Minas Tirith update

Posted: May 2, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Hannibal reporting here.

First of all, the map is not finished, but this is the status (in brackets the remaining time approximately):

– All rounds triggering (playable): 100%
– Create the endings : 100% (the map will have only the normal and the “extended” one)
– Detailing (includes illumination) round 1: 100%
– Detailing round 2 : 50% (0:30 h)
– Detailing round 3 : 5% (1:00 h)
– Detailing round 4 : 15% (1:20 h)
– Put the barricade items (already designed): 15% (2:30 h)
– Finish the Gandalf and horse items: 0% (1:30 h due animations and sh**)
– Finish the two special items (item lvl 4, item lvl 5): 50% (1:30 h)
– Extreme mode : 10% (20 min)

As you see, still some work to do. I did approximately the 92% of Minas Tirith global progress, the 8% could be perfectly the time needed to do a normal map (I still need test and fix bugs), and I don’t say this to brag of the size of Minas Tirith, just want to say that that 8% could be some weeks, but less than 1 month (I hope, for the mother of God ).

I put only 1 ending (the ghost nuke), but it may be “extended” due to nice defending at the last place; easy to understand: the last stand is place with an insane countdown (2 or 3 minutes), and this place is not the top of Minas Tirith; but, if you defend like a boss  for 1 minute or similar at the closed-gate-to-the-top, then it will open and then you will defend at the top (that is more amazing), and ghosts will reach the top also.

I promised pictures but I won’t put any one. I don’t have the map compiled (lights), I will compile it after finishing the detailing. But well, this is the thing I’m doing now. I could show more pics but I wanna keep things in secret:

Osgiliath, first defense at river

It seems easy and it doesn’t seem a lot detailed, the problem comes when you must detail a 24 minutes long map instead the 7 minutes of Moria; with multiple ways, being careful with gameplay and fps, and server lag. It’s a headache, I love it : D.

To finish, must say that I didn’t think this: the other day a dude asked me a question : will it have difficulties? the answer is ‘yes’, but only normal and extreme; I needed like 10 minutes to explain to him the stages/difficulties ,and then he made a calc: 4 minutes + 6 minutes, +7 minutes + 7 minutes = 24 minutes, with two difficulties, 24×2 = 48 minutes. Althought you play it perfect ( all human wins with a 8 – 0 ), you’ll need 48 minutes to finish the map at 100%! I don’t know how it will work; the map might be hatred or liked, you dont know until you play it. Definitely I excedeed with this map; the next time I will be more careful : )

See ya : D

  1. Kaemon says:

    Meanwhile…. I’m still slacking with my 2D… Not advanced a single brush. XD
    Go Hannibal! Finish fast! 😛

    Also… You probably need to think about some special event, thing, or ZM rounds if someone manages to beat all rounds in Normal & Extreme; because knowing those hardcore ZE players, they will… XD

  2. Metro says:

    very nice i cant wait to play this on or Community server i just wait so much for this map keep it coming 😉 thx for info Kaemon hannibal deserve a vacation for his nice work

  3. Bukkake says:

    Oh wow 48 mins!!! Now with some fail rounds ;o

  4. xD34tHRowZ says:

    I call epic fail on pF xD
    Look nice Hannibal, cant wait to play it =D

  5. Dasch | Omen says:

    Funny as hell =)))))))))))))))))

  6. Crazyjay says:

    o god trying to win this map 8 times. Either servers are gonna have to increase their time limit by alot or allow unlimited extend the maps XD

  7. Another thing, I’m making it realistic, so, if you see a falling rock, think about avoid it, or your hp will go from 100 to 0 instantly (oh god I remember that pillar from Moria, it was funny). And remember: no invisible walls :), do you see it? you can reach it (well, not all the 3d skybox).

  8. xD34tHRowZ says:

    Stupid rocks..

  9. Metro says:

    will witch King of angmar be a boss? on it?

  10. sebaKa says:

    wont extremely long rounds be boring?

  11. Kaemon says:

    That’s the reason why the whole map is divided in 4 rounds, that occur in 4 diferent layouts (you advance from Ossgiliath to the Top Of Minas Tirith).

    Rounds are from 4 to 7 minutes long. But to see the whole map layout, you need to play through 4 different rounds.
    Also, you only advance to the next once if humans win.

    So worry not, it’s not a 28 minutes round; but what it takes to play (if all are human-won) the 4 different parts of the map, in 4 different rounds.
    Hannibal was just saying that since the 4 rounds are already about half an hour long (if humans never lose) he didn’t see any point on making 3 or more difficulties, so he is just adding Normal… and Extreme for those who beat Normal, but not really as a necesary thing.

    Also, even without the “Extreme” part (somethings change a little to make it more hard for humans) the rounds would be quite different, since winning humans get +1 Level that allows them to get some special items (those levels also work when you become a Zombie for Zombie items, but you only win them if you are one of the winning humans of the round).
    So thing is that Level 1 Normal will have all people Lv0 (no items). While Level 1 Extreme, apart for the changes the map can suffer, will also people with up to Lv4 getting special items.

    Note that the highest Zombie Item requires Lv4, so you can see it for the first time on the first round of Extreme, if a human won all the other 4 rounds.
    The highest Human Item however requires Lv5, so won’t be available until Level 2 on Extreme.
    Funny shit. XD

    I will do a rant including this info soon… Too much info to be checked on comments… XD

  12. sebaKa says:


  13. synthetic says:

    No bosses? I though we would be shooting lizards out of the sky! aww man