Kaemon Ranting (again)!

Posted: May 28, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE Hypernova, ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Hi there. Had been too many days since the last post, sorry for that.

I haven’t talked with Hannibal in the last days, since he continues busy with his last exams and some university projects.
Weird enough, I have been talking with his girlfriend more than ever; and she did in fact confirm that Hannibal doesn’t even has time for her right now!

Anyway, Hannibal did took some minutes to check the blog and post on the last rant. He thinks that this situation will only stay for 3-4 more days (I believe his last exam is the 2nd of June) and he does check Minas Tirith (in-game) or even opens hammer to fix a couple of problems by time to time while he takes his short rests from studying.
Fun fact: Hannibal showed me the first Minas Tirith screenshots more than a year ago… They showed the basic size and structure of the map, aswell as a test he did on Bump Mapping (a technique used to fake volume on flat surfaces using values on the textures).

Anyway; he lost almost all the info on that first map quite quickly because a problem he had with his PC, and then he made a couple new versions of Paranoid along with the whole Mako Reactor, wich delayed Minas Tirith starting process.

Here you got those 2 first screenshots:

Minas Tirith 001

Structure of the city made one year ago. It's all in a big-room and was used as a size reference and as guide for the mapping and placing of the Skybox and the map layout.

Minas Tirith 002

Bump mapping made by Hannibal, gives fake-volume to the bricks. Most of those textures were finally discarded and replaced by different custom ones, not made by Hannibal.

Now, changing of subject…

I had been talking with Eddie lately, creator of ZE_Hypernova. Some of you may not know what map I’m talking about; if that’s the case, it’s because it crashes a big amount of clients (server doesn’t crash, your HL2.exe does) and so, most servers don’t have it in rotation…
As Hannibal, Eddie has been quite busy lately, leaving him with little time to edit. But the new version of Hypernova is almost complete; this time (we hope!) completely crash-free. He also improved FPS on some places, added a new spawn, some extra paths and other things.

If he doesn’t find any big problem or bug/glitch he thinks he will be able to release the map really soon (he mentioned this same weekend; but maybe that would be a little rushy; we will see…)

Hypernova Test 00

Now the Space Station is "sky-boxed" instead of being a huge open area, to improve FPS. The 2D Skybox (the stars) also has been replaced by a better looking one.

Hypernova Test 002

Laser Entities (believed to cause the Client Crash) had been replaced with custom particles; as the one shown in this new room.

And that’s it…
Now, since I wasn’t satisfied with the low number of people suggesting on the last rant; I will ask again for the next one (that it’s not a forced-rant because important news or a release): What do you guys want to read about the next time?

Don’t be shy and comment!

  1. UNREA1 says:


  2. Rato says:

    The Map is very good, i can’t wait for playing in it 😡

  3. UNREA1 says:

    Btw, beautiful screenshots. ❤

  4. She is like an angel : D, yes she is 🙂

  5. Screenshots from March 2010…. awesome xD , only 3 more days to be free again.

  6. Kaemon says:

    Unbelievable… 2 minutes after posting this rant (wich I start mentioning I haven’t seen Hannibal in some days) he loggs in… XD

  7. Riperzz says:

    WANT!!! Cant wait.

  8. Roflcopter says:

    Somes posts about Origins of the universe would be good

    Kiddin, maybe some future posts about ideas for projects, or maybe future posts about other mods avaliable on CSS, and maybe Specific LOTR Maps for those?

  9. Eddie says:

    Omg, minas tirith is a very big map, 9 minutes will not be enought if players must cross all the map im seeing 😀
    Looks very very nice

  10. Kaemon says:

    Unbelievable Eddie… You are one of the mappers both me and Hannibal talk with quite often, and you don’t know it’s divided into 4 different rounds? (It’s about 20-25 minutes to complete all four without losing)

    Shame on you! XD

  11. sebaKa says:

    nice post. i want more

  12. FORÇA BARÇA! Barcelona FTW! Sorry, I needed to say this 🙂 Nice game Manchester!

  13. Eddie says:

    Not, because you and hannibal does not speak a lot of minas tirith, also I never asked. You told me that in minas you can create your own barricades and also are special objetcs ofr humans and zombies, but I dont know anymore (also I didnt watch any beta of the map for the moment).

  14. Eddie says:

    Visva el Barça!!

    I also needed to say 😀

  15. DeepInferno says:

    Looking good! I would like to read about what other mappers are up too other than yourself, Hannibal etc but like thegregster etc. And the latest maps that have been released. Anyway nice work, I cannot wait for Minas Tirith and the newer version of ze_hypernova 😀

  16. Frosti says:

    YEEE SPAIN GO SPAIN THEYRE THE BEST SOCCER PLAYERS IN THE WORLD SINCE THEY BRIBED THE REFUREE IN THE WORLDCUP!!! lolz I think NL should win cuz I lost 20 euro by that on bets at school. Anyways good mapping;) hope this will be like Helms Deep ^^

  17. Cazador says:

    omggggg i hate u

  18. acampadalh says:


  19. Kaemon says:

    Anyway, neither Minas Tirith nor Hypernova contain boss battles.
    (There are however, some “monsters” on Minas Tirith)

  20. xD34tHRowZ says:

    Noo… nooo… I dont mind the Alien/Sephiroth part but that damn last attack in Mako is troublesome with over 200 ping.. T_T

  21. Frosti says:

    Buy a pc

  22. xD34tHRowZ says:

    Its not my comps fault.

  23. acampadalh says:

    I did not know this info
    Monsters in Minas Tirith, woooow you want to publish it now! : D

    After final exams Wednesday, right? , D

  24. i will look forward to hyper nova as i was never able to play it without the crash.

  25. mADASS says:


    I can see that Minas is at 100% now. Can we expect a release today this fine friday? 🙂

  26. Kaemon says:

    Don’t think so.
    It has been at 100% for some weeks now. The map it’s complete; but bug and compiling problems need to be fixed.

  27. mADASS says:

    Oh, I see.

  28. dormantlemon says:

    im really looking forward to this. Incidently, would you ever release the source vmfs for any of your maps? im learning to map for zombie escape, but other than i3d, there are few real samples of successful work, and i really wished too see how some of your implementations on maps worked (particularly Dog for CT in Paranoid)

    Big fan of all your work by the way. Whenever mako_reactor or paranoid is on a server, i always join!

  29. Kaemon says:

    Thanks. I read your message to Hannibal while on Skype, he apreciates your feelings.
    About releasing .vmfs or resources (I just asked him) he already had in mind releasing Paranoid’s one for all the mappers that want to know how some of the special weapons and monsters were made.

    But I don’t know when he will release it… Right now he is so busy with Minas Tirith he didn’t even took the time to reply here himself. XD

  30. sebaKa says:

    make a new post PLZ!

  31. Kaemon says:

    I’m waiting for Hannibal (who is in Skype with me) to stop testing Minas Tirith for some minutes to tell me what I can rant about, how long he thinks it will take until release, or even if he gives me the testing .bsp.

  32. UNREA1 says:

    Rant about how cool I am :3

  33. AtOmIc says:

    I would love to see a rant about how the idea of the Lord of the Rings Maps or any other Map came about! 😀