Kaemon MIA? MG_2D Frozen for some days.

Posted: April 21, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants

Ey guys. My computer started to crash a lot a lately while playing, and was starting to do weird things and be slow on the internet, so I had to format it.

Now seems to be working a lot better; and I don’t get random crashes anymore while watching videos on streaming (for example), nor it writes weird/laggy when using things like the blog. However it does keep crashing on a couple of games, for apparently no reason, all of a sudden (it completely frozes or even just reboots himself) so I guess something is wrong physically with it… Not a clue myself.

I saved everything I wanted on the process, so I didn’t lose the 2D .vmfs, textures nor models. But me and three other friends had bought recently both Borderlands and Magicka (45 € total for 4 copies of each,so kinda a nice deal imo). So I might stop mapping (or mapping slower) on the MG_2D for some days.

Also I wanted to mention that I started doing it again (mapping slower, re-maping things I didn’t like, etc) but I noticed it “in time” and I will stop it and go back to the “Make it work, release! Then, if necessary, improve and detail.” Why? Because if I don’t you will never see anything from me… XD
And I really want to release something playable, even if it’s too short and not that fun/cool so everyone can test the 2D “engine” on their own MG servers and let me know if they encounter any problem while playing.

So, that’s the story.
Also, many of you that have one of my accounts added on the Steam’s Friend List may have troubles finding or contacting me, while they now have some guy called FeniX with a white car as image instead. I had been using a Friend’s Account for some years, while a second friend that doesn’t own CS:S was using mine (weird story bro). But since now both of those friends are using their own accounts for the Borderlands/Magicka combo, I went back to my real Steam Account.
I probably won’t go back to the other account, so if you had me added, you are warned. XD

So far, Borderlands it’s “not bad” (but wouldn’t recommend it, specially if the 75% discount offer it’s over) while Magicka on the other hand, is being tons of fun.
I have more than 20 played hours, but mostly because I really enjoyed the “Survival Arenas”; we didn’t play the storyline that much yet; wich seems to be quite short for what I have read.
I will let you know more about it (for those interesed) when I have played more.

EDIT/PD: I’m also planning on playing Portal 2 quite soon, so yeah… MG_2D will be probably frozen for at least a couple of weeks 😦
On the good side… Hannibal seems to be working non-stop on Minas Tirith (even if he got a copy of Portal 2 himself) and has triggered almost 3 of the 4 rounds already (wich means 2,7 out of 4 rounds are already playable).

  1. Mr.HotDog says:

    Thats some bad luck keamon 😦
    i hope u get it running ASAP :s

  2. Puni says:

    P2 only takes a few hours to finish πŸ˜‰ i expect you to return tommorow and start mapping20 hours a day :P!

  3. Metro says:

    bad luck for u kaemon

  4. Don’t worry guyz, Kaemon ever returns at mapping.
    I saw Magicka too but I preffer to stay editing : D. It’s an awesome game but I think that it may give me headache.

  5. Crazyjay says:

    At this rate kaemon my map will come out before yours :D, now only i could find it…

  6. xD34tHRowZ says:

    Is it just me or Kaemon changed his name to FeNiX?

  7. Kaemon says:

    I explained that on the post.
    That account never was my real one, but a friend’s one. Now I’m using my real Steam Account. XD

  8. xD34tHRowZ says:

    Care to give your Steam ID again? xD

  9. Kaemon says:

    Not really. You should be smart enough to find me yourself. XD

  10. Bukkake says:

    Oooo so FeniX WAS you Dx