ZE Hypernova V2 – RELEASED!

Posted: June 5, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, Map Update, ZE Hypernova

Two rants in a single day? Unbelievable! (Read the previous post about Minas Tirith if you missed it!)

So Eddie finally released the new and fixed version of Hypernova!
So download it already from our Dropbox link or from Gamebanana (it’s already uploaded there aswel!)

Check the map on Gamebanana: GAMEBANANA
Download from Dropbox: DROPBOX

Hypernova 01

Updated particle of the hypernova explosion from the V2 (the other one was from V1)


For those of you that don’t know the map yet; it wasn’t on most servers because it contained an infamous crash-spot that was making arround half of the players to get a HL2.exe error (crashing and closing their games) so it was removed from most of the servers that added it.
At the end it seems that the Laser Entities were causing the problem, and now that they are gone (replaced by better looking custom particles by the way) everyone should be able to play the map just fine without problems(This has been tested online already).

The map includes no special weapons nor boss fights. Eddie (who thought originaly about adding some special weapons and an extraterrestrial life form enemy) opted at the end for a more classic game style to change a little form the last big releases.
The map takes place in a space station near a red star that it’s about to become an hypernova, so you better hurry to the escape ships before it’s too late!

Eddie it’s quite satisfied with the final results of the map; and he thinks he did the right thing when he decided to take care of the map looks (you wouldn’t believe what the original map looked like).
He also greatly improved the FPS and performance of the map on this version while greatly reducing the file size (from 110 MBs to 67 MBs); and some of the changes needed to make this possible (lie the addition of a 3D Skybox Space Station) improved the looks of the map at the same time.
Apart from bug and balace fixes, this version also includes a new spawn and a new path.

So now the only thing remaining to do is… Downloading the map and play it! Let Eddie know if you like his map and feel free to point out anything wrong you find in it (if you find something!).

(Check the Post bellow about Minas Tirith if you missed it; for the first time ever we posted twice in a single day!)
(Comments are welcomed on both posts!)

  1. sebaKa says:

    nice cant wait for servers to start putting it up. ❤

  2. dormantlemon says:

    I saw eddies thread in i3d. I wish to see his nova explosion at the end. it looks incredible from what I’ve heard

  3. xD34tHRowZ says:

    Kaemon is ranting like a boss! xD
    The map is looking good =P

  4. xD34tHRowZ says:

    Oh and btw, you really need to change the poll. its been probably 2 months already xD

  5. Kaemon says:

    I know… Think more about them like “Poll of the 1/4 of the Year”. XD

  6. not SOLDIER says:

    Looks great! Too bad that once Minas Tirith comes out we’ll overplay that and forget about this for a while.

  7. UNREA1 says:

    True! Nice map Eddie, I watched a video once, and the explosion efect looks epic.

  8. Eddie says:

    As kaemon said when he was testing v1 versions “more never means better”, so I deleted the excesive cubemaps, leaving only the less number possible, and also I decreased and changed the particles of the hypernova looking it better and dropping less FPS

  9. Eddie says:

    If you watched the same video like me (the v1c), this new particle effect is better and also has more performance. Go to the pod and take a look, when the star explodes.

  10. Roflcopter says:

    Eddie, the explosion at the end is absolultly amazing! Its a great map for just that D:

  11. Eddie says:

    Hey Kaemon, use the screenshot of the hypernova, that I upload in gamebanana, looks better, instead of using the particle of v1.

    As kaemon said “you wouldn’t believe what the original map looked like”. Is awesome the difference, because the first map was only walls floor and roof :
    0 func_detail in the map
    0 Props in the map

    And now… I exceded multiple times the brushfaces limit, the brushcount limit and the T-Junctions (junctions bethween a func_detail and a static brush).

  12. Kaemon says:

    Done. Changed image.
    Anyway, both are “pew pew HDR lights effects”, not like anyone could tell the difference! 😛

  13. A very good map 🙂 seems to be pretty hard but no impossible which is good. nice music and mega epic ending. contains loads of zombies vs ct gamplay and the hold points are very creative. great use of custom textures and effects. i love the swaying grass the most 😛

    Looks 10/10 keeps up the high detail the whole way through the map

    gameplay 10/10 hold points require aim unlike deathstar where u just spray at the same area

    Balence 10/10 check behind you there is always a zombie on your back :O

    Performence 9/10 very well optimized unlike before i get perfect fps no drops (core2quad 4gb ram atiRadeonHD4550

  14. maybe… but i hope this map becomes the new deathstar as im getting sick of ct winning most rounds on that map. this is way more challenging.