EDIT: Please wait until 14th

Posted: July 9, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in Kaemon's Rants

EDIT: Not sure myself (Kaemon) of what happened. Basically, the Minas Tirith V2 had a quite importat bug on it and Hannibal is now compiling a new versionf of it.

Shouldn’t be long; so it may be out quite soon; but I don’t really know. Our apologies for the inconveniences.

EDIT 2: The links had been removed; however some players (and some servers) seem to be playing the map.
To those people playing the map: please report any problem or glitch you find, and feel free to share your personal thoughts about what you find different in the V2.

EDIT 3: I will come back the day 14th. I have the last hard examn (it’s a recovery). I will publish the v2_1 this day, and I will bring nice news for all u πŸ™‚

  1. Mr.HotDog says:

    Nice πŸ˜€
    Will test the map now with some friends ofc ^_^

  2. Hekjuh says:

    Great, going to test it right away at NovaGaming! (

  3. testinn says:

    FIRST?? It says there are 2 comments but can’t see any lol

  4. testinn says:

    lol now they appeared, this is rare as fuck. Ok THIRD πŸ˜€

  5. So already, v2 final version? : D
    Preparing Spanish Version? LOTR ^ ^

  6. testinn says:

    what? now the minas tirith door kills u on stage1 while its opening? :S

  7. Hilner says:

    The doors that block the store at the start break way too late. The zombies are able to run to them before they break.

  8. testinn says:

    wuts that bug u talk about Kaemon? can’t find anything rare in particular, everything seems to be rare XD

  9. Kaemon says:

    Not sure myself; was commented this by Hannibal. I haven’t played the map yet. (I only plyed a V2 beta and it had stills quite obvious bugs needing to be fixed).

  10. testinn says:

    I see.

    Imho, it’s quire soon to call any version as the final one for this map.

    V2 still have some bugs, from playability, fps, skybox out of coverage, backbuildings showing infront of front ones, the first line orcs in stage2 models being shown OVER the back orcs when you look from behind, a lot of lighting problems, still some changes needed for a correct balance of the map, etc..

    A ton of work has been put on this map, but some more need to be done to put this map as the big crown of the lotr series. It would be a shame to release it like this, while other maps like mako seem nearly-perfect on v2.2, this one isn’t close 😦

  11. Luffaren says:

    I noticed an exploit at the second stage on the upper level (right after the rock falls on some soldiers and up the stairs)

    Players can jump over to the next area (breakable walkway/bridge with a crack in it) before they are even allowed to walk past the soldiers.

  12. testinn says:

    wtf in extreme, in stage 4, where the 150sec count starts, meteros appear and hit you even if under the buldings roofs. wtf

  13. not SOLDIER says:

    I know it’s pretty late, but any chance of the recompile being released today?

  14. Deathrowz says:

    ZOMG.. why you delete the link.. I dont want to download from the servers D=

  15. testinn says:

    wtf wasn’t compile 25 mins Kaemon? whats happening XD

  16. CNe says:

    Are zombies suppose to respawn or dead/suicidal humans respawn as zombies? cuz it happens on v1 in some servers and v2 in all servers.

  17. testinn says:

    That’s server configuration I think.

  18. Deathrowz says:

    No its the map, SG and sG doesnt allow auto respawn as a zombie.

  19. Deathrowz says:

    But I am not sure myself also..

  20. not SOLDIER says:

    It’s the map. Zombies can’t respawn in SG.

  21. | Scottz125 says:

    infact they can

  22. | Scottz125 says:

    Also the barrel is OP, now that the time for use has been decreased to 30 seconds it does too much damage as an instant kill. It should be like this:

    Damage: 50
    Re-use time: 25 seconds
    deployment time until explosion: 5 seconds

    With this it would allow humans to escape the barrels wrath, but also if people are caught off guard and are unfortunat to have 49 hp’s, then its game over for them.

  23. Molli says:

    How to remove players props block?
    Our server players can block others with rocks, barrels etc..

    I tried sv_turbophysics 0 / 1 but no effect.

  24. Deathrowz says:

    I found one of the songs of your list incorrect. Its not Final Fantasy VII – Orphan of Flames.
    Isnt this?

  25. Deathrowz says:

    And you also made a typo on one of the songs in Mako; saying FVII AC – Beyond the Wasteland

  26. testinn says:

    Yeah he probably was copypasteing and failed lol, “Orphan of flame” is from Chrono Cross not FFVII.

  27. Paaf_^ says:

    I have already play it a couple of hours on my server and also on different one.
    There is not any major bug or major problem in this new version.
    I think you can publish it, there is nothing to worry about.

  28. Nice idea not to make the barrel insta kill, I add it to the to-do list for 14th.

  29. Of course there are bugs! Extreme is unplayable due the comet that spawn x30 times at same time, oil jar blocks your own bullets, timing at boats its wrong… I decided to release it at 14th, because I have the last examn the 14th… I failed it 1 month ago, now if I fail it again due releasing fast the v2_1, I wouldn’t forgive myself πŸ™‚

  30. Deathrowz says:


  31. Kaemon says:

    It’s a recovery of the one he failed πŸ˜›

  32. Kaemon says:

    I’m sorry, but I have no clue. You mean players get blocked with each other (kinda) like carrying a translucent non-placed prop?

    Also, are you sure it happens with all props? There was a Wooden Desk in V1 that blocked players (no matter the config), and there is a Chair/Bench that does the same in V2.

  33. Kaemon says:

    Hannibal included both a Zombie Ratio and a Respawn Allow (and forced) within the map.

  34. Agent Wesker says:

    Remove or find a way to fix armor because every round someone is exploiting it. What happens is the armor gets destroyed but the CT / Player’s damage filter is broken or stuck and they cannot be stabbed. This leads to delayed rounds and cheap wins.

  35. random says:

    The idea SUCKs han, the barrel must ultra kill or its senseless. Don’t do that one..

  36. Riperzz says:

    I Agree! Must have insta kill!

  37. Paaf_^ says:

    OK but I meaned no major bug which crash server or something !
    When you said there are big bugs, I have imagined the worst ! πŸ˜€
    Of course there are bugs, no map is perfect ! πŸ˜‰

  38. LeGrem says:

    I don’t know if it is wanted like that but at the end of stage 2, zombies can easily pass the stairs with the 4 guards by jumping on left or right

  39. Deathrowz says:

    Others have already found a win without using armor but barricades..

  40. Bukkake says:

    The meteors are crazy. How you dodge them and defend zombies. Also you might get hit by a teamate meteor. One more thing with the meteors we gotta move around waiting for the horses and we cant go on the lift or we will die

  41. Deathrowz says:

    Hannibal did say v2 is unplayable on Extreme..

  42. Anonymous says:

    Doing a little bunnyhop mapping comp at GE if anyones interested. Only small comp with res slot prizes.

  43. Riperzz says:

    Easy just move a bit and keep defending.

  44. | Scottz125 says:

    Thanks hannibal!

  45. Random dude says:

    Han, on extreme mode + V2, there are falling comets even under the buildings on most the stages, also the comets on the start (buying city), laaaags so much (I get down from 30fps to <5fps for seconds, I've heard some people has the same prob), and when those comets fall on the normal stage maps I don't even notice any fps decrease.

    Also, the debris stay forever in the map instead of lasting 30s. And the comets should kill zombies too, wtf.

    Also, the damage triggers on the shops sucks: They should be on the back so people that is not teleported can't camp there, not before the teleport, because then someone runs to the item and he gets 2 damage hits (and slow downs, being able to being caught) before teleporting!!!…

    Not to say the shop doors opening late, the teleport doors opening even more late…

    Just to say it, imho v2 sucks hard, it should be renamed _b3, cause it is even worse than v1. With all the respect for your work Han, you did a bad move releasing this and not a fix after that.

  46. Agent Wesker says:

    Yea version 2 on extreme mode all the meteors spawn 50+ debris which causes the server to nearly crash and my FPS goes to 0 …

    Also the Nazguls have a new problem, the bullets hit both the push back and push forward triggers and they simply speed up when shot until everyone is dead.

  47. Do you play in extreme? How many ppl have your server?
    I told “unplayable” because there is a bug, the trigger spawns as meteors as human players… so, (2 heavy particles+2 models+8 debris+1 trigger hurt)*30 human players = 490 spawning entities every 10 seconds! Its like the bug of v1, at osgiliath, the siege trigger created many times 5 or 6 rocks at same time, do you remember the laggy smoke?. Imagine 30 instead 6, it wouldnt be playable.

  48. I wrote about the comet bug at the reply over your post. It creates as comets as players… it should be only 1.
    About the damage trigger at shops: true, I will fix that.
    The debris of the comet shouldn’t stay, I checked it myself…
    The shop doors opening late is ok, I should put a 64 jump or something, It wasnt fair at v1, the CT at the far spot cant get a shit.
    The teleport doors opening late, this is a little bug I didnt count. The first zombie time is now 10 s, so, there are 5 extra seconds to defend… I will put the doors to open before.
    And yeah.. I did a bad move, with this final examn…. I should have waited until 14th. Anyway, we played at one server the v2, and there are not more noticeable bugs. I’m going to nerf the difficlty at some places, because the win ratio of 1/10 is not good…. If ppl want difficult, then , win and reach extreme; like in mako (medium and hard are very easy and enjoyable)

  49. I noticed it to, I will fix that for v2_1

  50. Random dude says:

    Mate, today I’ve seen 2 server kills with v2 (SG and one FR server), (a TON on SG to be honest), people getting kicked, disconnected for 25s then kicked, etc. Kinda strange.

    Thanks a lot for your work and support mate, I really appreciate that over anything, but I consider v2 a real beta and not a serious version. It has bugs everywhere, its way worse than v1 even if more detailed in some aspects, but it has more props/screen problems than v1 had by what I’ve seen ingame those days. Or at least, most of the major bugs are still there and few news appeared. Thats my opinion and some from the people that played.

    Zombies can still win alone on stages 2 and by what I’ve heard 3 and 4, we discovered a new bug where someone that goes for an armor / shield (lv2 item) gets no armor (but HE sees it), and he’s invincible against zombies (a door had to kill me, I survived over 50 zombie hits lol..), some rare fps spikes that weren’t on v1, skyboxes and building backfaces seeing on a ton of stuff still :P, it will take time but there is a lot of work to do, or at least seems so.

    Not to say about people using other props, stucking elevator with em, people using others zombies or ct barrels (yea lol..), dunno, in general, this seems a prior version to v1, even if extreme mode is well scripted imho:

    I’ve tested the comets: Theyre ok in rate/damage. No mate, I’ve been on a server with 30 ppl and comets were falling 1 by 1 every 10s or so, showing the red light first, thats good. The few bugs are:

    – They fall down even under roofs (specially on stage4 after the dark zone, since there until the top, every square has a comet available to fall..).
    – They LAAG FPS so much in the buying city.

    The rest is fine by me, I’ve been playing and avoiding em is fun lol. We win round 1 at least, it looks nice, don’t change that 😦

  51. Random dude says:

    About the nazguls, I have been nazgul and I didn’t see that forward pushing ur talking about, even if I tried backmoving.

  52. Random dude says:

    Han, I just tested the extreme mode in a solo server, (NICE ending scene btw, even better than mako one imho ^^), its purpose is appearing like that? or its a bug? I don’t see much sense on it, he doesn’t block everything completely… maybe u could put it walking since the start of the level or something, that could be awesome.

  53. Deathrowz says:

    Why spoiled for us!
    Though I loved the Mako Reactor ZM Mode ending scene of that Giant Ultima xD
    Cant wait to see the other

  54. I edited your comment a bit πŸ™‚ Yea, the ending is totally okay, I cant do that you say (it would be impossible). Don’t spol! πŸ™‚

  55. Deathrowz says:

    Though I was joking on my part, Lawl! xD

  56. Alex says:

    Tell me why do not all get points for a win? Or so it should be?

  57. I will read the post after the examn tomorrow. I told Riperzz (admin at SG) to remove the v2 for 4 or 5 times. Moreover I post at the forum.

  58. Random dude says:

    Lol, then he ignored you big time… because _v2 is always played there (the most played map in the last days), and 99% of the times it doesn’t end because the map runs out or players vote map it, but because the server crash lol..

  59. Random dude says:

    Why you can’t do it? :S

    Can’t u add it motion like you do to the gandalf, horse and light at the end of stage 1, or at the comets fallling? just some linear function and few lines since the start of the server or something would be awesome (like bahamut on mako but over all the level, killing all campers)

  60. LeGrem says:

    some things notice on V2 :
    – Level 3, zombies can jump from the 1st catapult tower and so pass the guards that cover the access to the second catapult
    – the objects with deagle are blocking bullets but not all the time …. with the huge crate we can’t shoot anything …

  61. some nub says:

    Just for the lulz of it, I just tried to play ze_lotr_minas_tiret_v4_1 … and I have to say it was MUUUCH better than expected lol. Even in a server with 40 ppl online, the fps were high all the time and the map is kinda decent imho lol (even if fast and simple).

  62. CNe says:

    O_O Respawn Allow is on thru the entire map?! I know you wanted to make this map hard but thats just crazy =/ most of the time nubs die by the rocks in lvl1 and 3 and then we are faced with a zombie overrun cause of that. At least turn it off in lvl 1 if that was supposed to be the easiest lvl of the map. There have been times where we went 0-20+ on the scoreboard. Heck I remember when there was a 0-32 game before we won lvl 1 then again I forgot how the state of the game was. (state of the game meaning people were not trying, noobs everywhere, trolls, etc)

    Also put button spam for props like you did for materia in mako cause I’ve seen people do it on purpose and screw alot of people over then again respawn allow is on so I’m not sure if this helps. Maybe disable the ability of people to touch other people’s props somehow?

    On a side note would this map even be recommended for a server with settings that have unlimited ammo, low knockback on weapons some of which only “stall” a zombie, and no napalm?

  63. LeGrem says:

    I’ve played the V1 on 2 different servers and the CT killed by rocks are respawn in zombies at the spawn not where they die …

  64. Agent Wesker says:

    I also found another crash issue, when a zombie gets into the end area he does not get nuked but all the other zombies get nuked and die. The last zombie does not die so every other zombie respawns until the server crashes.

  65. aaaaaa says:

    That happened in V1, not V2.

  66. Anonymous says:

    The other day when i played on V2 i could not get lvl 2 items, even though i had got 2 lvls and had 200+ points, and i got hit with dmg when i was standing on the shop items.

    1st lvl i had no problems getting the lvl 1 flag, but after i got lvl 2, i had problems getting items from the shop even though i was the first player to go into the shop, and i could also not always get lvl 1 items.

    And it wasn’t because i was last or anything, i know i was the first person to get there at least twice, and even when i wasn’t, i didn’t get teled, i usually get teled even if someone got the item(s) before me.

    On the server i was playing on, after i reached lvl 1 i did buy a trail color, activated a trail to try the new color, and then i got lvl 2, and after that i had this bug.

  67. not SOLDIER says:

    Already getting ready for the almost certain marathon of this version that will start the second it’s released.

  68. Brawl says:

    I think you cannot use trail if you going for the lvls, and this bug is already in the to fix list.

  69. Anonymous says:

    But that bug is already fixed in the current V2 as far i know, and others who have trail on in V2 do get lvls, if they still aren’t able to get items i don’t know.

    And this bug differ from V1 where we just didn’t get points/lvl, to getting hit with dmg repeatetly by standing on shop items, and not being able to get items i had the lvl for.

  70. dude says:

    Dude, the problem is that what has been solved at V2 is not you getting levels with trails, but the +100 scores but trails.

    For that, on V1 with trails u didn’t get nor score nor level, and now u only get score, so even if you have 100/200 you have level 0 and can’t buy an item.

    It’s still the trail.

  71. Anonymous says:

    But the dmg thing is still new….

  72. Anonymous says:

    and even when i already had a lvl, and then activated trail, lvl 1 items, only sometimes worked.

    And as i activated the trail after i already had 1 lvl, and i now get this bug, that is different from the other trail bug, i can’t see why i not should report it.

    Would be stupid not to report it, and trails then only are “fixed” if you don’t change them at all the whole map, and i then report this bug later, if it can be resolved before.

  73. dude says:

    Trails are big problem with the ZE mod specific commands, not only with this map and points sytem by what I’ve heard since I moved to CSS.

    I have to repeat, trails are a big problem, even if you take it off, you win a stage, and you get the trail on, maybe the trail is making your player change the name and then you dont have the _level1 at the end of the name (thats how the server knows ur name, from the private name), so you are not level 1 anymore even if your score says so.

    And the damage trigger at the items its just put there so people don’t camp at those spots, because zombies can’t reach them. It has nothing to do with the trails or bugs.

    Also, are you sure you’re not trying to get items when the maximum number of them have been gotten? for example, there can only be 4 flags on the ct team, if u go 5th u don’t get flag (and sometimes u can’t even go into tp even if you’re level 1..) that happens with all the items.

  74. dude says:

    It is 14th Han 😦

  75. Anonymous says:

    I still don’t care, i report a bug that haven’t been reported before.

    Yes trails is a problem, and yes it is because of the trail, why else do you think i wrote how i think i described i did activate a trail after i already had a lvl.

    and yes i am sure, went in there like 7 rounds in a row after i first noticed, and i was in front most of the times.

    And again as hannibal have written the trail bug should be fixed in the version i played, i reported it here, as it’s a bug with the trail. And hopefully it will be fixed.
    Until then i just play without trail on minas, as ive done until i saw several people play with trail, and still get lvls, thats the only reason i tried to activate the trail to, and i thought it has been fixed as i got my points to, but apparently not.

  76. not SOLDIER says:

    Like Kaemon said, you can never really trust Hannibal.
    Oh well, one more day won’t hurt.

  77. Greg says:

    Yeah 😦

  78. Neox says:

    July 15 – 13:30 CET πŸ˜›

  79. Molli says:

    I bet that examn didnt go well ^^

  80. Anonymous says:

    I think it did because he had a party yesterday.

  81. | Scottz125 says:


  82. NAME??????????????? WTF says:


  83. ❀ Synthétique ٿ says:

    This really kaemon ΩΏ ??????

  84. Metro says:

    hehe kaemon has a zit on his left arm

  85. Omg, he is not kaemon.
    Check the new post πŸ™‚ Sorry for the waiting.