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So that’s it! Here it is! I present you Minas Tir… Wait a second… Minas TIRET? :-s

I was chating on Steam with Eddie, helping him to fix a simple crash problem for his future MG map (I think you guys are going to love it if comes out playable) when all of a sudden 7 of my contacts started writing all at the same time; which was highly unusual…
Anyway, it still surprised me when I saw that all of them were giving me the same link… Someone had released a Minas Tirith map, before Hannibal, and for Zombie Escape no less!

You can check the map on Gamebanana here: Minas Tiret

ZE LOTR Minas Tiret, from Limon. Based on the same LOTR movies it normal that it shares similitudes with Hannibal's Minas Tirith. But in-game both maps look completly different.

I was really worried at first (for Hannibal) because the screenshots sure looked nice; but I felt relieved after downloading and playing it by myself.
Even if I’m sure the mapper (a russian fellow by the name of Limon who we never meet) put a lot of effort into it; it shows lack of quality (specially compared to Hannibal‘s work), probably because he is has not a lot of experience yet mapping.
I mean no offense to him or his map, but it’s what I see and what I honestly think.
One of his biggest mistakes, was making all in the same “Box-Room“, loading the whole map from many points giving Client Overflow messages and low FPS almost everywhere.

Tonight Hannibal wasn’t going to log in at all, since tomorrow is his final and last exam (you read it right, he is now going to finally have lots of free time to finish Minas Tirith!).
I didn’t want to call and worry him; but after checking the map I decided to give him a phone call. I explained the situation and told him he had nothing to worry about.

Limon‘s map (called Minas Tiret for some reason; I thank you if it was to keep “Tirith” free) its way smaller and simpler than Hannibal‘s one.
A great first map (if it is his first map, he doesn’t seem to have more submissions on Gamebanana) but he had bad luck chosing the project. Not only was a more experienced mapper already making a ZE map based on the same city; but it was a kinda big and hard project for a first map; hard to optimize without knowing some tricks.
He did however a nice job detailing some parts, and I hope he keeps mapping and improving so in the future he can release some nice ZE maps.

Also I noticed he did use some textures/items from Hannibal‘s old LOTR maps; but it’s okay since I’m sure he did it out of respect and he was nice enough to credit him at the end of the map.

So that’s it. I saw the map! Now please stop linking it to me on Steam! XD.
Also, don’t be rude to Limon; it’s obvious that he put a lot of effort into his map and made it because like many of us he loves LOTR, not to bother or troll Hannibal.
Also, as many pointed out, Hannibal doesn’t own the LOTR rights, and anyone can do a map based on the movie (which will obviously look-alike other maps based on the same thing); but I’m sure Limon didn’t know about Hannibal being working on Minas Tirith, or find out when his own city was already quite advanced and decided to finish it; which I applaud.

Now, before closing today’s rant, I want to mention a couple of things about Hannibal’s Minas Tirith that many people seem to have got wrong from what I read on forums or the things they ask me:

Hannibal is working on Minas Tirith completly alone, all credits go to him (I helped testing, fiding problems, giving suggestions and he used a couple models I made long time ago; but I’m not working on the map).
– It has 4 different stages, that follow a “linear” path; you start stage 2 where you finished stage 1. It’s not the same as “difficulty levels”.
– It doesn’t has Boss Battles of any kind.
– The release date or final size are unknown, stop asking, we will post them as soon as we know them.
– The current alpha that I played is 210 MBs in size; but Hannibal will do his best to reduce it as much as possible; changing and reducing textures and models.
Hannibal is trying to innovate with the map; so it might be a little weird to play at first.
– The map it’s “complete”, but it stills needs lots of fixing, we don’t know how much it will take to fix them.
– Don’t trust Hannibal when he says “I will finish it tomorrow for sure!” or similar; he doesn’t know any better and he always fails.
– Once the map it’s complete, we will warn on the blog with at least 1 day of advance before uploading it; so all servers can be ready to download and play it at the same time; because of the “First Player Ever to Use the Lv5 Item Challenge” we are going to run.
– I will post about that challenge I just mentioned soon, when we decide on the details.

  1. Luffaren says:


  2. Deathrowz says:

    I just got trolled T_T
    And LOL @ “Don’t trust Hannibal when he says “I will finish it tomorrow for sure!” or similars; he doesn’t know any better and he allways fails.”

  3. UNREA1 says:

    HELL YEAH! Not.

  4. Kaemon says:

    Yeah dude.. He never spokes the truth, but not because it’s mean or something, but because he really doesn’t know any better…

    I still remenber when he claimed Paranoid_V3 was the LAST VERSION EVER; or that Minas Tirith was going to be released two months ago… XD
    (But to be honest, Minas Tirith got more bugs than espected; specially with the number of entities).

  5. FreeZe says:

    a map always takes much longer than you expect especially if its big and complicated. most nasty bugs appear at the very end …. and are nasty and annoying.

  6. Roflcopter says:

    Give the guy a break, at least he tried, it looks good for a first map though :3

  7. Cazador says:

    I just connected and ppl started to tell me Minas was released XDDD

  8. Frosti says:

    Rofl Minas Tiret??? Yep I saw 2 asian guys testing it in a private server yesterday, a mate recognized them.

  9. Frosti says:

    Anyways if its not Hanni’s map I still hope they got that contest thing in it ^^

  10. Random player says:

    Hey I just played on that map, and i’ve to say is waaay more well made than I expected. To be honest, its below hannibals maps quality (in design, fps and so), but seems to be great overall also, he put a lot of effort into it.

    If they both go out being played, I’d worry about the loong 4-stages hannibal’s map being replaced in servers by this one that is way simplier, entertaining and way more short, if the people doesn’t like the 4-stages thing apart from the first days…

  11. Frosti says:

    I hear it isnt the real map just another guy who made it doenst matter since there are also a bunch of jurresic parks

  12. Random player says:

    We know that lol..

  13. Frosti says:

    But at the start of the day u didnt ^^

  14. Random player says:

    Wtf u say? u mean the other post? I knew it already from the article lol, even played it and read the trolling on banana site XD

  15. Deathrowz says:

    I think everyone knows that?

  16. Frosti says:

    I think to?? But everyone believed it the first day^^

  17. dormantlemon says:

    ahh the trolls. I nearly died laughing when I saw the sort of stuff people wrote.

    its not a bad map but i tested it single player and had to noclip through breakable doors as they have too much HP.

  18. Kaemon says:

    That’s one of the main problems with Breakables in Zombie Escape.
    If you want them to hold for 10 seconds 10 guys shooting at them; they will only hold for 2 seconds when there are 40 shooting, and for 100 seconds when you are alone…

    (Same with zombie stoppers/slowers made from breakables).
    The map is not bad, but it’s not good neither. Also has bad FPS… I can see people playing a “bad” map with nice FPS, or a “good” map with somehow low FPS… But “bad”+”low FPS” it’s kinda killing it; and if then you add the fact that it’s 140 MBs big on a kinda short map… And you are done 😦

  19. dormantlemon says:

    i never expereinced low fps on it. My PC is kinda crap too. But maybe it does get a lot of lag on servers. I havent seen anywhere playing it so i cant tell. I havent tried yet, but cant breakables have hp calculated via math_counters? I reckon that was how bahamut was done in mako? It just seems that on servers with like 10 sec zombie spawns humans will never get away through that first door in time, with that much hp (it took me about 450-500 p90 shots, or 3 guns worth with normal ammo + a bit more)

    Oh and afk kill starts too soon 20seconds after round start is very fast. On round 1, that will kill a few late starters before they even reach the door. i also felt that in order to get the ring, so many people have to either hold the door or you have to play on a server with very long zombie spawn (I read your entire rant kaemon =D).

  20. Random dude says:

    I don’t agree Kaemon, I’m getting way more FPS on that map that mako for example (yeah u can’t compare quality, but I mean, if mako is playable with less fps, this one too!).

    Imho it’s not a bad map. It’s fucked on the spawn, unless there are a ton of shooters zombie will infect everyone or get killed before the door dies. I wonder, can’t u make a door with hp variable, like setting up the doors hp for like 100*numPlayers at the start of every round? It’s strange that something like that is not doable.

  21. Kaemon says:

    I’m going to have to check the FPS again… Maybe they are better than I thought and I was just distracted by the constant “Warrning: Overflow” message. XD

  22. dormantlemon says:

    haha oh yea i got that on map spawn. Didnt actually affect me at all though

  23. Kaemon says:

    Nah… The starting FPS are awfull (when looking Minas Tiret from outside; or looking upwards from the first city-level.
    However they aren’t that bad afterwards.

    Also, I contacted Limon and give him a couple advices about how to optimize it. And it was indeed his first map; not half bad for a first map.
    Anyway, those low FPS on the spawn, with 40 people, can be really deadly. XD
    (BTW, he also released a 2nd version with many improvements, including reducing th size to arround half of it; and I think he is going to do a third one quite soon).

  24. dormantlemon says:

    anonymous is legion xD

  25. Chasin' says:

    Keep the good work going, youre making awesome maps.

  26. Zapparoni says:

    Hello Hannibal and Kaemon! I have a quick question: what is the name of the song played on the last-stand area of Minas level 4 on extreme difficulty? This is the song that plays when the sky gets all acid trippy red and swirly before the ghost army arrives. I don’t think it’s listed on the music list at the spawn area.

    Thanks! And I like the map 🙂