Today, testing Minas Tirith Online.

Posted: June 24, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, News, Special, ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

So as Hannibal mentioned yesterday, today he is planing to test Minas Tirith online.

He is going to test online with many people, on a password protected server. He will be probably handing the passwords himself to the people he chose so they can join for helping test the map.

Don’t be mad at him if you can’t join the testing; I don’t think everyone can fit in; also he is quite busy trying to chat with way too many people.
The purpose of this test is not to be the first ones to enjoy the map, but to suffer it while trying to find everything that needs to be fixed, and do some balance changes if necessary, so the map, even if not perfect, it’s as good as possible on release (which should be soon enough).

The map size it’s quite big and Hannibal doesn’t want servers to have to upload it twice or more before the first stable version, since the map can be a pain to download many times; so he is trying to release as few versions as possible from the very beginning.

The Lv4 and Lv5 items are unlocked for this test; still not sure if we will be doing the Player-Based Challenge or not; but this Beta Testing won’t count towards it and we will provide rules and details if Hannibal decides to make the challenge.

BTW, forgive Hannibal for the delays on the beta-start. He had some unforseen events IRL that he couldn’t help.
(Also I have warned you in the past you can trust him!) XD

Will come back to edit this rant (or make a new one) after testing the map.
The testing should be starting as I post this, or in some minutes.

EDIT: I changed my mind, will post tomorrow about it. Feel free to read the comments to see the opinions of some of the people who tested it. Good night 😛

  1. UNREA1 says:


  2. UNREA1 says:

    I was wondering, Hannibal, if it crashes with 50 people, what would happen if there were 40 people and 20 of them have droped weapons? Do weapons count as separate entities when droped?

  3. Kaemon says:

    Weapons are taken into account for this numbers.
    A player is not counted as an entity, but as 15.

  4. Coconutz says:

    Start of the stage II :/

  5. UNREA1 says:

    Alright! :q

  6. mastaprzemo says:

    let me join tests plz 😦

  7. Kitten says:

    Awesome!:) Howd it go :O

  8. Kaemon says:

    Not a clue about that; but I started getting disconected at Extreme; like when a server crashes (and you get that 25 seconds trying to reconect Warning) but without the server crashing, just me.
    Maybe it had nothing to do with the map.

  9. UNREA1 says:

    Giv’us news, let us know! :3

  10. Puni says:

    Absolutely insane! Quality map!

    Indeed the testing was frustrating at some points, lots of bugs found, big and small.
    I crashed three times, and so did others, at first it seemed a coincidence but it indeed was not. My crashes seemed to happen in the latter stages, 3 and 4.

    Im glad GE could help, we would be happy to test V1 as well, just so it doesnt get released with a critical bug or anything! (The server was only made 5 minutes before everyone joined, so sorry for the early spawn fail!)

    Great job Hanni!

  11. DeepInferno says:

    Hannibal has done a very good job with the map! A few things that need fixing but I enjoyed it alot, I didn’t want to stop playing! 😀

  12. Roflcopter says:

    The map testing was IMMENSE! Got to my expectations, steam roled them, then drugged what was left, and fed it to the piranahs. Basically, it is amazing D:

  13. Roflcopter says:

    Yes – any further map tests, we will be happy to assist 🙂

  14. Metro says:

    tested today its looked okey just hope next version of test wont be purple + hope flashlight arrives ;D

  15. Luffaren says:

    4hrs+ testing, simply insane!! xD
    I noticed some things that could need some look into:
    * missing textures /not such a big deal + that you mentioned to fix it already.
    * items glitches/stucks players /kinda annoying when players walk past you with a block/whatever and stucks you just like that, happened to me several times. The block was still in the “hold/picked” state also. One time a player stucked me with it in a elevator which resulted in me hitting my head in the skybox due to being shot up.
    * big gate, end of stage 1 /it closed too early or didnt open at all at times, i got killed by it in one of the first rounds
    * darkness in stage 4 /i’m not sure if you intended to have everything this dark (in case for using the items) but it sure was darn dark in the big underground room, everything seemed to play better after a while though, when people learned what to do. I kinda like the darkness + light items thing but overall on stage 4 its really dark. do as you want.

    There are surely lots of more issues that i’ve forgotten/not seen at all and im pretty sure you know all of them already. Just felt like pointing out some stuff that annoyed me.
    Awesome map dude, it gave me LOTS of inspiration! 😀

  16. Puni says:

    I think the darkness is cool, the torches looked awesome in there 🙂

    At first it was like LOL, no one had a clue, but now that we know what to do in there and with the lights I think it will be okay. Every map is hard when it is first played.
    The main stumbling point was some holding points not opening and the door, god damn that door haha!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Can I join the testing? Im always doin work on ur maps the firsts days 😛

  18. DeepInferno says:

    The testing ended about 30 minutes ago. Just to let you know. 🙂

  19. Kaemon says:

    I think (personaly) that it sounds more like B3 than V1 :-p

  20. sebaKa says:

    pretty good. only got to play an hour since it was delayed alot and i had to go out.

  21. Deathrowz says:

    Its taking me around 20 mins with only 2 bars… to download..

  22. Puni says:

    Even if it took a day, it’d be well worth it!

  23. Puni says:

    Haha, Hannibal says he “thinks” everything will be working by then so he will go straight to v1, but we will see 😉 We are happy to test either one anyway!

  24. Deathrowz says:

    Well.. maybe.. its passed more than 30 mins now =(

  25. Puni says:

    Were are you downloading it from?

  26. Kaemon says:

    What a kinda nice test. Many things need to be improved/fixed, specially those triggers bugging when two people go near at the same time or some of the timers.

    Dark room sure was dark… Even with the torches… XD

  27. Deathrowz says:

    From ZM Corp server.. ended up quitting it..

  28. J73 says:

    First of all I would like to say I love the concept. While playing the game, I can imagine myself being one of the soldiers fighting against Sauron’s army. I like how you have to defend with barely any cades other than the cades that we make ourselves.

    But I do find some issues:
    +Objects fly away sometimes when i try to place it.
    +In stage 1, the door into minas doesn’t open not because humans touch it, it is when the zombies get too close, the door will close. So before the door is even open, the door is closed lol. So I think the zombies are teleported too close to the humans when everyone is teleported to minas tirith.
    +I get stuck on the object other players are holding, which can be annoying.
    +Is it possible for zombies to go back to spawn to get weapons? I’m not sure about this for I haven’t try. If zombies can’t, I suggest that you make it possible because it will be more fun if a lvl 4 player that is turned into a zombie can go back to spawn to get powerful weapons. It will be much more challenging.
    +In stage 2, after the part the door is broken open and we run to the place that have the pub and the beauty saloon, there are too many rocks on the ground and I can’t see the zombie coming.
    +In stage 3, on one of the path to get to the top floor, the ceiling is too low and players have to crouch to get through. Also, can you make it so that players that stop the elevator from going up will be crushed to death :D. If not, trolls will be holding the elevator.
    +In stage 4, it is just my opinion so it doesn’t really matter but I just don’t get the part where the climbing place just magically appears.
    +Seems like even if many players win a stage together, only 1 player gets 100 points.
    +It would be great to put more instructions on the console so that players know when to fall back and all.
    +Falling rocks sounds weird. But then again how does falling rocks sound like xp

    Well that is what I observed. I hope it can be of use to you guys. But truthfully this map is great. I really really can’t wait to play this map on a full server again. Thank you for making this map.

  29. Jordi Morell says:

    Visual bugs:


  30. loved testing the map. was great fun!
    all went well however i crashed at the top part of minas tirith. (near white tree area)

  31. Roflcopter says:

    Not sure if you notced the small bug, that on the end of stage 4, you could actually run intot he castle, which was fun xD

  32. Riperzz says:

    Test was great just some bugs that need to be fixed and hanniban you should disable flashlight to force players to use torches / galdalfs staff.

  33. DeepInferno says:

    I also didn’t crash at all while playing it. I don’t know why people crashed but I didn’t.

  34. Thanks for the report 🙂 I’m having in account this. I fixed all my bug list. I check this.

  35. Riperzz says:

    I Didn’t crash either. Maybe they have bad computers

  36. Lis checked. Thanks :). Zombies can make ztele and pick up an item. After some seconds they will be teleported again.

  37. The flashlight is disabled, but admin turned them on.

  38. Thx for reporting these bugs, i’m fixing them. But the last one , is due to the re-using of a model, to optimize map size; I cant fix this one.

  39. Anonymous says:

    🙂 150fps all game

  40. J73 says:

    Hey, I got to try Gandalf and when i have Gandalf on, i feel laggy. I find it really difficult to get up those spiral stairs wearing Gandalf. And the level 4 weapon for zombie(is so awesome) really blocks the player’s sight. My friend used it in stage 4 and he says it is very very difficult to see. But other than that, it was very very scary. I was in that dark dungeon and I see this humungous thing coming at me, I almost pissed my pants. It was scary as hell. Also, it seems like Gandalf’s trusty light doesn’t work on him because i was killed when I tried to defend myself with the light.(not sure is that a glitch or it is meant to be) I also wonder about the story in stage four. I understand they are trying to get to the top of the castle by going through the dungeon. But all of a sudden, the console says that they are trapped. But why they are trap is the question. Why would I run into a dungeon just so i will find a dead end? Is there no other way up? And also what is the cause for the ceiling to collapse? I know this questions I am asking seem stupid, but i ask this questions because i am so absorbed into the game I feel like I am there. It is that awesome. So I will ask, why did I come into this dungeon if it is a dead end? IMO you can make it seem like the entrance to the higher part of the castle from the dungeon has been blocked by rocks or have collapsed(That will be the reason they are trapped down there). Man this map is just awesome. It feels like it has the difficulty of Mako, the randomness and potential of Paranoid and the soul of the other LOTR maps. Very very good map.

  41. J73 says:

    P.S. I love dogs 😉
    P.S.S. If you don’t get it, it has to do with your lvl 5 special weapon. Btw, what do you call that thing?

  42. Puni says:

    I have a good computer and was getting very good fps.

    Me and Hannibal crashed twice, at the same time. Although one time he says it was anti virus program. Me and my other friend Ponken also crashed at the same time.

    When you crash at the same time that many times, it can become a bit of an issue, because it doesnt seem like a coincidence. The only thing is, they seemed pretty random, which I suppose will make it harder to detect the cause.