Whats going on around here?

Posted: April 25, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants

Hello everyone.
I had been quite busy with the Borderlands / Magicka / Portal 2 combo, but I’m almost done with them.
Portal 2 was great (still need to play cooperative Episodes 3-5, but Hannibal is a slacker because he is mapping some shit about a castles and orcs, I didn’t pay attention to his puny excuses) but I beat it in the same day I installed it… Anyway…

So… What’s up with the people around here?


Well, Eddie is still working by time to time, when he has some to spare, on Hypernova (bet you thought that wasn’t possible) and I hope we will get a non-crashing and improved version quite soon.
Not only I think this time the crashing issue will be gone for reals (many things were improved/changed, but culprit seemed to be the Laser-Entities) but he also improved the FPS in places like the Green Houses (adding a 3D Skybox instead of making you load the 3 final rooms at once, giving also better looks overall) and he included some things that he was asked for by the players (like a new spawn zone, less closed doors, a secondary path and some other changes).

He has not release date yet, but I wanted to let you know he is still working on it.


Per is quite happy with the actual version of Predator Ultimate, how some of the fights and places changed over the versions, and I think is specially proud of the actual Ultimate Predator, wich I must admit its way funnier to play (for both Humans and Zombies) than when it was about dodging lasers and the weird Black-Green Room.
He will release at least 1 more version, wich some minor improvements, at this point I think himself is not sure if he will add/change something to surprise the players; but remember that the Predator World Challenge (wich was announced way too early imo) is still up and will use the V2 of Predator Ultimate for it.

Also, Luffaren is already working on his next map, a new ZE map based on a franchise that hasn’t appeared yet (as far as I know) on the Zombie Escape world.


Well, as mentioned I was busy lately with some new games, aswell as my usual laziness taking care of the rest, so I was up playing and doing nothing (mostly).
As I post this rant I’m going to make the 2D playable and see if the people who were making 2D-Courses have done any so far that I can include for a Beta version. This Beta will be quite “poor” in length and “quality” (not as many models, courses, special things, missing some options, animations…) but I have tons of ideas in my mind that I hope I can make for a real version earlier or late.
However, I feel necessary to give a Beta early (this same week, that’s it!) so people on the servers can test if they encounter some problems/bugs/glitches, and also give feedback if necessary.

By the way… My MG_2D will be only platform-related; like a long Mario/Sonic/Whatever adventure; I say this because I think many people thought I was going to do multiple mini games, like a Cars one, a Star Fighters one, a Fight one, etc… Not the case.
Also, as soon as I test my first 2D Course for the “new sizes“, if it works as good as I hope, I will give here link to a .VMF that helps you making the courses (and probably test them) in case anyone reading this wants to try making one.


Well… Good news from Rafuron. He has done about 100% of the triggering… Wich means that the map is playable already, and is getting closer to release day.
However he still has work to do. He needs to add the items around the map that will allow things like custom barricades and allow you to “play with the environment“; he still needs to polish some of the items (animations, skins, testing for glitches) and finish the 2 last ones (the special-harder-to-get ones); he needs to add some Model/Decal/Minor detailing all over the place; place the musics and make sure they fit the moment, and make the “ending” itself.

As you can see, a lot of work still for a map that it’s already “playable”.

Once everything is done, he will probably have to test the map by himself (or with a couple of us on Hamachi-Lan) to make sure everything works fine (wich probably won’t) and the timers of some different routes/whatever.
And then, after fixing that first (or second/third) rounds of glitches… The map will probably be ready for release.

Is not far away… But is still not here. Be patient guys!

  1. astornauta says:


  2. Kaemon says:

    Even if both me and Hannibal are spanish, this blog is in english.
    Also, your question was about Predator Ultimate, a map made by Luffaren, who doesn’t speak spanish.

  3. Kaemon says:

    I can’t but ask myself how many persons and/or hours were needed for that… Quite impresive (for Minecraft limitations).

  4. Metro says:

    so will eddie fix a new version cus of that hl2.exe part? also will luffaren add a new version pls if luffaren gonna create a new predator he need to fix spawn part many is unhappy about it just have to say about 😉

  5. Hannibal says:

    I saw it, tthe minecraft thing. Its awesome , i still prefer source engine haha. And, astronauta, somos españoles kaemon y yo, but we make maps ( at least me xd) for the entire world, and english is the most common language, moreover, there are some mappers at this blog, that post their maps, and their have englise as taalk language.
    Im not logged coz im in a travel , using 3g 😀 ill return tomorrow

  6. UNREA1 says:

    Yo perciebo muy bien español mas no lo consigo escrever correctamiente WTF.

    Quote from Evil Hannibal: “but we make maps ( at least me xd)” MWAHAH xD
    Hannibal 1 – 0 Kaemon Go go go battle! ❤

    btw, does anyone here besides me got Minecraft? (NOT-HAXED-VERSION) Just asking. :d

  7. Vistus says:

    Hannibal, it would be too much to ask to take out a version of Minas Tirith in Spanish with a dedication to clan-cta?

  8. UNREA1 says:

    Why not one for each community then? Cuz hes spanish? :z imo I think he has more important stuff to care about atm, like releasing, then improving and have a stable version out.

  9. Morell says:

    This message not written Vistus, but another person who has been impersonating him.

  10. Hannibal says:

    Lol, i remember the name of vistus, but i dont know who . Anyway, about the translation of the map, i wanna check if putting manually a folder with sounds will replace the pakrated ones ( i never tested this), if this works, i can put here the sound folder with spanish versions (i would like to listen lotr dialogss in spanish), as well as other music.

  11. Morell says:

    Vistus is a CTA leader, A few days ago I translated the sounds and texts ze_aperturescience without decompile anything.

  12. Vistus says:

    I am vistus, but not the leader of cta … be a coincidence of names … I asked for cta more play because that’s where the Spanish … and hannibal is Spanish, something for your country:)

  13. Tr0n0s says:

    Hannibal said “See you soon:) Next update will include Better pics for sure.”

    Where are the pictures? I do not see or are not?

  14. Plz says:

    while testing could you make a vid for us and post it on youtube for some parts 😀