve been taking a break from ZE since January waiting for this map, coming back when it’s released. Fuck yeah.

  13. Tr0n0s says:

    How nice! Keep writing comments to tell us how you take the map, please

  14. Just to say, we love your work and we love all of you, in spite of steam updates.

    Keep the pleasure of the game.


    ~~Gabe killed me~~

  15. Metro says:

    nice done hannibal cant wait to test it on i3d server ;D

  16. Metro says:

    the last part hannibal do you mean the last man standing map about you 3 will try finish it ?

  17. astornauta says:

    hannibal tio como se me puede descargar la ze_predator_ultimate_1_v4
    tio no se me carga y hace poco si k me recomiendas?

  18. astornauta says:

    y tienes k sacar ya las minas tirith k tiene k estar mazo wapa

  19. Yeah sorry, I forgot to put the name of the map xD

  20. No tengo ningun link a mano pero prueba buscar el mapa en game-monitor.com, la web está genial para buscar cualquier tipo de servidor de cualquier juego, te metes y te descargas el metes, sort. y gracias

  21. Status:
    – Round 1 triggering: 100%
    – Round 2 triggering: 100%
    – Round 3 triggering: 100%
    – Round 4 triggering: 10%
    – Fast detailing( prop_static and decals) : 0%
    – Music: 0%
    – Finish the Gandalf and horse items: 0%
    – Put the barricade items (already designed): 15%
    – Create the endings (x3) : 0%
    – Finish the two special items (item lvl 4, item lvl 5): 30%

  22. Tr0n0s says:

    que ansias con la minas tirith, si antes mirava cada dia el blog, ahora tambien los comentarios, desde que pones los porcentajes por detalles de lo que llevas, jajajaja

  23. Tr0n0s says:

    Podrias poner eso de los porcentajes a la izkierda de la web, plzzzz 😀

  24. astornauta says:

    Hannibal y pork pone en la paranoid un 92% pero si ya esta completa no?

  25. astornauta says:

    Hannibal me agregas a steam porfa?

  26. Es que sería actualizar demasiado, y ya cuesta bastante ponerlos en los comentarios.

  27. Tr0n0s says:

    Pues muchas gracias por ponerlo en los comentarios =) esperare impacientemente y con muchas ganar ir viendo los comentarios y nuevas actualizaciones del blog sobre minas tirith, como disfrutare del mapa =D
    Me gusta enterarme al maximo detalle de como va el mapa, porque me gustan todos los mapas que has echo

  28. Tr0n0s says:

    Como lo llevas? 😛