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Posted: June 9, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in News, ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Hai, I thought is time to write a rant, so, here we go.

I wanna describe my plans about mapping in this brief post. I still feel that Minas Tirith and Last Man Standing will be my lasts maps, this last university year was a real pain for me because the “permanent” practices (you can work at them at any moment any time with one delivery in the end of the course to the teacher); and I didn’t have so much time for mapping, and, while I was mapping, I was worried the most of time (“damn, I should be making that practice instead mapping!”), but the end is near! the last practice and the last examn will be in less than 1 week, then, I wanna return to myself and close the LOTR maps saga, update some maps, and make the Last Man Standing; and then… stop mapping for start playing again! : D don’t worry, is  hard to stop mapping specially for me… in each game I made maps (Serious Sam SE, Carmaggedon 2, Warcraft 3 (about Diablo 2, Matrix,LOTR), Starcraft (about AvP, and Carma), Sims modding, Crysis (about Lost), Battlefield Vietnam (Helms Deep and misc), Age of Empires, Rome Total War, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Counter Strike, Battle for the Middle Earth, Little Big Planet, … and maybe some more) so, if there is another Counter Strike , “I’ll see you again” : D

But well, don’t worry (if you do) about this, this is my plan for mapping (and I’m famous to finish/update as I plan):

  • 1º Minas Tirith: we tested it (Kaemon, me and Danielot), we found bugs, and adjustems that must be done, but nothing unfixeable with more than 5h. I think that I should release it after the final exam, or maybe tomorrow I’ll fix all, and post an announcement. Who knows? Anyway, the map is almost here.
  • 2º Paranoid: it looks like that the people is claiming for another version with less bugs, but Kaemon and I are thinking about release a v11 with lots of things and improvements with new technics. The current bugs will disappear, and some others will come : D (a Paranoid without bugs is like a toast without bread). It will take short time: 2 weeks? 3 weeks?
  • 3º Helping the bastard of Kaemon: all weeks , he says “what about help me, I helped you at Paranoid and some props of Minas ……. fucking mentally deformed” . And he is in the truth (about the first). The people should see his work, he must release a map with all his potential. It should be a minigame, or a ze, but I will help him to release things.
  • 4º Mako Reactor: modifying the most acclaimed map is dangerous, but it’s a crime to forget this map and its bugs; I will release one more version; I will fix all bugs and think about the fail ZM mode.
  • 5º Last Man Standing: I will do this map with Kaemon, this, will be my last map and we will speed maping as hell. We have the ideas, and we both are looking forward start maping this one. This map, will be the last piece of the cake and the map that all you will remember.
  • 6º The LOTRs: there are no plans for the LOTR maps (Moria, Mount,Helms). Their bugs will endure. People still like them as old but classic maps (at least Moria).

That’s all. After this, I’ll keep playing Counter Strike, I hope don’t get trapped by the incoming Battlefield 3; in the end, I ever return to the most funniest game ever: Counter Strike Source.

Well, as I said, I’ll fix Minas Tirith as fast as I can. Test in a private server with 5/6 ppl, and  then publish.

Stage 3, near the last defense spot.

  1. Kaemon says:

    OMG, you dirty liar. I never mention the Paranoid, Props, Etc things I helped you with. I just say “Help me; I get bored and I never finish anything”. XD

    For those curious about the “LOTR” series; I mentioned Hannibal he could release one more version of each map. He could fix the bugs, improve and balance some other things and places, and maybe even add some of the new things (like the new army in Minas Tirith for the Helm’s Deep one, or changing Mount Doom so it would allow Zombie Respawning).

    I think I will convince him at the end; but who knows? XD

  2. Rubber Johnny says:

    Minas Tirith looks beautiful! I can’t wait to play it, but don’t rush the release now XD

  3. sebaKa says:


  4. Deathrowz says:

    No.. no.. Hannibal quit mapping = quitting ZE =(

    But I cant wait for Minas Tirith, hope it will get release around this week, I got 2 days off next week =D
    And about Mako Reactor, the ZM Mode, is quite fine, except for some thing.. like the Terrorist tele on top of the trains at the start (in which assuming the server have a more late spawn) and that damn nuke at the end is really random, CTs also dies o_O

    All the best in your exams =)

  5. Frosti says:

    Lolz nup;)
    CT dies because they switch to T then.

  6. dormantlemon says:

    tirith looks great. and last man standing, from what I can imagine sounds… interesting.
    about the post above, regardless of what happens regarding your future work, ze will continue for me. hannibals maps I think will be mainstay for all time, even if another individual comes along with more advanced, more enjoyable maps (as unlikely as it sounds)

  7. Frosti says:

    R0fl all mad cuz he stops? He has to stop once hes mapping for 2 years…
    Atleast he got a life lmfao.

  8. reddy says:

    fool of a took!!!
    I didn’t think it would end this way
    are you leaving us? no way! I need you
    I’d like the Mount Doom to throw the ring… but the hearts of men are easily corrupted, and the ring of power has a will of its own

    There is no fate for a little hobbit without his Wizard

  9. Anonymous says:

    That’s a great idea from my point of view Kaemon, That would definately make us enjoy the map as we did the first time playing it.

    ++ Kaemon.

  10. I already did Mount Doom xD , its my lower map anyway, its not very popular but it’s donde : D
    I’ll continue mapping for a while.

  11. Nah, mapping is like playing for me, life and mapping are compatibles xD

  12. Yes, this bug is famous, I didnt fix it because my lazyness, I’ll fixi t at the Mako update. And I am not quitting ZE for sure, I will play foreveeeerrr

  13. reddy says:

    I know, but you’re better than before, I want a refined Mount, whatever but don’t go

    then make Lothlorien!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Frosti says:

    Rofl, did you make those LOTR maps on Warcraft3? Well, I wasn’t really fan of them more DotA and Ladder games.

  15. Deathrowz says:

    I meant as in if you quit mapping, I will quit ZE xD But not quite =P

  16. Deathrowz says:

    What kind of maps you mad on Warcraft? =O

  17. Luffaren says:

    “I hope don’t get trapped by the incoming Battlefield 3”
    I heard you there!

  18. Kaemon says:

    Don’t you mean “read”, you trollface? XD

  19. Kaemon says:

    Mount doom could get at least a Respawning support and more holding.
    Also, “sacrifice” to open the doors faster, should take points from you instead of giving more; so it becomes a real sacrifice. XD

  20. Kaemon says:

    Then keep mapping instead of playing when you are done >:)

  21. Kaemon says:

    I don’t know what Luffaren’s plans are (if he wants to keep mapping and making new maps for a while). But he is learning fast, and since he can ask us anything, it’s like he knows everything we know… And the bastard is now learning and trying things I haven’t tried myself! XD

  22. Kaemon says:

    ZM could get some love. I personaly like it, but many people don’t seem to like it that much.
    Originally it was made as an extra in case some server was abble to pass Extreme, but now that so many people know the map and it’s tricks, not to mention the ammount of Hardcore-Mako-Players; it has become relatively easy to win Extreme; so you end playing way more ZM than intendeed.

    Any suggestions for the mode?
    So far “Humans Diying by Nuke” will be fixed (and probably they will recive some extra points), that cheap hold on top of that “bridge-thing” will get removed (or extra paths to it will be added), and Earth won’t be available on ZM (too many places you can reach walking on it, that then become imposible to reach for zombies).

  23. UNREA1 says:

    Phunny you!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Mount doom is the best lotr map for now,i like the light/ring teamwork needed 😀


  25. Puni says:

    Im still waiting for

    ze_LOTR_path_of_the_dead 😛

    And if hannibal doesnt make them, I am going to chop Kaemons balls off!

    But in all seriousness, I cannot wait! Its been ages since your last LOTR map (I am a LOTR freak, I dont play any others much) Good job


  26. dormantlemon says:

    lotr isengard. I like that idea. Sounds like a plan for me one day

  27. sadsads says:

    Now its time to leave deathrun and move to Zombie Escape

    Ragnara lord of Underworld

  28. Puni says:

    This is when I tried to make bree, but I lost patience, as usual 😦 20/08/2009

  29. Kaemon says:

    I checked the map. Original effects and textures; not bad custom particles (but a little over the top on effects).
    Liked the dragon and his fire attacks, but it was too chaotic (like he seems to kill you everywhere?); great model that wasn’t on my collection.

    You are the map maker? If you are I don’t get why you used “Sadsads” instead of your “real nickname” for posting; if you are not, I dont get the “time to leave deathrun and move to ZE” line… XD

  30. Puni says:

    Texturing reminds me kinda of 1.6, they look very low res, interesting particles though
    IMO Deathrun died within a year, the old maps where the best, ie Percolate

  31. Nah I made a single player “campaign” map about Mines of Moria, and another one for multiplayer about Minas Tirith that I played only one time. I did another map called “River of Flames” based on Diablo 2 xD with a funny translation.

  32. Not the hype!!!!! Sshhh. And, forget these maps xD. Ppl would get tired.

  33. Bree in the space! Damn I see that there were some LOTR maps that never finished. Bree, path of the deads, osgiliath, another Minas Tirith (not mine) and one more I think. 2009, mah gad… well, nice try 🙂

  34. Riperzz says:

    Hanni You should also fix helms deep’s rope (Near the gate) if you are going to update older maps.

  35. Riperzz says:

    Hannibal can you say release day?

  36. Luffaren says:

    I could barely see anything during the bossfight due to all the particle effects, it was insane! xD

  37. Puni says:

    Haha indeed I did not get very far, of course I would changed skybox! 🙂 You cant see much of the houses there but they came out quite nicely, My idea was to have it start in the farm, where the hobbits get chased and include buckleberry ferry etc.

    I also started Dunharrow, but I got bored of that as well 😦

  38. This tuesday I’m having my last exam, and then, I’ll Minas Tirith as hell. I already fixed the 70% of the bugs we found at last test with Kaemon and Danielot. I think that I can fix the other 30% in 1 or 2 days, the problem is that i’m studying now my last exam, see ya.

  39. not SOLDIER says:

    Take your time, it’s important that the map is released without any major bugs.

  40. dormantlemon says:

    its more important you do well in your exams. good luck!

  41. Puni says:

    never! 😀