Minas Tirith v2, feel the extreme!

Posted: July 6, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in News, ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Hi all! It’s my turn to write a post! Shorter than Kaemon’s ones, of course.

I must say that the v1 worked better than I expected. We found dozens of bugs, but not hundreds, and thats good. It’s my intention to make this the map with less versions, and if I haven’t released V2 yet is because I’m trying to find everything wrong with V1 before doing so.

The V2 will include:

– Bug Fixing: all the bugs that you people found; from tiny ones to stage-breaking huge mistakes.
– Balance Fixes: a few places were extra-hard, when the map itself is hard enough overall, so had been sightly nerfed.
– Optimization: basically reducing the number of entities to prevent server crashes, you will notice mostly that some soldiers and doors had gone missing.
– Improving: I made a couple of items/places/events sightly better.
– New stuff: There is a new Lv2 human item; a new siege event going on Extreme, and a new barricade item to replace an old one.

This is the entire list of changes as it is right now (I may edit it after further testing or with your comments). If you know about some issue (of any kind) not being listed here, please let us know as soon as posible!

——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———


– Decreased Zombie Ratio from 1/6 to 1/8.
– Added a command for respawning time (3 seconds).
– Main Route Gates now will be more deadly if blocked; including (but not limited to) the Stage 1 Final Door (Minas Tirith entrance) and the Stage 3 Door activated with the lever.
– Doors can now only open in the correct direction.
– Falling Siege Boulders can’t be blocked anymore.
– The Colocorrection effect reaches now all zones.
– Fixed Nazguls exploit that boosted them while flying backwards.
– Guards no longer disappear on the retreat signal so humans can visually see it’s open; this allowed zombies to ignore guards at some points.
– Removed some unnecessary soldiers.
– Falling from a Wall into the Skybox (Stages 3 and 4) as a zombie will now teleport you back to the spawn instead of killing you. Humans will still die if doing so.
– There is now a Trigger Hurt on top of the Human Items on the Human Shop to discourage Shop-Campers.
– Catapult Boulders no longer glitch (staying for some seconds) blocking and hurting everyone arround.

– Added (greatly improved) the Dev-Room; only reachable by Admins with NoClip.
– Hopefully fixed the problem with some people not leveling up, whatever the reason. (This also included one of the triggers not being big enough).
– Hopefully fixed aswell the weird bug that granted 200 points (instead of 100) to some people at times, when completing a Stage.
– It seems that some servers using some client features (like Sprite Trails or Hats) were conflicting with the leveling system; disable your trails/whatever BEFORE joining Minas Tirith. Hopefully this won’t be needed any more on V2.


– Players being visible inside the items like the Horse and the Troll has been fixed.
– Humans can’t pick up Zombie Items anymore.
– Improved Barricades: Now they are more visible on the scenary, are more transparent while carrying, and their deagles have extra ammo.
– Removed some un-used or buggy barricades like: Palm Tree, Wooden Blocky Desk and Dog Sign.
– The Barricade prop of the plant has been replaced with a bench. (This prop didn’t allow transparency on it).

– Zombie Totem no longer breaks when receiving damage. It will make you company until you die 🙂
– Zombie Explosive Barrel cooldown reduced from 50 to 30 seconds. (Finally we decided to don’t allow humans to break-explode it).
– Zombie Balrog can’t jump normally any more, reducing his mobility.
– Zombie Balrog now has a visual blood effect when hurt, so it doesn’t look immortal any longer (it has still tons of health).
– Removed the Extreme Zombie Siege Item. Now it has been reworked as an automatic map event on Extreme.

– Human Flag now grants his owner 200 HP. (They were just for show previously).
– Human Armor & Shield has been nerfed, from 3 and 3 hits (total 6) to 1 and 2 hits (total 3).
– Human Suply Barrel now gives grenades properly every time.
– Human Suply Barrel duration and cooldown are now 25 secs and 60 secs instead of 35 secs and 50 secs.
– Human White Knight bugs fixed: It doesn’t kill humans, it doesn’t kill himself, it can’t be infected (only killed), pushes zombies with his attacks and his special move does more damage.
– Added a new Lv2 Human Item: Oil Pot. It drops up to 2 oil puddles at once (won’t start refilling until both had ben used; 60 secs of Cooldown). The Oil Puddles can be put on fire with Grenades or Torches. Oil (or flames) will disappear after 40 seconds. They ignite zombies for 3 seconds.


– Improved the timings in the doors, based on their position in the river area and their teleport destinations. Now should be fairer.
– Fixed the falling rocks on Osgiliath; now can’t be triggered many times in a row. Lagging Smoke and Debris also had been improved and fixed.
– Sightly increased the distance between humans and zombies teleport destinations after the Gandalf scene.
– Boats and Horses can’t be blocked any more, stopping the round events from  happening.


– Fixed an exploit that allowed you to skip most of Stage 2 from the courtyard walls using props on top of the house or the wall.
– Fixed an exploit that allowed you to skip the soldiers on the wall area (where wooden orc towers invade) using props to jump directly to the breakable bridge.


– The middle path in the start of Stage 3 now has no soldiers covering it, it contains now an improved hold with a door on the middle floor.
– The annoying-to-jump debris in the same middle path (on the stairs) has now been removed; making the path a more suitable (and less annoying) shortcut for the late players.
– Sightly delayed the roof-door opening in the building path; skilled-fast zombies were able to shortcut the humans. Now opens when the elevator stops instead of 2 seconds before. This door also now breaks automatically instead of needing to use it.
– Fixed the exploit of skipping the catapult scenes with a skilled jump from the woods to the stone bridge in the middle.
– Broken Catapult debris (wooden pieces) now break in 5 seconds to prevent people from getting stucked.
– Added a Trigger_Hurt (killer) at the other side of the bridge after the catapults (a little triangle shaped area with no ways out). (Teleports Zombies back to Spawn).
– The indoor hold with the two little breakable bridges has been improved: bridges and the broken gap are sightly longer, making the hold a little easier.
– The very final metal gates to the safe zone no longer glitches (making them to automatically open after closing at times).
– Fixed the bugged nuke (Respawn > Kill > Respawn > Kill > Respawn…) that happened when both teams survived. Zombies can’t get into the safe rooms anymore (was never intended).


– Fixed an exploit that allowed to go from the Spawn directly to the Dark Room; climbing into a bridge in one of the rooms.
– The Dark Room has now more (and sightly better overall) holding spots. Also in addition, when the ceiling collapses, the zombies speed is very sightly reduced by hurting ticks of 0 damage.
– Added a Trigger_Hurt (Killer) on the “Skybox Area” in front of the twin elevators. (Teleports Zombies back to Spawn).
– The “Twin Elevators” are now faster. Using the ladders directly was too much big of an advantage.
– The non-physical tower and columns at king house, at the top of Minas Tirith had been fixed and are now solid.
– Final Nuke now reaches all places of the map (there were some unreached spots).


– Improved the Extreme difficulty Color Correction (also is now brighter).
– Now the “Extreme Siege” (fire boulders falling from the sky) is a map based automatic event instead of a glitchy zombie weapon: It aims at a random human ever 10 seconds. Visual and Auditory warnings can help you dodging them; but it will probably keep breaking your defending formation.
– Increased from 3 to 6 the number of Nazguls available on Stage 1 and Stage 4 during Extreme.
– If no one got it before, The Balrog will be available at the ending of Stage 4 during Extreme.
– Improved the ending scene and victory during the Extreme Difficulty.
– All zombie items (but Lv4 one) are unlocked (same as previous version) during Extreme.

——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———

That’s all, if you noticed any bug/glitch/exploit/problem/balance-issue/whatever not listed here, please tell us as soon as possible, the version is almost ready and will compile it really soon.


  1. testinn says:



  2. testinn says:

    Replying to myself now that I have the 1st there:

    – Shield only stops 1 hit? that’s kinda useless :S.
    – Increased the distance between the T teleport and CT teleport after Gandalf scene ( stage 1) <— this wasn't needed if you solved the nazguls bug
    – Zombie explosive barrel explodes when CT shoot it <– hmm that semi-ruined the item proposal
    – Decreased zombie ratio, now 1 zombie per each 8 CTs instead 1 per each 6 CTs. <– in stage1 this may mean auto-win for cts after all the changes u did on osgiliath :S
    – Prevent the zombie rush at stage 3 begining (at v1 the ceiling door of the building opens before the lift arrival). wtf? if there are 15 cts, do u mean they will all die due to comet in 150 secs = 2,5 minutes? wtf?

    Btw, about the nazguls, I’ve decompiled the map and checked that you have a trigger infront of the nazguls door, in the floor. I’m not pro at that so I ask, if zombies jump over that trigger, will it be activated or maybe it won’t count?

  3. testinn says:

    WTF I failed pasting something from the prevent the zombies line..

    – Prevent the zombie rush at stage 3 begining (at v1 the ceiling door of the building opens before the lift arrival). <– not true, doors opens at the same time t's passes and the middle one takes even more time o.O
    – extreme mode: random comet every 10s on ct <– wtf? if there are 15 cts, do u mean they will all die due to comet in 150 secs = 2,5 minutes? wtf?

  4. Bonebraker says:

    yeah bitches i was here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kaemon says:

    Nope; the “comet” (dunno why he called that, XD) it’s a catapult boulder on fire; and can be dodged.
    However it will be hilarious when you are trying to defend some narrow position and you have to move because it’s being “cometed”. XD

    This replaces the “Zombie Siege Weapon” by an automatic event.

  6. Kaemon says:

    I had been writting a revised version of this post; clearing some points and improving the presentation.
    Will POST/EDIT it after talking with Hannibal about some points and checking if he forgot some of the fixes/improvements.

  7. Deathrowz says:

    I thought v2 was released but you guys are just telling us the changes xD
    Though the meteor every 10 secs troubles me.. what happens if we are defending? Does it affect inside as well? O_O

  8. Deathrowz says:

    Oh yeah, and when are you going to put the list of songs used in Minas please? xP

  9. – Prevent the zombie rush… : it’s true, there are two path_tracks, one 3 before the last pathtrack, and this before opens the door.
    – You can avoid the comet perfectly, you have 1 second or 1.5 to react and move IF you are standing without moving; anyway, if you are running, the comet won’t catch you.

  10. – Shield+Armor mean that CT have 3 hits + 1 (the CT hit), so, you must hit 4 times a human with armor to kill him. I noticed in many servers that is hard to hit the armor and the it seems to need like 16 hits to be broken; I thought that with half of hits (3 hits), zombies will need to knife over the CT lik 8 or 9 hits, and thats a nice number of hits.
    – I will reconsider this. Anyway, nazguls can catch humans in 1 second after teleporting, I increased this up to 3 seconds.
    – Zombie barrel needs to be hurt with 60 of HP to explode, that’s really hard to do; I tried many times at v1 (at v1 you will see that you can break a wooden invisible breakable but nothin happens) but I never destroyed it while flying, and remember that this item has less cooldown now. Shooting barrel while flying can be cool.
    – 1 less zombie = auto win for ct? I think you are exaggerating a bit…. At osgiliath, I changed some things but I didn’t make it easier. One of the most important things I change is that the middle way is not as good, so, It’s probably that the server will divide in groups instead rushing only 1 way.

  11. Putting the songs. Yeah I should, I add this point to the to – do list :).

    The meteor doesn’t happen at interiors. You can get cover in a building to save your ass. Anyway, you have 1.5 seconds to react and move.

  12. Kaemon says:

    Thats what makes Extreme extreme. XD
    If you are defending, and the “meteor” is going to wipe you all… You need to move while still defending!

    Also, please, play the game for the fun, not to beat it, or you can get really frustrated in Extreme. There is no reward but the fun you have while playing it! XD

    And I will remind Hannibal about the Songs Texture; even after he has read this.

  13. not SOLDIER says:

    Did you fix the damn table that glitched all of us through the lift EVERY TIME on stage 3?

  14. Anonops says:

    The Spanish version of the map you meant to do it?

  15. testinn says:

    Thanks Hannibal & Kaemon for the answers.

    About osgiliath: if there are less cts, less rocks falling, nazgul bug is solved, and nazguls appears teleported more far from the door than normally, then difficulty to win that map is severely decreased, and imho the difficulty its not the problem of stage1. Problems are randomness: People doing the nerd at defending and getting to 5 cts even before entering the first osgiliath door, people blockin the way with the furniture, making it to minas tirith, being 5m away from the door and getting killed by a nazguls head while the door is closed already… things like that xD.

  16. Kaemon says:

    It has been removed directly, reducing some entities.

  17. Greg says:

    I think the song catapults are inadequate.

  18. sebaKa says:

    nice. gj on fast release hannibal

  19. LeGrem says:

    i’ve notice some little things, but i like when all is perfect ^^

    At the middle spawn there is a flying prop that block and we should jump over it

    At the end of the stage 2 and on the stage 3 there is wooden tower, but with the cubemap there is too much reflect for wood (it could be perfect if it was use for a table ^^), removing the entry from the vmt (“$envmap” “env_cubemap”)

    There is some “nodraw” on visible faces
    stage 3 elevator :

    stage 4 before the 2 elevators :

    Doors from the stage 4 can open in 2 different ways (one way box not flagged ?)
    after the dark room

    And the defense after the 2 elevators too :

    For information the sound mt_music_stage_4_3.mp3 is during 4:10 when there is only 1:52 of sound, all rest of time is blank … maybe a glich of the compilation of the mp3 ?

    And to finish for the packing, one sound missing :Console message :
    Failed to load sound “minas_tirith\nazgul2.mp3”, file probably missing from disk/repository

  20. Susan says:

    removed the table from lvl.3, how on earth are we ganna bug it so we can pull lever and open door quickly before the elevator reaches the top… 😦

  21. Kaemon says:

    What are you talking about? :-s

  22. Kaemon says:

    That was some nice reporting LeGrem 😛
    All the doors (more than those were having the same problems) had been fixed now.

  23. testinn says:

    on v1, doing !ztele makes u lose your items? It happened to me with zombie flag more than one time :S

  24. Vandeam says:

    – Fixed the exploit of skipping the catapult scenes with a skilled jump from the woods to the stone bridge in the middle.

    That skilled jump was so my idea 😀
    Too bad i wasn’t first to report about it… 😛

  25. Kaemon says:

    On V1 that flag-totem can be broken with damage (has been fixed for V2).

  26. testinn says:

    ah okay, didn’t notice that, thx

  27. Deathrowz says:

    You always try to find new strategies in both Mako and Minas xD

  28. MinasGuardian says:

    Would it be possible to change Gandalfs pushback to a 1 key? It’s really confusign and difficult at times to get it to work :/

  29. That’s the point! Using Gandalf need a bit of skill, it’s very powerful and it would be fair to use special habilities with 1 click; you have the normal light push, that works with RMB.

  30. Spanish version can be easily done in 30 minutes (just replacing the audio files and the text messages), and I have already all spanish audio.
    Cuando vea que la v2 funciona perfectamente, es posible que se convierta en la última versión, entonces ´haré la versión en español, se llamará ze_LOTR_Minas_Tirith_v2_SP o similar.

  31. DeepInferno says:

    Ummm, I really don’t know how to explain this… but the horse can kill Gandalf instantly sometimes. I was playing on i3d and we were on stage 4 someone had picked out Gandalf and I had picked out the horse, we were playing through the level then when we usually were sinking through eachother all of a sudden Gandalf just died. This usually happened in the dark room I don’t know if you were aware of this or not? If you were sorry bout wasting your time 🙂

  32. Kaemon says:

    Even if we were, you are not wasting anyones time 😛
    Also, first time I read this problem. Will mention Hannibal.

  33. Psykotrop says:

    Door buged on stage 4 ?

  34. testinn says:

    Imho you shouldn’t release that. It would be probably played instead the english one in CTA or other spanish servers and a lot of non spanish people that is playing there lately may leave.

    Also 30 mins? you excluse compiling time right? hehe

  35. Kaemon says:

    Minas Tirith compiling time is under 25 minutes 🙂

  36. A good name would ze_ESDLA_Minas_Tirith
    (Instead of LOTR, the initials in Spanish)7

    As an idea 😀

  37. Riperzz says:

    When Horse/Gandalf gets infected he dies and everyone that is close to him (including other horse/gandalf).

  38. testinn says:

    I don’t know if you’re aware of the Skybox bugs:

    On pre-stage (shop city), if you get there with a Nazgul (doing !ztele on stage1 or 4), you can go over the normal city limits, get to the walkable limit of the map, and see things you shouldn’t (osgiliath below, the 2 fakes minas tiriths above you, etc.).

    Also, in osgiliath, if you get your nazgul back down the door and then you go over the door barrier, you will also see the minas tirith skybox.

    Also, yesterday something rare happened: We were on stage 1 or 3 (can’t remember :S), I was zombie and after the normal 20s, insetad of getting auto teleported from the shop city to the normal map, It sound a “boum”, I went up flying above the citys walls and I ended up in a corner, trapped as zombie, where looking down I could see the real top of minas tirith.

    Also, once (I haven’t been able to repeat it), on the top of minas tirith on the stage 4, I was able to get out of the normal scenario with a nazgul, and was seeing the osgiliath over that, and seeing everything on minas tirith black but the 3 zones from the stages, with obviously <10 fps at that point. This is very rare because I was alive, and it happened like if I was in spectator and you moved out of the walkable air-zone at the top, that you stop seeing the fake minas tirith skybox and you see the real stuff there: the zones with the black space around em.

    Kinda rare, also checked the map with hammer and couldn't see anything strange with the triggers and walkable limits there, I don't know how that happened :S

  39. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, I know why that happens and probably can’t be fixed at all.
    But you should only die if you are INSIDE him when he dies.

  40. testinn says:

    Actually is not hard at all… its an easy sequence which can be called in <1s. The only bad thing is the cooldown (you don't know when it finishes, only that, also like the light), but calling the spell is easy..

  41. testinn says:

    For example, the 2nd point I talk about:

    nazgul when passing over the osgiliath’s door (when you reach the horses):

    Here we can see the 2 fake minas tirith. At the end, the one front from the other skybox, and below you, the back one seen from above (I think this is the same you use on the real minas tirith to mix the real zones with the skybox one, not sure tho).

    Anyway, I don’t think people should be able to see this :S

  42. Random dude says:

    wut happened, this got stuck at 42 comments, no link to download v2, ???

  43. MinasGuardian says:

    When will v2 be out? o:

  44. Deathrowz says:

    Hannibal told us on the SG server =)
    ITS….. he will tell you.

  45. MinasGuardian says:

    derp, its tomorrow 😛 i r teh Matsuda Tadashi :p

  46. Deathrowz says:

    Why you tell!! D=