ZE LOTR Minas Tirith – RELEASED!

Posted: June 29, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, Map Update, ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

So Minas Tirith is finally here! The wait was longer than expected for many different reasons.

First of all, Hannibal had the map almost complete for a long time, but he was on his last month of his last year at the university; so exams and tasks were his priority and delayed the map, not giving the necessary time to finish it.
Then, the number of entities made the map unplayable for a long time. We knew that using Templates was going to allow having more overall (since the map is divided in 4 Stages and Hannibal was going spawning only the needed for the current Stage), but we needed to figure another way (explained here) to accomplish this.
And then, finally, there were the Beta-Tests. They were kinda needed, because many bugs and problems (some quite critical) were spotted here that weren’t occurring on the Lan-Tests or couldn’t be spotted without enough people playing the map with zombie settings.

So, here you have the links to download the map! The final map size is 186 MBs (93 on FastDownload). Feel free to tell your interested friends to download them from any of the links we provide here if they want; since the server download could be a little long (and they can download it while the server is upload to be ready!)

Check the map on GAMEBANANA: Gamebanana
Download from DROPBOX: Download

Minas Tirith RELEASED!

Minas Tirith RELEASED! (No trolling and not someone elses map!) XD


For those that still don’t know, the map has been made completely by Hannibal. He didn’t make all textures nor models in the map (he did the mountains model AND texture however) but you get the idea.
The map is not perfect (and Hannibal noticed/remembered a couple of mini-bugs while the file was uploading) but he feels that he has delayed it long enough and we strongly believe the map should be fully playable and enjoyable as it is. Also, no matter how long we tested; we would never find everything wrong with it until tons of people are playing it on dozens of servers on a regular basics, doing some amazing things (you wouldn’t believe some of the bugs spotted on other Hannibal‘s map like Helm’s Deep, Mako or Paranoid).

The “Minas Tirith Contest” has been cancelled for the moment. We thought that those that played the Beta had an unfair advantage over everyone else. The Contest could come back for a future version; but for the moment is not happening.
For those curious about it; the Contest was going to (and maybe will still) be about who was the first player ever to use the “Lv5 Secret Human Item“; and the reward was probably going to be the name of that/those player/s under statues in the spawn area.

And now some tips for playing Minas Tirith, in case you haven’t played any Beta and/or you join late and miss the hints showing up during the short starting ZM round:

– The Zombie Spawn should be % Based and Teleported Back, and has to occur within 5-10 seconds, to avoid Humans getting Zombie items and vice versa.
– We highly recommend having !Zspawn allowed for zombies at all times; the map will be more fun and epic. Allowing !Ztele to zombies will also allow them to go search for items after being zombified during the Stage.
– The first round of all it’s a ZM round in the “Spawn Area”; this is to avoid the usual first fail-round while most people are still loading the map.

– The level is divided on 4 progressive Stages; meaning that if you win a round, you will advance and start the next Stage where the previous one ended.
– There are a Zombie and a Human shop on the “Spawn Area” to get items; you need the required level to get them.
– You only gain levels when winning a round as a human; and you get 100 points each time you do so (so your level is roughly your points divided by 100).
– If you get teleported and don’t get the item, it probably ran out of stock; some items (Gandalf and the Secret ones) only have 1 available at the same time, others, only 2-3.
– While on the “Spawn Area” you need to hold and chose a portal as soon as they open. If you don’t cross any of the portals and you are a human; you will end being forced as if you crossed the middle one.
– Barricade Items are attached to pistols; drop yours to get them.
For a better use of the Barricade Items, aim to their bottom (instead of their middle) when pressing the +Use (E key by default).
– Sometimes building a barricade it’s necessary in order to contain or stop the zombies.
– If soldiers are stopping you from advancing, that probably means you need to hold longer (pay attention to the retreat yells or blowing horn).
– Cracks on the floor (quite visual) mean you can break that place with explosive barrels (light them up with a torch) or with some special items from the shop.
– Lighted torches push zombies back when you are looking at them; the push is weak, but multiple torches pushes add up.
– You need to do things sometimes to keep advancing (using a Lever in a different room for a door; or firing the two catapults on Stage 3 before soldiers will allow you to pass).
– After beating the map, it will start all over (no ZM round) in Extreme, and will remain Extreme until map change.
– On Extreme all Zombie Items (except Lv4 one) are available without level requisites; also a new item (Zombie Siege Weapon) appears for zombies.

I really think (and hope) the map is full playable without big problems. If you find something wrong with it (Bugs, Unreachable Places Reached, Balance Problems, something not working, visual glitches, or something that could be better) don’t hesitate to post here about it; and Hannibal will take care of the next version being as good as possible.
And if you find the map too easy… You probably are playing with easy settings; try again with higher zombie numbers and allowing those dying to come back as zombies. (The map difficultie is highly based on the zombies; not on the map itself and it doesn’t contain Boss Fights or similar; just pure Human vs Zombie).

Enjoy! Let us know if you liked Hannibal‘s map! (BTW; Hannibal just left after uploading it; he had an appointment with friends). XD

“You are soldiers of Gondor! No matter what comes through that gate, you will stand your ground!”

  1. Metro says:

    OMFG THHHHX nice job

  2. Luffaren says:

    Thank you hanni! This will keep me busy for a long while πŸ˜€

  3. ockito says:

    Omg Nice guys =D

    its time to play =)

  4. Eclairvert says:

    Go go go !

  5. Hardcore says:

    Looking forward to adding on the Server and playing it, Thank You!

    -Hardcore & rest of Bor3d Gaming

  6. Deathrowz says:

    ZOMG! Why cant it be released 2 days later? xD
    Though great job to you both, I am guessing servers are flooded with this map. =)

  7. Roflcopter says:

    YES!!! πŸ˜€

  8. Deathrowz says:

    Me so jelly to not play until Saturday..

  9. Luffaren says:

    Quote is from 2nd stage start when the gate breaks.
    (minas tirith)

  10. Deathrowz says:

    Tsk, Luff go back in the servers and play the map! xD

  11. sebaKa says:

    few ppl that beat the first difficulty didnt get any points

  12. Hekjuh says:

    NovaGaming.nl is running Minas_Tirith only πŸ™‚ NoReload!

  13. GE | Roflcopter says:

    Here is a small error in the ceiling:
    This is the corridor your in:

    Here is one in a wall:
    Once you come to this position:

    turn around and you’ll see it.

    Everything else is fine πŸ˜€

  14. VistusCTA says:

    Thanks guys for the job.

    Greetings From the clan CTA

  15. VistusCTA says:

    Test map guys in |ESP|-=Clan CTA=- | ZOMBIEMOD + ESCAPE

  16. Anonymous says:

    same with the other difficulties as well

  17. Jims says:

    In a future release of Mines should put this song

  18. Crazyjay says:

    in all honesty i didnt like the map. with random rock kills, prop trapping people, and long hold times just doesnt suit me. hopefully things get better in later versions πŸ™‚

  19. iam says:

    I hope Hannibal dont make the map too nooblike just all people are whining because they dont make it by first try.
    And some server run this map since hours => A lot of people leave + A lot of people join => very less people can buy weapon => map too hard => whine ^^

  20. mastaprzemo says:

    i didnt know where to post the problems i found out playing lotr so i will post it here:
    When u pick up an defensive item (like wall or smth) as ct and u get infected by zombie u still have that item and u cant drop it (it covers your view)
    2nd the archer that is defensive pickable item is not working properly when u use him he drop down on ground like if he was dead
    hmm i dont think i found more bugs
    all in all map is challenging and i think its just where it should be. theres just 1 but -> the dark room i find it way too difficult for ct so i think u might add smth like ending path of light that was in lotr helmes deep -> cant say now that its neccesary since i was the only person with lvl 2 so things might get changed when there are more ppl playing gandalf etc.

    AWESOME MAP HANNI !! ❀ this night is reserved to play minas tirith 24h/day

  21. Anonymous says:

    I found a glitch on Stage 2 that allows you to bypass the Entire stage straight to the final hold area.

    After you go through the teleporters take the center one and climb the ladders to get onto the wall if you do it right you can jump onto the Roof with Domes and go right through to the end of the map while rest of your team is at the very beginning still.

  22. testinng says:

    Important bugs to solve as you saw on that server, Hannibal:

    Stage 1:

    – Boats can be blocked by someone standing infront -> boats won’t reach the coast -> map won’t advance but zombies will me able to swim and take over osgiliath because the door won’t open (the boats won’t arrive…).

    – At the end of the stage, horses can be blockeds individually. I dunno if it has any effect in blocking one or not, or if blocking alls means failure of script ingame, but it can happen so you should make them unblockable too :P.

    Stage 2:

    – I don’t know if its intented to be like this, but at the start, as a ct, you can fall frmo the window over the wolfs head and stay there shooting at the close zombies, and they will have severe problems to get into the wolf (and you kick them out with 1 shotgun hit..), so you will be able to stay until the door is open, jump inside, and you will have time to survive since the zombies will be facing the furniture on the lower part of the door, while you won’t have any obstacle on the way…

    Stage 4:

    – After gandalf light attack, zombies can get out of the screen, flying over minas tirith lower section. How is this possible xD, can make zombies lose half of their pop in few secs and in a critical move (last attack to evade cts winning)


    – Furtniture and doors are blocking a fuckload of people, that should be solved in any way.

    – The spawn system is kinda strange, you can get infected just after getting your item from the shop, which is going to make that item unable for anyone else and thus ruining 1 instance of item for cts maybe?

    Just thoughts.

  23. Kaemon says:

    Thanks for the bug reports and the feedback.
    About your last point; the server should change the Zombie Spawn timer to 10 seconds; so no one can have time to get items from any shop before the zombies spawning. (Same thing can happen in the other way; you can get a Zombie Item while still being a Human-Terrorist; even if the map doesn’t contain Terrorist spawns).

  24. Kaemon says:

    There are tons of visual glitches; I’m surprised you only posted 4 if you felt like posting those.
    Hannibal is well aware; and I suggested a run arround, making him minimize-fast-fix everything we spotted; but he really didn’t felt like it.
    Probably the visual glitches will be less numerous on future versions. XD

  25. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, noticed that myself while playing.
    BTW, I also think I saw once some people getting 200 points when winning the first stage for the first time; let me know if you see this happening.

    Also, the Level and the Points are two completely different things; let me know if you find out that the Points get bugged (you don’t recive them) but you get the Level UP and are abble to get items 1 Level higher of your Points/100.

  26. Kaemon says:

    Not sure if it would fit any specific moment.
    Also, I saw some people that were kinda dis-pleased that there was so much Non-LOTR music. XD
    (Personally I liked them all).

  27. Kaemon says:

    It will become better for sure; but those things that you didn’t like are probably going to stay the way they are.
    You can’t make a map that everyone likes, no matter what. XD

  28. Kaemon says:

    He is not planning on making it “too nooblike”.
    However some fixes or balance improvements could make it a little more human friendly. Not talking about big helps; more like increasing the strengh of barricade items 1 or 2 extra hits; or making some of the “disapearing soldiers” to stay when the humans are allowed to pass, instead of leaving an empty spot for the zombies.

  29. Kaemon says:

    You did well posting it here. You can also post on Gamebanana.
    Anyway, we will gather as much bugs/glitchs/problems/suggestions as possible so Hannibal can make next version better; and fix everything if possible.

  30. Kaemon says:

    Didn’t know that one. Will mention Hannibal to take a look at it tomorrow. Thanks for reporting it.

  31. Puni says:

    I hate how people complain about things without taking the time to understand the concept of the map.

    There are no random killings, the rocks are all timed events which can be avoided very easily by timing and movement.

    Even though the “wait times” are long, the map is not designed to hold these points. The design is meant so that the humans try to keep there territory. A constant battle throughout the entire map rather than at just a few holding points.


    Unfortunately, the people that fail to take time to understand these events and concepts are usually the ones to not like the map. A lot of people were confused at first, but once people on the server started to understand the map a little more, after endless moaning from me xD it became a bit EASY.

    Brilliant map!

    PS: Hanni I forgot the Gandalf key code, and Kaemon is pretending not to know it πŸ˜‰
    PSS: Everytime I get level 5 human, zombies kill me before I kill them, even 1v1. Do I suck at it or something 😦

  32. Deathrowz says:

    Zzz.. I am just worried that I will be like a noob not knowing where to go xD

  33. Deathrowz says:

    Alright, I had a run on it in the IC server.
    First of all, honestly, I liked the map but the gameplay was just way too confusing.. it needs to be more linear, maybe like a light path or something?

    Bugs I have found:
    – Yes, the purple and black texture bugs needs to be fix
    – Some of the guard soldiers you can get through
    – That Archer Soldier weapons is just dead while you drop him on the floor
    – I can get on top of some buildings that are surpose to be unreachable (though this was coz of the IC’s Human setting’s)
    – Needs more console commands

    And my suggestions for the map are to put some glows or some sort on the Barricade Items, I seriously cant distinguish between an item or just a regular one.. always ended up chucking my pistol for no reason..
    The path needs to be more linear as I already got lost at the start once after the portal.
    Getting item means losing all your weapons? T_T

    Though I love the last level items for CTs / Zombies. The Juggernaut with the Claymore is just epic as well as the Balrog! xD

  34. Molli says:

    24/7 Minas Tirith server ^^

  35. Kaemon says:

    I honestly don’t know, and I honestly make it work just spamming. XD
    Also, the Lv5 item has secret combos aswel, that make him really powerfull (and I can’t make those work by spamming!). XD

  36. Kaemon says:

    Deathrowz, what Purple/Black textures? You mean two little spots in the map, or you were seeing more? Because now everything (except two little dots) is showing the correct texture now.

    The “Archer Soldier Weapons” are suposed to be Dead Bodies you use for barricade. XD
    (The bug is that they are standing when you pick them, not that they fall when you use them).
    However Hannibal is now seriously thinking making it the other way, since everyone thought the other way arround. XD

    And about the buildings…
    I know at least two that you aren’t suposed to reach that can be reach with any settings. Also, they should be clipped anyway; since you can use barricade items to climb anyway. XD

  37. Rapsus says:

    Hannibal = GOD OF HAMMER.

  38. Strat0z says:

    Glitch at Stage 2:
    If you climb up the laders all the way to the top u can place a prop at a spot so u can jump onto a roof and run all the way to the bridge that u blow up, ppl do it and blow up the bridge so early ppl dont make it over.

  39. Strat0z says:

    wooos, they could get to the end as well and nuke us all
    so gotta fix it NOW !

  40. sebaKa says:

    can you make the gate at the start of lvl3 unbreakable by gunfire like helms deep?

  41. sebaKa says:

    also the planks that can be picked up for blocking doorways are damn near impossible to place

  42. Strat0z says:

    What teh fuck is with that 7-8 zombies spawn at the beginning !? fuk sake

  43. Kaemon says:

    Yeah Strat0z, we saw that one this morning. XD
    Will be fixed on the next version, thanks for reporting it πŸ™‚

  44. Kaemon says:

    They are freaking hard to use indeed. XD

  45. Kaemon says:

    It’s an option. But to be honest… Right now the level events don’t start until those doors are broken and zombies start going inside.
    In fact, I broken them as a human on purpouse to speed things up. If they are never broken, the elevator never leaves. XD

    Anyway, I already mentioned to Hannibal that the situation there it’s a little silly. Maybe he will change it.

  46. Puni says:

    Server settings

  47. Rinzler says:

    Definitely takes time to get used to the map, but is extremely enjoyable after that! Great job Hannibal!

  48. dormantlemon says:

    finally got to play it. Beautful and very enjoyable. However, its… complicated. I was playing on pF this morning with 3 others. Round 3 took 4 goes to finish with friendly zombie. We simply round out of time each round at the final hold. Also many guards/blocks are easy to get round if you push hard enough. On wave 3 i got onto the elevator that the humans take without doing anything, i simply ran round the guards

    Congrats on a great map though

  49. dormantlemon says:

    ^ massive server rage xD

  50. Deathrowz says:

    Well, I havent found too many of those purple/black textures. I found one from looking down on one of the buildings in Minas Tirith.
    And some walls like the textures are in a different colour..

  51. Deathrowz says:

    Is it PlagueFest by any chance?

  52. dormantlemon says:

    haha it probably was. I love pF even though they fail so bad at nearly every map.

  53. Cr34t!v3 says:

    Kaemon , that game is the man in your image?

  54. Kaemon says:

    What a silly question! Thats me. Is not from any game πŸ˜›

  55. Tartichevre says:

    hello hannibal
    Here, after more than 15 hours of Minas stirith, yes already.
    Things are good and others to adjust, this is what I could see.

    Lvl 1:
    – 2 doors are faster than others, zm can take the bottom right door allowing them to arrive before the gates of the two above, but along the middle, I do not know how to solve this problem may be opening the doors from below 5 seconds later.
    – From the NazgΓ»l forward if we return it with him, being so behind the Nazgul from the advanced to Be … bug again.

    Lvl 2:
    – There is a way to use a bug to allow map to move behind the guards at the beginning, just to jump in the L cover the top, a bug fix.

    Lvl 3:
    – Can be delayed fall of stone from 2 to 3 seconds after the first one.
    – Summing can be 1 or 2 guards after the doors for a more efficient folds.
    – After activating the 3 catapults you find yourself at a door or cover must be that bridge if a right of the door that is blocks of cover, there are bugs texture when you look at that wall.

    Lvl 4:
    – Allow in the dark has the appearance of a random staircase re regrowth of zombies, so this passage is almost impossible or requires an incredible stroke of luck.

    If not good job nothing else to say:)

  56. Stunz says:

    First of all, great job. This map is a really great ZE map and not another Humans vs. Bosses map

    I think the most important bugs were mentioned, not sure if this one was:
    Stage 3: The elevator can be glitched by barricade items, salso ome people get stuck at the top.

    Good luck out There, Soldiers

  57. Random dude says:

    About the “special siege items for zombie on exteme mode”

    A.k.a the “red stuff” or “red halo”

    That shit is good, like 5x speed, 5x jump, but it has a problem: you don’t see shit with the red halo! It’s kinda useless, you go crashing to the walls everytime just trying luck for if the hole was there…

    Not to say, how are u supposed to get to the top of buildings with those rolled stairs or like 10 floors on stairs? with the red shit is hard as fuck.

    Also, for some reason, some times you lose your jumping hability and you jump like 0,5 the normal jump for zombies! wtf!!

  58. Kaemon says:

    So far it only seems to occur with the “Wooden Desk”, which also blocks people without being placed.
    That item is being removed πŸ˜›

  59. sebaKa says:

    any idea on when a new update is going to be availble. dont like playing it, since i dont get any points 😦

  60. Kaemon says:

    sebaKa, where do you place yourself when winning a round? You start walking arround as far away from the last door as possible? That could explain it.

    Hannibal is already making the fixed version of the map; and he noticed that the “Give Points” triggers don’t get the complete areas; but maybe that’s not the only problem.
    Try to stay a little away from other people and quite close to the last door (no wondering arround) and let me know if it gets fixed or you keep having the problem.

  61. sebaKa says:

    well i beat the round 5 diffrent times. 2 times on lvl1+ lvl2 and 1 time on lvl3. all times i got no points. and i stand in diffrent spot each time.

  62. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, it’s a little glitchy.
    However you forgot to mention the biggest glitch: you can infect with it, while you shouldn’t be abble. XD

    Anyway; it’s getting removed and replaced by an automatic (map based) one that will aim the humans with a system I made; or will follow a path if Hannibal decides to make it his way.
    (But won’t be a zombie item anymore).

  63. Thanks for the song, but I wont change any other songs… there are 12 mb of them and I wouldnt like to add more things.

  64. I wanted to make long and big hold positions because I thought that, at ZE, we were losing that feeling of: “dudes, non-stop shooting or we will die”, at lasts ZE (including some of my maps), we have lots of defending points based on shooting at a hole during 5-20 seconds.. About the rocks, sorry πŸ™‚ this is siege!

  65. All the defending spots of v1 will be the exactly the same as v2, excepting the part with two bridges after catapults, the middle way at stage 3 and the dark room.

  66. Thanks dude for this report. But, the soldier defensive item is supposed to be a dead body xD , it’s okay (anyway, it’s a not useful barricade, I made it only for the lulz, as the people say).. And, about the first problem you say, there is no way to fix that… it’s very weird, because when you get zombified, you drop all your weapons, but not in Minas Tirith!

  67. Fixed for v2, I saw it some times. Moreover, I have the steam id of a guy that used this in all servers, after warnings… I’m thinking in a punishment.

  68. Thanks for the report.
    – Boats blocked -> now are unblockable (damage on block = 10000)
    – Horses blocked -> now are unblockable (flag unblockable = ON )
    – Jumping to Grond -> this is okay πŸ™‚
    – Flying at skybox -> now there is a trigger_hurt with 100000 dmg)
    – Doors -> now all them open forwards; some have been deleted.
    – Furniture -> table barricade has been deleted
    – Kill after getting item -> after getting your item, you get teleported to the top of the portals, which is a safe place with its own portals.

  69. Lvl 5 item is very glitched! I fixed it. I checked it at hammer editor and I think “how the fuck I forgot to put a filter at the trigger_hurt… and some other things.
    I think that at some servers (like Steamgamers) they are undestanding the point of the map: use the entire map structure to survive. At the streets of a castle, there aren’t perfect barricades to hold the enemy, you must find your own way to survive (e.x: block with barricades the stairs of the building at stage 3, defend at the narrow streets instead the wide plaza, etc… Thats the point! I’m not making the map easy, I will just fix the problems.
    Well, there are 2 parts that must be improved, because there is no way to survive! (dark zone and two bridges indoor after catapults).

  70. Fixed. Thanks πŸ™‚

  71. The current zombie ratio is 1 zombie per each 6 CT, I changed the number at v2 to 1 zombie per each 8 CT. A server with 40 ppl (normal) will be at spawn: 5 zombies vs 35 humans (thats okay).

  72. Thanks for the report.
    I took note at the lvl 1 issues.
    About lvl 2, i fixed it already for v2.
    About lvl 3: the fall of the stone is perfect! :D, I will not add more soldiers, lets see if they learn to defend here!; purple textures are , from now, a headhache to fix, to solve this, I need to recompile models and change textures.
    About lvl 4: I will improve this for sure.

  73. Yeah, the item was removed. Thanks anyway πŸ™‚

  74. Yeah, as Kaemon said, this item will be totally removed and replaced by the system that Kaemon says.

  75. I noticed that the trigger that level up at stage 1 is not completely, covering the CT area. But I think that they are okay for the rest of the stages. I will check all triggers anyway.

  76. Cazador says:

    Probably mentioned in comments already. If a CT camps somewhere in the map (at least in stage 2) and the zombies reach the end, stage will be considered as cleared.

    Reminds me of a Predator version with this same problem.

  77. Strat0z says:

    Lol πŸ˜€ Just got the white knight and teamkilled half my team πŸ˜€ Nice secret hannibal πŸ˜€

  78. Kaemon says:

    The Team Killing is a bug. XD

  79. Strat0z says:

    well, then fix the damage it deos cz u cant kill a shit wiht it, compared to the balrog which kills everything πŸ˜€

  80. Strat0z says:

    Human Shop: Horse
    Ppl can continue to pick it and get teleported to safe spot even if the horse have been picked.

    Dunno if anyone reported it ( to lazy to read it all lol)

  81. Supaf1yz says:

    The map is quite confusing at times, but overall it is probably the best map i’ve played on.

    most problem i see in servers are people not knowing how to pick up the barricades and just pressing E on it.

    Another problem is people not knowing where to go, perhaps a light path or little directional sign can give hints to people on where they should go.

    The explosive barrel is easily spotted, but the torch is not.

  82. Supaf1yz says:

    P.S. I still have yet to figure out what the human flag does, but the armor is really fun(made my last stand with it).

  83. Kaemon says:

    No, your report is the first one on the subject. Thanks πŸ™‚

  84. Kaemon says:

    The human flag is only decorative at the moment. The idea was to use for the “Leaders” showing the way or what not; but still… XD

    And the armor… I mentioned Hannibal to nerf it; it was never suposed to be abble to block so many attacks. XD

  85. Strat0z says:

    I have one question, about the contest. If u were doing it, how could u see who was the first one to activate lvl 5 human secret?

  86. testinn says:

    HAn I don’t agree on the 2nd part. Today we pwned stage 3 2 times in the few time I’ve played (Id3 #2 and the other don’t remember), and there were a lot of zombies on every of those attempts.

    Stage 3 is not impossible at all, if people HOLDS every 5s instead of rushing, and use the proper items at corridors instead of plazas, i’d say its easy. It’s just teammating and not using random nades. Don’t touch stage3, it’s fine as it is!

  87. testinn says:

    Few things:

    1) Zombies can win stage3, well they will get the score for reaching the end, but stage3 will be repeated. I’ve heard that they can PASS stage 2 to 3, didn’t test this.

    2) Stage 3 is the PERFECT example of teamplay. For 2 days I though it was impossible and that you were a bitch when designing this, today I passed it 2 times and I can even say its EASY if people holds and put items. It’s just mentallity, hold at the tight corridors, use items when you can, defend after every guard… and it’s done. To be honest, I’d say it needs more difficult to be like stages 2 and 4. Please don’t make it easier as a lot of people camp, people wanna be able to rush and win and its NOT a rush map. Don’t ruin your masterpiece!!!

    3) Stage 1 is way too random. You can do things perfect and still get fucked at the end by strangely-placed nazguls and zombies abusing and blocking the door. Personally I’d make this part simple, door closes way faster and it kills whatever it touches. The point is to get inside lol, making the first map harder than stage 3 has no sense.

    4) Stage 2 bug, imho, was great. Why? for this.

    Tip: There are no invisible walls! Use whole level architecture!

    So yeah, we used architecture to get a shortcut and we still have to defend the last part, and what we get? I got BANNED for a week on a server without even a warning! I’m just doing what you recommend on the tip!

    5) About stage 4, I’d make it harder before you enter the dark zone. The way is cake, it has no difficulty at all, if you are fast you won’t even see zombies until you are holding at the pre-dark room hold… That shouldn’t be like that, its the last stage, the start must be RUUUUUUN not bah let’s run and in the way test if this torch works or not (like ppl do), we have tiiime…

    6) Personally, I think the scoring system is wrong. Unless people gets collaborative a lot, the actual failing rate system isn’t gonna go down, and so people is rarely chaining level3+. Those people will probably get bored before stage 4-extreme1/2 are completed cause the fail ratio so they will leave before getting level 4-5+. I’d put something like this system:

    Raise score points:

    – As zombie, Infect: 3 points
    – As human, kill a zombie: 5 points
    – As zombie, kill a guard / placed furniture: 1 point

    That way people would start doing work on killing barricades where ppl is trapped instead of rushing for nothing, cts would aim more to kill and would hold more, etc.

  88. Kaemon says:

    With a demo, screenshot or video, from a server with people πŸ˜›

  89. Kaemon says:

    Nice post. Won’t comment on it all, but forced Hannibal to read by himself.
    About the last part, it can’t be done. The points had nothing to do with the Leveling System; and you can’t keep track of peoples points/scores with the editor to use them as a measurement.

    The leveling system has nothing to do with points; and it’s not possible to make it based on points afaik.
    The 100 points are given aswel so people can keep track of their friends and their own levels; but has nothing to do with the leveling system itself.

  90. Nice long post πŸ™‚ I checked it. I will go in parts. About:
    1) This is a bug i fixed: there is a trigger push that doesnt let zombies get in; at hammer editor I saw that the trigger_push has the Client flag unchecked!.
    2) Hahaha yeah, i’m a bit like a bitch. I wont make it easier, for the moment, I fixed all bugs. I thought about improving the way of the middle at the begining of round 1, which is totally impossible!
    3) Now the teleporting point for zombies is further than the v1, so, humans have 3 or 5 seconds extra.Moreover, the door insta kills now.
    4) This bug is fixed. I said this tip , but a bug is different.
    5) Uhm, the top of the two p arallel corridors is hard, but the other part is much easier. I will remove the guards at this part.
    6) As kaemon said, the player level doesn’t depend on points. The +100 points is just a visual indicator about your level.

    Thanks for this post, v2 will come soon, which will be a bit more hard at some parts, and a bit more easy at some others!

  91. testinn says:

    Thanks both for the answers, quite pleased (except on the 4) point, you call it a “bug” but for me it is a reason of why this map is a masterpiece. You can juke the game script by jumping on the architecture, and also when reaching the last point the script will re-execute from that point, instead of being blocked due not doing the previous steps. When I saw it I didn’t think it was a bug but an epic shorcut… I know it may not be FAIR, but it’s not a bug imho (maximum a map mistake, but its not a ‘bug’) and less a thing to insta-ban :/.

    About 6), it’s a shame :S, and how about not using score but a server variable for the points? I mean, the problem should be showing the score to the user since you can’t add score at any point, but you could for example add the score on a trigger or when finishing a round on succes/fail? I’m really strange that’s not possible when ingame at infecting a zombie you get your core increased.. could’nt ya modify the infect function to add the score in your server variable for that player instead of the normal +1?

    Also Kaemon, you suddently started ignoring me ingame 2 days ago, why? :S, been talking to u and u totally ignore me, also when I tried to add u to friends. What did I do? :S, didn’t spam ya or anything lol :X.


  92. testinn says:

    btw forgot, about 2):

    Yeah the middle way at the start is a bug (the right tower big stairs one).

    The door opens way after cts have reached the lever spot and zombies have had time to go up, infect u 20 times then watch a movie. The door should open like 5s after the lift gets in the top, so the cts would mix with the others from the lift.

    Also if in that time they can get infected too, maybe the big stairs should be full of guards or something xD, but it can be done a nice way :S

  93. Kaemon says:

    Oh; I go AFK or stop paying attention to the chat by time to time. I didn’t notice I ignored you and… as a matter of fact; I don’t remenber starting to talk with you (blame my old brain cells, XD).

    And I haven’t accepted you on Steam yet; because I only accept people when I see they are online AND I feel like talking to them; because I remove most people short after adding them; I grow bored of having a two hundreds “friends” list where I don’t know (nor remenber) anyone.

    And no… We don’t know (imo is impsible) how to keep track of things like infestions or kills for the Leveling.
    Right now works like this: Your “player” is called “no nammed”; when you reach the end of the stage, there are some triggers, the first is filtered for those called Lv4 and renames them “Lv5”, one for the Lv3 that renames them “Lv4”, one for the Lv2 that renames them “Lv3”, one for the Lv1 that renames them “Lv2”, and for the “non nammed” that renames them Lv1.

    And thats it… There are some more filters that dectect your level in the shop to make it work.
    So I’m sorry; you will have to survive and win levels as a human to level up; and if they leave… It’s their lose. XD
    (Also we kinda like how zombies usually play more seriously and agresively because they want to be the ones leveling up). XD

  94. Jeong Hoon says:

    I don’t know how can we passes lv2’s guard? just wait zombie?? ( because zombie can attake them…) I can’t find any escape way . How??

  95. Jeong Hoon says:

    and behind the orange line door….. This map is very very very~~~~ hard! I think

  96. Epic says:

    CTA players arrived at the party three xtreme, we could not get to part 4 because we did not have time. In some places it is impossible to hold the zombies but hopefully we pass πŸ™‚ ItΒ΄s a awesome map but I prefer Mako Reactor πŸ˜› Thanks hannibal!!

    I love “T” lvl 4 iten πŸ˜€



  97. Cazador says:

    He has too many non-mappers friends ;D

  98. testinn says:

    I see, you add triggers with filter_2, filter_3 etc at the end of every level and replace it with targetname 2,3, etc. Then in the shop apply filters “filter_2_mas” to see if the player can get it.

    It’s kinda smart tbh, but I am ashamed something like this has to be done, can’t cs hold a simple variable not in a trigger way?

    PS: Whats the point on the addlevel 5 on the white room if you anyway need noclip, and with noclip you can get the level in other ways? xD

  99. cripler says:

    I do not also get points when beating this map. I’ve beaten the first level at least 4 times and the other levels around 1-2 times and I’ve never gotten points. I think it could be that i downloaded the map from the fastdl. I talked to some other people that had the same problem and they all downloaded from the fastdl.

  100. Kaemon says:

    To the PS: testing purpouses.

  101. Kaemon says:

    That doesn’t sound like a real reason for it to fail :-s
    But if you never ever get points… That starts to sound weird…
    Do you have original Counter-Strike:Source? Were you Admin/Donator in that server? Does that grant you a special skin, trail, HP or other things?

    I can understand the trigger failing a couple of times; but if it allways fails for you (and some people aparently) there must be a reason.
    Right now it can’t be fixed because as far as we know, it’s not broken. Not a clue why it fails for some people. So far never failed to me.

  102. not SOLDIER says:

    It’s definitely the map. Day one I was getting points, after a server restart I started not getting points anymore. Even when it goes to another map and back. What keeps track of the levels anyway?

  103. cripler says:

    Could be, but i feel like it’s not random that I don’t points, beaten levels way too many times. Unless I have really bad luck.. lol

  104. Kaemon says:

    The exact same thing that keeps track of your Materia Level in Mako.
    Players get named by a trigger; and there are other triggers filtered to only accept people with the correct name (being those names Lv1, Lv2, Lv3, Lv4 and Lv5); to detect if they can get the item (or what item the materia they are picking should be).

    I will chat later with Hannibal about posible problems with it, and take a look at the .vmf myself; but so far it shouldn’t fail.

  105. testinn says:

    I find it strange also, I checked the .vmf (yea decompiled it lol) and I see the trigger boxes well placed for all the AddOutputs on the levels up and the +100 scorings… Maybe its something related to !activator, but I find it really strange.

    Did you try on others servers?

  106. testinn says:

    Yeah testing purposes and asking your admin friends to give noclip a sec and then move around with the big items :PPP

  107. Deathrowz says:

    Can I ask.. what is the reason for the armor? It gets annoying as one of them are the last survivor and we just keep on chasing him non stop..

  108. Kaemon says:

    The reason of the armor is to be abble to survive a couple attempts of getting zombified.
    It was never intendeed to be that strong; and honestly, it isn’t THAT much; but Latency, Human Knockbacking, and Zombies Corpses Blocking Knives make it way over the top.

    It’s getting nerfed, worry not.

  109. testinn says:

    Haha deathrowz, I was (testorr) the one with the armor being always the last survivor and doing ziga zagas with a ton of zombies following me XD.

    It hasn’t that much hp, I tested not moving for a sec and I got owned, so the armor hasn’t much hp either, Imho it doesn’t deserve nerfing, Kaemon… it’s not that much. The problem is that the zombies are used to 1-hit a target, not multi-hit, thus the problem, if they followed your exact path they can easilly infect you in few seconds.

  110. Supaf1yz says:

    Im not sure if this was the design of stage 1, but when Nazgul backwards toward the horse(Nazgul’s butt facing human), if humans shoot it, the get pulled forward closer and closer to humans every time we shoot at it.

    Also, stage two seems to be where people gets stuck at(maybe it’s just pF players.)

  111. Supaf1yz says:

    Im not sure if this was the design of stage 1, but when Nazgul backwards toward the horse(Nazgul’s butt facing human), if humans shoot it, the get pulled forward closer and closer to humans every time we shoot at it.

    Also, stage two seems to be where people gets stuck at(maybe it’s just pF players.)

    ps. Im sure this is already mentioned, you can get zombie flag as human-terrorists.

  112. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, has been already mentioned, and I think Hannibal already fixed it.
    The Nazgul thing… The funny thing is that IT IS ALREADY FIXED on the version you play… But Hannibal forgot to mark a flag for it to work. Will be fully fixed on next version πŸ˜›

  113. Battler says:

    Osgiliath round about nothing – too easy and too short for ZE. At Minas Tirith many different ways to get further, footmans are waste of time (better make trigger forbidding zombies to go for some secounds). The map itself is good, but it would be better to make it easier to exploring / passing. My post is not to affend Hannibal or criticize his mapping abilities, I just wanna see enjoyable and unbugged map, today its only about playable instead of delicious thing. Good luck in fixing.

  114. Deathrowz says:

    Its pF players, no offense but you guys are the worst players I have seen in all the other servers I have been to. SG has already beaten the 4th stage.

  115. Deathrowz says:

    Can I suggest putting glows on the props and raising the ammo of the deagle?
    I find it quite annoying how I just end up chucking my pistols out of nowhere and then cant find it… or at least.. no time to find it..

  116. Deathrowz says:

    LOL! First ever 2 pages of posts? xD

  117. Kaemon says:

    I will mention Hannibal.
    There should be no problem raising the ammo; however the map can’t handdle adding a new entity to each prop; will mention to him if he can make them more visibile or something.

    And yes, first post with 2 pages of comments. XD
    I changed the blog settings; now you can see 10 times more comments per page. I personaly like seeing them all at once πŸ˜›

  118. Kaemon says:

    To be honest; I have seen 2-40 in SG aswel. XD
    The map it’s quite hard, and needs understanding of how it plays: you can’t just run to a closed door/barricade/soldiers and get cornered and infected, you need to hold every metter of terrain for as long as possible; while some people ahead take care of the levers, catapults and other events.

    Anyway, map is still quite new and people will learn and developt strategies we didn’t even think of; but the fact that almost every single glitch/bug helps more the zombies than the humans, doesn’t help.
    Hopefully V2 will be as hard, but easier πŸ˜›

  119. Kaemon says:

    I’m not sure I got your point about Minas Tirith.
    I think the same about Osgiliath, to short and no real holding. I mentioned a couple suggestions to Hannibal (not really good ones however) to try to improve it; but probably Stage 1 won’t change a lot.

  120. GE | Roflcopter says:

    Woah! 120 Blog posts!

  121. Deathrowz says:

    They had just beaten 3rd round today (yesterday for their time).
    And yes its quite hard but for pF its harder.

  122. Deathrowz says:

    And I noticed some people getting teleported after getting the items from the shop just to notice that they dont have it and only got a knife, is this a bug or its surpose to be limited?

  123. Kaemon says:

    They are limited. However, something marking that they ran out of stock could be nice.

  124. Orange door means that it’s a shortcut for zombie and maybe lost CT. They usually opens after some events, like the activate of the two catapults, or after the tower parts.

  125. Deathrowz says:

    Bleh got kicked for Slot Reservation just before, then joined in, then got kicked again for slot… been waiting for 40 mins and SG is not upto Extreme..

  126. testinn says:

    People is starting to learn how to complete all the stages even of this v1. You could take time to solve all the bugs for v2 cause people is doing good at v1 πŸ™‚

  127. Random dude says:

    Hey Han, you forgot to add anti-decompiling protection to minas tirith v1 :S, you should add at least a little, like you did for mako (tho mako is easy to decompile too, but at least took me some mins to modify vmex to not crash with that.. ehrm won’t give details :P)

  128. Kaemon says:

    He did it on purpouse. There is nothing wrong with people decompiling the map to learn how some things were done; and he even plans to released directly the .vmf of Paranoid at some point.

  129. Yoyoyoyo says:

    You should hurry up and make a v2^^, v1 has bugs on lv1 and lv2 , and the rest of the map is unbalanced , since zombies know how to play – ctΒ΄s have a winning chance of lower then 10%.
    On lv1 for example the door down on the right side, zombies always take it and they are much faster this way then humans.
    On lv2 is this roof-bug and its also totally unbalance since people(zombies) know the way…
    Lv3 is unbalance because the lift will fail 85% of all rounds because zombies use the windows and jump on lift….
    Its a really good map and i really enjoy it but we need a v2 fast with a much better balance.

  130. Kaemon says:

    Lv1 Down Right Door: Defend it. I have been barricading and shooting zombies on it without problems. I don’t like how Osgiliath plays a lot; but if not defending that point makes you lose… Defend it! πŸ™‚

    Lv2 Bug: Yeah… Gamebreaking one. But there are mostly two kinds of servers: Those who ban the people using it (so it’s not used), or those who allow it (and then it’s a human helper). It’s getting fix asap.

    Lv3 Elevator: LoL; that’s the less umbalanced part of them all. You need to defend the windows, that it. Also, some humans can go throught that building and hold from the woods directly; you just need to cover some extra seconds for them in the courtyard.

    I don’t know how long until the V2 comes out; but I think I’m going to test it today already with Hannibal; so I’m sure it will be out this same week (maybe this same day, but don’t put your hopes up on that one).

    However; even if the map will become a little easier with the gitchs fixed; it will stay as hard; mostly.
    Thanks for reporting the problems; I will probably make a post today about the map, his problems and how to play it. XD

  131. Random dude says:

    Well, there’s a bad thing: people can change stuff and release the maps with another name :S.

    For example, tomorrow you find out a mako_v2.3 around with different stuff and so :/

    Btw, if that’s your intention, why does mako have anti-decompiling protection? πŸ˜›

  132. sebaKa says:

    kaemon are you still working on your 2d game?

  133. cripler says:

    Did you by any chance look into the points situation?

  134. Kaemon says:

    Hannibal is looking at it; and already saw something that could be affecting them (but not sure).
    Also, a couple of the triggers didn’t cover the whole area. That didn’t affect a lot of people; but some of the reports may be due to that.

    So far seems like most of the people having that problem are from the same server; and we haven’t rule out yet the possibility that it’s a conflict with some server settings; maybe skins or trails.
    Some people are looking (or going to look) at it. And I will mention it as soon as I play Minas Tirith in that same server.

    The main issue is that it’s allways the same people mostly; not just “some people randomly not getting level on a stage” but “X guy never gets any level at all”. So I see big chances of being some sever/player setting and not the map itself.

  135. Kaemon says:

    Yes… And no… >_< Will try to let you know soon, when Minas is fixed. XD

  136. Anonymous says:

    Dudes you all must see this guy πŸ˜€

  137. testinn says:

    LMAO what a failer. But he is really slow going up, I wonder how he wasn’t catched before.

    Also, the zombies sucked hard (specially at going up and at the stairs). That wouldn’t happen in any decent extreme round lol.

  138. cripler says:

    Yess! it was the trails. I disabled mine and got points.

  139. sebaKa says:

    wow that was nice. if only he had more time

  140. testinn says:

    Interesting, how can the trails affect the increase score trigger o.O

    Just wondering, you weren’t getting the score, but were you able to get items even without the score? I mean, when you win you get +100 score and the level upgraded on different ways, I wonder if you couldn’t get the score only or both score and level.

  141. cripler says:

    Nope the trails were affecting both level and score. Not sure why, kinda random. But i’m 100% positive it was the trails though, been playing tirith for the past few hours and i got up to 300 points

  142. DeepInferno says:

    I would really like to see the full version of that Kaemon πŸ˜€ Update soon on that pl0x xD

  143. Riperzz says:

    I found it was trails fault so you should thank me.

  144. cripler says:


  145. Omg…. I added this to my favs at youtube. This is very weird, killing bahamut with only 1 CT; awesome the elevator part : D Lucky guy.. til the end πŸ˜€ He died coz 2 seconds… damn, still epic!

  146. Deathrowz says:

    Is it me or does anyone’s fps drops down to like 10 when the rocks are falling? Since playing Minas I get from around 10-40 fps.. dont know if its coz I have been playing servers with around 250-300 latency or my computer / internet.. ==

  147. Deathrowz says:

    Noob zombies but I pretty much expect no less from pF players..
    Though nice usage on the ladders =P

  148. Anonymous says:

    Fps at 10+ is fine, its playable. 15+ is good because it is smooth, and if your one of this nobs who complain if your fps drops below 100 then dont play epic maps, since you arnt willing to sacrifice a few fps just to enjoy them.

  149. fuckballs says:

    holy shit 150 posts, and I finally get to play it today

  150. Anonymous says:

    Howο»Ώ do you use White Knight end Gandalf pliss help me