TheGregster101 is making a Jurassic Park themed map!

Posted: June 20, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, Uncategorized

Well… For starters I would like to mention that I do indeed know many mappers that I don’t mention in the blog; and I had been suggested in the past to write about other mappers and their projects. But I really can’t track what everyone is doing and, to be honest, I don’t have the time nor the mood to do so neither; specially with the big amount of “poor quality” or “was never released” maps we face on this world.

However, today I will do an exception (and probably not for the last time) with TheGregster101.
This is for many reasons: I chat with him by time to time (unlike some ZE mappers I didn’t even meet), he seems to be doing a really good work with his upcoming map, and he was kind enough to provide many screenshots and even a video of this map; so it’s certainly worth the mention.

Many of you probably know and played his previous map: ZE_Minecraft. It’s a quite different map, and its blocky style and weird music are the way they are because TheGregster101 did his best to keep it as close as possible with the source material: the Minecraft game.
He also did a Jurassic Park themed map some time ago, but he has learnt a lot since then and he decided it was worth to make a completely remake of it, starting from zero, instead of trying to update and fix his old one.

TheGregster101 upcoming map, based on Jurassic Park, will be called Ze_Isla_Nublar, and here I present you a picture of what the layout looks like right now; as you may notice the map it’s quite advanced already.

Ze Isla Nublar Layout

As you can notice the map is in a quite advanced status already and includes three different endings so far, based on the difficulty.

As you can see on the layout, it has two spawns and two paths to choose from at the begging. This way TheGregster101 (I feel weird spelling his name with numbers every time; dunno why he doesn’t call himself “TheGresgter” XD) attempts to make the map suitable for both kinds of zombie spawns: “many teleported back to the spawn” or “few spawning in the middle of the humans” without risking a high number of fail-rounds.
However, as the mapper himself admits, spawns more often than not “are trial and error“, specially with every server using different settings for… everything!

You can also notice that the map will include difficulties, but the main path will remain the same for most of the map, changing only at the very end, giving you different holds and escape mechanisms.

Right now he is planing to include “dynamic” dinosaurs (as far as I know) in two forms:
– A Boss Fight (with a T-Rex) that will only be present in the hardest difficulty to avoid it getting repetitive.
– Controllable dinosaurs (for zombies) that he compares (as an example) with the Paranoid monsters.

Here is a video he made himself, featuring the T-Rex Boss Preview:

You can check many of the available screenshots of the map on TheGregster101‘s site here: LINK
There is no release date for the map so far, but I will let you know as soon as I know.
Also, I know the map may resemble other Jurassic Park maps you saw on ZE, but that’s because they are all based on the same movies, having to use the same aesthetics and most of the time share many textures. Apart from a couple of models, everything you will see in that map was made by TheGregster101 as far as I know.

And now to finish this post, some words from the mapper himself:

“I’m doing my best to keep the map as optimized as I can, and keeping it as new and old school friendly as possible. There will only be 1 boss and that is the T-Rex. He will only make an appearance in extreme mod (3rd level)”

Next day (unless I get something new to share about Minas Tirith) I will rant about what is that slowpoke of Luffaren doing with his free time.

“Life will find a way.”

  1. dormantlemon says:

    first! and yea i saw a bit on this before. It looks far superior to the old jurrasic park, although i enjoy that map too although most people dont

  2. masak is Soldier says:

    already been on that map once on an early stage πŸ™‚
    prob a couple months back

  3. ahh yes. i would do another hamachi testing soon however there is alot to pakrat and so on and would be a lot of work. when its the right time though i will do some testing.

  4. Roflcopter says:

    Your minecraft map was really good, hopefully this one will beat it πŸ™‚

  5. dormantlemon says:

    ahh hamachi. havent used that in ages. I last used it with killing floor like a 18 months ago. good times

  6. Riperzz says:

    There are like 4 jurrasic park maps now

  7. Kaemon says:

    I guess people love DINOSAURS!
    Also, soon there will be 4 LOTR maps πŸ˜› (5 with Minas Tiret, XD)

  8. UNREA1 says:

    Thats the quote.

  9. dormantlemon says:

    beautiful :3

  10. yes indeed however many are no longer played.
    ze_jurassicpark_v2 was very popular back in the day and still is on some servers runing the c1 fix.
    ze_jurassicpark_escape_v1 was my map and it sucked pretty bad. bad balence and had a few major bugs.
    ze_jurassic_park_story is the newest and most popular.

  11. Jacksonl says:

    Map looks amazing, keep us updated!

  12. good news.. the strange black lighting problem on the t-rex is now fixed! (was to do with point_spotlights)

  13. Deathrowz says:

    I think Hannibal all started with the levels for ZE maps now as well as boss fights xD
    I was scared that the Trex will turn into another Predator but it doesnt look too hard.. it doesnt have one hit KO moves, but it will make it more harder with the thing that Luff used instead of the Trex running around like a retard xD

  14. Puni says:

    The quote is the doctor geezer, black curly hair, talking bout how its inevitable that the dinosaurs will go on rampage.

  15. Puni says:

    Also, I cannot explain how boring boss fights are to be nowadays. It was good in predator because it was unique, but now in new maps it is not, it just wastes time when it would be better to do it with zombies.

    Id prefer asthetic animated dinosaurs rather than some directly involved in gameplay in the way off a boss fight.

    Good luck thoo!

  16. well there is only 1 boss fight and is on only 1 differcultie. there was going to be another boss fight but i removed it as i understand boss fights are rarther “players vs. map” rarther than “players vs. zombies”

  17. Kaemon says:

    You can always mix the two of them (a little like Predator does on the Ultimate Fight).
    Also I think Luffaren will allow participation of zombies on at least another fight on the next version.

  18. “doc. ian malcolm”

  19. yes that would be good. in the trex boss fight the zombies currently watch from the hand rail areas above. i will try and think of some creatvie way they can interact. my other idea was for them to play a mini game to compete for the use of the triceratops dino. this could have buttons for the user. for example “heal” “charge attack” “and maybe a “shield defence” block bullets, trigger_hurt and push should do the jobs of these.

  20. Nice : D more maps! I love to see that mapping doesn’t stop. This map looks really nice; I saw the video, looks promising. The architecture of the map seems to be nicely done. We have theme maps of lots of things : D, maybe some should make a server about themed maps (Star Wars, LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park,…).

    PD: we tested Minas Tirith yesterday, the map is ready to be tested in a server (firstly must fix 15 bugs we find, nothing in comparison with the 140 bug list with some critical bugs).

  21. UNREA1 says:

    That was something! :d

  22. Kaemon says:

    I’m pretty sure map still doesn’t support 40+ players and will crash by overflow :-s
    Freaking Hannibal always rushing things.

  23. not SOLDIER says:

    But Kaemon, who cares about 40+ player servers? Let’s be evil bastards and play the map on our 40 player servers while the others wait for a fix.

  24. Kaemon says:

    It may crash sometimes with 20 players… I don’t know.
    I’m not realy as much convinced as Hannibal is with the entity numbers he gave me. XD

  25. xSundayZzZ says:

    we all wait Minas Tirith and yes a very big map i think not many servers can run this map without crash ..

  26. I wrote a program to optimize my map yesterday night xD, I’m gonna optimize 329 entities to 4 entities with a click : D If the map still crash after this, i’m sure that deleting 20-40 entities will solve the problem.The crash limit is 1450 entities. Now, the numbers are, 1290 at warmup round, 1380 at stage 1, 1670 at stage 2, 1730 at stage 3, 1770 at stage 4; so the numbers will be something like 965, 1055, 1345, 1405, 1445. The good thing, is that i can test this with me; It’s pretty sure that there will not be any crash version due entity limits.

  27. xSundayZzZ says:

    What a good news :DDDDD

  28. juli says:

    yoooo skirrel da diparti

  29. dormantlemon says:

    damn man. How can you keep track of so any entities in hammer? I can only imagine that your hammer views are like 1 giant green block that covers each view :O

  30. UNREA1 says:

    You program too? aw my.

    @dormantlemon VISgrouping helps if you have a really huge map to work on, you can toggle stuff in Hammer to see only entities, brushes, optimization etc, etc… So it makes it more easy. :d Other then that, I usually also use names that I’ll find easly on entities. If its a filter I make its name “filter_name_here” that way you will always know what you’re looking for. If you are organized enough you shouldn’t have any problem. πŸ˜›

  31. Agent Wesker says:

    There should be a scene with a long road and all the players ride a truck with the T-Rex chasing it, and the T-Rex should have auto-targeting like the Predator.