What’s going on? How is Minas Tirith doing?

Posted: June 18, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Hello there everybody once more!
So we haven’t posted anything in the last few day, but if you visit us frequently you should know by now that this happens by time to time…

I never got a good reason for this slacking, but I always come up with something! This time I will blame Hannibal! 😛
Hannibal had his last university exam this past week, and I was hoping for him to have some extra free time to post by himself; or even to chat with me sooner about how was Minas Tirith going; but he had a couple of events (mostly parties) and tried to catch up with IRL stuff aswell.
Also, it turns out he has still one work going on in which a scholarship depends for him and some mates. From what he told me it shouldn’t take too long.

Anyway… Hannibal may not have a lot of time to come here posting, but he sure found some time for editing, and he kept fixing and improving Minas Tirith.
So far, he finished the last but one needed fixes (and he also improved some places/events that were confusing or a little rushed) and we will be probably testing again tomorrow Sunday.
We still don’t know when the map will be in a releasable status, but when we know, we will post it here in the blog in advance.

And about the last thing that Hannibal needs to fix… Well, the map contains a quite big amount of Soldiers and Barricade-Items; and right now surpasses the crashing limit for a server with few people on it.
He needs to reduce some entities and use the Template-Technique we learned not so long ago to reduce the number of entities that are loaded on map-spawn. (This will be a little tedius and may take some time)

I’m pretty sure Hannibal wants to Beta-Test the map on some test-server to check if it crashes with high number of people or find some big bugs or balance issues; however I don’t know if he has already decided (or talked with some admins) about what server/s he will use for doing so.
(Notice that the Lv4 and Lv5 special items will be disabled for those tests)

And now, for making up a little the lack of news this week, a map of the Spawn Layout on Minas Tirith:

Minas Tirith 05 - Spawn Layout

This Spawn Layout, common to all levels, is needed so you can access the Special Items Shop. You can also chose between three different spawns in the "Real Level".

As you can see, there are 3 different spawn points that meet in the center of the area, where the portals are.
For the moment everyone starts in the CT Team (64 CT Spawns, 0 Terrorist ones), and that will remain unchanged unless it gives problems to some servers (it was successfully tested on a server).
Right now, neither Humans nor Zombies can come back to this place for items; but maybe zombies will be allowed somehow in future versions.
As you probably notice, sometimes you spawn at different distances from the Item Shop, giving you some advantage or disadvantage getting the items. Also, as you get an item, you are teleported back to the start of the street; this could change if getting a Human items means getting zombified most of the time.
There are three portals to choose from that will move you to different places of the current stage; sometimes (like on the first stage: Ossgiliath) those places aren’t far away from each other, but sometimes the difference its noticeable.
People not chosing any portal will be teleported after some seconds as if they chose the middle portal.
The first round could be a quick ZM round in this place while people are downloading and/or loading the map.

And well… That’s pretty much it. I will write about something else tomorrow (unless I get some big news about Minas Tirith); not sure about what, but got a couple of things queued I would like to share with you all.

  1. UNREA1 says:


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  3. 3DG says:

    Hannibal, just take your time, don’t listen to those greedy bastards!

  4. Kaemon says:

    Realy nice posts there UNREAL and FreeZe. Keep the good work. XD

  5. sebaKa says:

    any idea on how long untill its realeased? june, july, august?

  6. Riperzz says:

    Hannibal said monday, should I trust him?

  7. Kaemon says:

    To answer both of you (sebaKa and Riperzz):

    – We don’t know.
    – Don’t trust him.

    Hannibal tends to get too excited when he sees it’s almost done, and forgets about the posible bugs and needed fixes before release. If you had to trust him, I would like to remenber he said Paranoid V3 was the LAST VERSION EVER (and we are up to V10); and he also thought that Minas Tirith would be ready for the beginning of the last month… So yeah…

    Take in mind that the fact that this map is divided in 4 stages, even if each by it’s own it’s probably smaller than a “normal map”, it’s still like 2-3 the size of any map.
    That means also 2-3 the number of bugs and fixes needed AND the problems fighting the limitations of the engine.

    I don’t know how long could it take to him to reduce entities using the Template/Output system; but if nothing goes wrong on tomorrow’s test, that could be the last needed thing.
    (But probably something will go wrong) So sorry, no idea when it will be ready, but we will let you know on the blog with at least 1 day of advance so everyone can get ready to upload it as soon as it comes out. I just hope it doesn’t need a really-emergency-version like Mako did. XD

  8. Roflcopter says:

    Take as long as you need, just let there be awesome music

  9. fuckballs says:

    I bet plaguefest wont get past the first level, lol

  10. Jeong Hoon says:


    ze_lotr_minas_tiret_v2_fixed is broken.

    Help me

  11. Kaemon says:

    First (in case you didn’t know) that’s not Hannibal’s map; it’s from a different mapper (called Limon).
    Second; I believe Limon trashed the map himself until he improves/fixes it a little; I talked to him but I may had understood it wrong; I will ask him if he is going to update it again as soon as I see him.

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  13. UNREA1 says:

    Yeah, I love being constructive. 😀

    PS: Hannibal, someday I’ll be better then you! Mwahah but not today, not this week, not this month, not this year, not this decade, not this century, not this millenium, but you’ll see!

  14. Molli says:

    “Calm down guys! Low your hype!”

  15. UNREA1 says:

    Thats wut she said

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  17. nice, a labeled pic 🙂