Minas Tirith – Getting closer, but not yet!

Posted: May 11, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Hi there.
I have news about Minas Tirith, some good, some bad and some classified.
The final size of the map will probably be from 125 to 150 MBs (I will try to release as few versions as possible).

I had some big problems with the compiling, but already fixed them (apparently long path tracks through the void were making the map unplayable).
Right now the map doesn’t work (it’s not playable) since there are many basic bugs, wich was expected in a map this big. Anyway, they are all easy to fix. Maese Danielot and Kaemon were seeing the test and it was hilarious (because of the weird things happening) 🙂

The worst problem I have at the moment is the number of “dynamic entities”: Mako has near 1100, Helms Deep 950, Paranoid 1350… Minas Tirith 2050!! But don’t worry, it happens because there are a lot of spawned entities from other rounds that shouldnt be present (when you are on Stage 1, many entities from the other 3 stages shouldn’t be spawned, I will fix this with the use of point_templates).
The map has the insane number of entities (triggers, props, sounds…) of 7154 entities. Compare to the 2754 from Mako, 3666 from Paranoid, 2894 from Helms Deep and 2521 from Mount Doom…

The visuals are really amazing, the use of custom textures for rocks with bump mapping, the brick walls for the city, and the realistic mountains change completely the environment and makes it look and feel way more realistic.
Here you have a global screenshot from Minas Tirith (without Skybox):

Minas Tirith Global Screenshot

The city down there is playable area, don't get fooled because Ossgiliath happens to be floating over it!

As you see, the map is huge. Notice that the indoors have no lights because this screenshot was taken in a compile with only the Enviroment Light (the sun).
It’s nice to see the map finally compiled and so close to being playable! However, since I have some university stuff, and many things still need to be fixed/changed, chances are big the map won’t be available this weekend…
The first test will be the next week for sure! See ya.

  1. Riperzz says:

    Next week? 😦

  2. Maese Danielot says:

    After what i see my bets are that the first real version comes out at the end of the next week.

  3. Crazyjay says:

    i must play it :D. also what is in the white room in the distance?

  4. Riperzz says:

    Spawn I think.

  5. The architect room, to level finish the stage with buttons (for testing and etc..). One thing, the buildings under the white room is the spawn.

  6. Yes… I have some works of the university to do.

  7. sebaKa says:

    wow hannibal you are hyping up this map a lot.

  8. Luffaren says:

    Wow really!? 7154? xD

  9. xD34tHRowZ says:

    We are having orgasms just thinking about it xD

  10. Yay…. I don’t like hype, it kills games and maps. I would like not to show screens or giving info (in fact I didn’t show any close screen), but it is a lot of work, It’s cool to show a bit.
    Anyway, all you must understand that this is only a map. It’s just one more map, It will not change zombie escape 🙂

  11. UNREA1 says:

    The hype around this map is about 1.000.000x bigger then justin biebers penis >.<

  12. DeepInferno says:

    Don’t mention that name here. But that is true 😀 Anyway I can’t wait for the map Hannibal the longer we wait the better it will be 🙂

  13. Kaemon says:

    So it’s quite small? :-s

  14. Metro says:

    omg everytime u guys says its getting closer closer i just cant wait u know it hannibal ;D i wait for u map for decade

  15. xD34tHRowZ says:

    After this you should put a poll on what maps you should do next =P

  16. Kaemon says:

    He has already 1 map queued (Last Man Standing).
    Also… Maybe he ends helping me finish a map I started myself and got bored of (known as “Project J” for the moment, just because I didn’t want to reveal the theme just yet).

    Not to talk about 3 MiniGames I would love to make and could use his help: 2-D, Coliseum, and one based on a manga… XD

  17. Paaf_^ says:

    And when can we expect a new version of Paranoïd ? :p
    It’s stuck at 92% since the beginning !! ^^

    Whatever, Good Job ! Just continue !

  18. Metro says:

    do you know when Eddie is done with new version Kaemon? with hypernova

  19. Kaemon says:

    The original plan is to make it after Minas Tirith is released.
    Still not sure if it will be a real V11 with new and changed things or just a V10_5 fixing the broken things.

  20. Kaemon says:

    I just tested it today with him. Not many things to test, spotted a couple flaws, there are a couple new areas.
    Probably the bigger change will be it not crashing players anymore. We hope the removed lasers were indeed the problem; and many facts pointed they were.

  21. xD34tHRowZ says:

    Wonder what kind of Manga xD

  22. fuckballs says:

    Will there be a contest for this like Mako and Predator?

  23. Nop, no contests, It’s a headhache for the map maker to decide winners, moreover it has no sense if there are no bosses.

    Well, I didnt post here (some works at university). There is a small problem with the limits, I cand reduce the number of entities with some smart mapping with no apparently consecuences, but… even if I do the smart mapping and shit, I still must reduce some things, these are some:
    – Ghost army: forget a realistic flood, I will use a just 3 info_particle_system with lots of ghost images flooding the map, and after some seconds, nuke.
    – The endings: forget about the 3 different endings, there is no way; source engine can’t hold this.
    – Extreme mode: changed the siege system. Instead the constant siege, there will be an item extra for zombies used to summon a flying rock (more dangerous than a semi-random siege).
    Thats all for now. I hope to reduce it a lot.

    The good thing is that I have a median IN value (lag) of 145 (remember: >600 = lag in 40+ player servers). So, there wont be any lag:)

  24. Riperzz says:

    So what is the ending going to be like?

  25. xD34tHRowZ says:

    I think Hanni wont tell us coz we will be spoiled xP

  26. Kaemon says:

    You should have used smart mapping from the very begging… Smartass. XD

  27. I did, but there are some thing that can’t be reduced by smartmapping, they need to be deleted.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Because there are no bosses?
    I thought they learned and improved hannibal making maps, you really do not apply a boss at your last map of LOTR?

  29. Kaemon says:

    I guess you are asking “WHY” there are no bosses.
    He doesn’t add bosses to Minas Tirith because he doesn’t think they are a good idea for that map in particular.

    Yes… Hannibal knows how to make boss battles, but he didn’t want to add any to Minas Tirith, and make the map more focused on Player vs Player and try to get back some of the original Zombie Mod feeling of your actions and skill being more important that the automatic event of the map.

  30. LeGrem says:

    Good luck with the delete, it’s breaking hart when you should remove some things that you loves, i do the experience with my last map but i didn’t know as much things in hammer like you.

    Don’t give up 😉

  31. Puni says:


    Bosses are great in luffarens map because it was one of the first with bosses but now they are just boring. It was better as a one off, but everyone will copy it (and most wont make the bosses as well as in predator)

    Great job with Minas hannibal, looking forward to it, il get the best glitch finders I know on it again, like when we found how to fly over the wall on helms deep all that time ago 😉

  32. I will never forget you dude, the one who found the bug at Mines Of Moria using the “RUN!” push, omg…
    And bosses are great, the thing I don’t like is the suffering of the zombies, waiting, trying to do something, etc… Including Mako (I would have put something for teh zambies). And even they look real, you know that you are shooting something a moving/static object without life.

  33. Metro says:

    Kaemon he should add Sauron as boss in Minas tirith ;D

  34. astornauta says:

    Hola, Hannibal te queria comentar una cosa , vas ha hacer algun mapa nuevo ? bueno aparte de eso te pediria porfavor si kieres que creases la mako pero con 1 nivel mas como ultimate. Un Saludo Gracias

  35. Anonymous says:

    astronauta, este blog es solo Ingles!!! Y no vayas empezando con sugerencias porque hannibal ya tiene decidido que es lo que va a hacer a continuacion de minas tirith, si siguieras el blog LO SABRIAS!

  36. Kaemon says:

    As Anonymous points out, this blog is in english. Not only so everyone can understand it, but also because WordPress forces us to do so 😛

    Hannibal is planing on making “Last Man Standing” (a ZE map) after Minas Tirith. It was mentioned a couple of times, but there hasn’t been any related new to it just yet. I will help him with that one; the idea is a 50-50 division of work.

    There are many other things going on, but I will mention them on some future rant, since not everyone reads the comments.
    Also, don’t count into a Ultimate Difficulty on Mako Reactor. If a new version comes out there are big chances that it only adresses some bugs, glitchs and balance issues.

  37. Anonymous says:

    We step … We are still awaiting the publication of Minas Tirith and the people and asks a lot!
    Aver when it comes out, there are already looking forward!
    And hopefully that bug the map does not give us many delays in the publication.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Got an hour to make it Monday!
    Since that time we will be in the week of publication, may at any time.

    As I like to know the day of its publication! OMG

  39. Pensé algo parecido. I thought something similar, I wanted to put an unwinnable difficulty (something like extreme without materias), but I finally thought that people wouldn’t enjoy the map.
    And yes, like the jerk of Kaemon says, I have the Last Man Standing map in mind. I will do it.

  40. The 23:59 of sunday of this week, jajajaj. Nah, during this week, for sure.

  41. Kaemon says:

    I’m so going to report you! BTW, who takes care of the reports? Me or you? :-s

  42. Anonymous says:

    That day this week will begin to repair bugs on the map?

  43. astornauta says:

    Hannibal perdon pero esk no se ingless mu bn

  44. tolleno-peo says:

    1- its amazing its so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!(kayne west) xD
    2-hannibal what is Hannibal —>(spa)<—- u are from spain?, yo tambien xD!

  45. Kaemon says:

    Yes, that SPA is from SPAin, and was probably the main reason why I (also from Spain) looked for him and contacted Hannibal some years ago.

  46. Riperzz says:

    Hannibal are you close to release?

  47. Anne says:

    Great post!