About Minas Tirith v2_1 (updated)

Posted: July 15, 2011 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

White Knight (lvl 5) preparing to judge a bad bad alien

Hi all, I finally finished all my examns (I’m sure I passed the day 14th exam successfully 🙂 ) And I added all bug fix I read at the post before and reports from other people. I will add the final list to the next post (Minas Tirith v2_1 released). But now, I must explain two things:

  • The player contest
  • The server contest
  • The difficulty adjusting (after the contest description)


Short description:

  • Take the White Knight CT item (LVL 5 item)


  • You must reach lvl 5 AND take the level 5 item.
  • You must not cheat (via admins), play with friendly zombies and the server needs more than 25 players. There is no problem if there are 10 players at stage 1, 20 at stage 2, 30 at stage 3 and 25 at stage 4.
  • Maximum of 5 winners, the winner order will not depend on the date of the demo.
  • The order of winner will depend on the skill of the player and the effort on previous rounds.
  • Upload a full demo to mako_reactor2010@hotmail.com

What happens if

  • I’m a lvl 5 human that turned into a zombie : waint until the next round and try to be human at spawn.
  • Zombie Escape mod sucks and it choosed me twice in a row and this is the last round : really sorry, the game hates you.
  • There are two ore more LVL 5 : try to be the first human who picks up the item, if you don’t pick it up, try to do it on next round.
  • I have a cheap victory : you better try to do a nice victory or nice item usage, the quality counts.
  • I picked up the lvl 5 item and the roun finished after 5 seconds : you picked up it, so it counts.
  • An admin kicked or freezed me to prevent to pick up the item and I was human : I will assume that you would have picked up the item.
  • I won extreme mode with White Knight : you are so awesome and you probably will be the #1.


  • A White Knight statue per each winner with its name, clan name (if he wants) and sobriquet. The pose of the statue will change in reference with the sobriquet.

An easy example:

  • The dude/girl X is lvl 5, he/she picked up the White Knight, and instantly quit game and send the demo.
  • The dude/girl Y is lvl 5, he/she picked up the White Knight, played until extreme and killed all the Nazguls at stage 1 with the power of awesomeness.
  • Result: at v2_2 will be two statues at spawn. The statue on the middle will have inscribed: “#1 X from Z Clan, the Beast Hunter “, and the statue on the side will be on a lower height and it will have the next text: “#2 Y , the Pacific”
  • But in case I receive 5 more demos, I which one extreme winner, and another 4 better than the previous Y, there will be 5 statues, with the extreme winner at the middle.



Short description:

  • Win stage 4 at extreme mode


  • Win stage 4 at extreme mode
  • Don’t cheat (use noclip/admin room) or very friendly zombies
  • There is no order but there is a maximum of 5 winners.
  • Date of submission doesn’t matter
  • I will judge the quality of the submission (lots of zombies, lot of teamwork, etc…)
  • Upload, at least, round 3 and round 4 extreme to mako_reactor2010@hotmail.com , if you wish you can send only the stage 4 demo, but having the previous round I will have a better vision of the gameplay at server if I have the demo of two rounds (more chance of being one of the 5 winners)


  • Flag at spawn per each winner. Server can send me a picture to put it at the flag, in other case I will put server name.

About difficulty

I know that some of you really love hard maps, but I don’t like what I’m seeing at the most of servers… Epic fails with no chance, win/lose ratios of 1/8, unstoppable zombies due minor CT fails… The map is, sometimes, really not enjoyable. Extreme difficult it’s put for something, to make the map more difficult and challenging. At the moment, stages 2,3,4 have more difficult than Mako Reactor Extreme. Mako Reactor is not challenging until we Extreme, and the previous rounds with mid/easy victories are very enjoyable. I want this at Minas Tirith.


I wont make the retreat trigger thing. But this is the list of change to make the map easier:
– Barricades have from +75% to +100% more of resistance (Except the big stone which was ok).
– Stage 2 tower part fixed a bug  (zombies jump to platform from wall)
– The brige part at stage 2 bridge part structure changed to be more human friendly.
– Less defending time at stage 3 holding spots (-10 seconds to -15 seconds ) but not the last spot.

– Small push force against zombies at dark room.
– etc….

This is the kind of modifications I’m doing to make it more easier, btw , this is the timing and things that should have been at v1 release… it’s not nerfing the difficulty, it’s fixing the map balance problems.


– Balrog only at lvl 5

– Dark area is now easier

– Added clips and walls at top part of Minas Tirith (you can go over roofs and behind the buildings)

– Added server contest

  1. testinn says:


    I think that is gay. Don’t do that, seriously. It would suck to start as zombie and lose because it is EASY to win.

  2. testinn says:

    Explanation: The map can be passed if cts collaborate. Those gay triggers won’t do anything because noobs will keep prop-wasting, prop-blocking other people, destroying the tunnel barrel, nade failing, running without holding, getting infected like idiots at the start thus increasing zombie numbers, etc.

    THOSE are the problems of his map, not the camp time there. If a decent number of cts reaches the end of stage 2, is kinda easy with few props to defend completely, it is CAKE to be honest. That gay trigger is not needed at all.

    The good thing at this map is that if stage 1 starts, and ur zombie, u may say I HAVE CHANCE TO MAKE CTS LOSE THE ROUND so they dont get the points ahead and u can’t have gandalf/horse at stage 4 anymore, thus most of the time making people leave cause u wont have items till stage 4 (lv2 stuff max). If you put gay triggers, a lot of rounds may be won when they would normally be lost (cause a lot of zombies were going to win and they are stopped by a gay trigger) and thats even more frustrating.

    The problem that should be addresed on this map is another one: If you start with everyone in the server, you’re zombie at the first turn, with other noobs zombies / new players to the map/ AFKers, you are fucked, no 100 points for you, no good items for you anymore since the server won’t probably reach extreme mode as it is happening due to noobs failing hard every round.

    The level per win relation is not ok when the zombie selected is totally random. The “Sorry, game hates u” condition you put on the explanation of the contest is pure bullshit, “I wasn’t able to be there because the server choose 3 times me as zombie”, yet when that player may be the PROest ever seen on that map.

    It’s not a good thing to do stuff like that. On Mako people doesn’t care much about winning or not, +/++ is not as crucial and level here and I think the same system can’t be used at all.

    Well that’s my long point of view xD.

  3. Deathrowz says:

    For some reason.. I am not too hype about the player based contest, maybe its coz I know i wont reach it? 300 ping and someone stealing it from me is annoying.

  4. testinn says:

    Also, I forgot to say a thing.

    THE UNFAIR STUFF: Mostly everytime, like half of the lv3s, lv2s or maxs levels on every round, are people that didn’t do shit on the round but run and most of the time without even looking back (while others risk shooting while walking, they just rush not caring much). Since they don’t risk, most of the time they win the round (because otherwise they are infected and no1 wins). This is shown when stage 4 is reached and always there’s someone new getting gandalf, someone who was never shooting at stage 1 and so on.

    I bet most of the winners are going to be people like this. I know ur going to select the best participative guys, but we’ll see how many “normal” defender players getting lv5 u get in a server like SG.

  5. Deathrowz says:

    I saw Riperzz had it once and he defended..

  6. Your explanation has sense, but I think that you didn’t understood about the trigger thing. They dont block zombies, they just accelerate the retreat trigger. Anyway, the triggers are a bit lame, yes.. I’m going to reduce the time at lots of defending places… is the best I can do. At some places, the defending time is excesive, but well, the ending of stage 2, the after catapults outdoor part, … and I think there are no more. I will keep improving.

  7. testinn says:

    I said an high % not everyone lol, obviously pro’s defend and get levels too 😛

  8. Gandalf was glitchy. At v2 or v1 he can spam the spells very very fast (its a bug), and he cant die coz nazguls (Nazguls can’t kill CT items at v1 and v2)

  9. testinn says:

    One thing I forgot to say, you said difficult stages were 2,3,4. Imho and in others opinions from pro’s I’ve heard, we all agree that stage 1 ties the difficult with stage 4 (stage 1 for the noobs not getting to the proper door or getting infected, then lower number of cts can’t stop the nazguls, and a nazgul can get inside minas tirith -> fail. And stage 4 for the dark room, if there wasn’t that, map would be easy as hell. Stages 2 and 3 are easy if no noobs make it easy for the zombies. It’s just a matter of patience and holding the spots, no difficult zones at all on 2 or 3, maybe rocks on stage 3 but an infinite ammo barrel and 2 props makes the thing easy to defend (if people defends, ofc..).

    If you wanna make normal mode easier, don’t put those triggers (I understood the concept, they don’t stop zombies but they stop em from winning since cts can enter the fortress wayy before and just put ammo barrel and block the doors..) and reduce the waiting times. Example, 40s -> 20s, 60s -> 10s, 150s -> 90s, etc. If people doesn’t have to hold that much things will go easier and there will be a lot more wins.

    Now, I don’t think if this is what this map deserves. If you are planning on making it go extreme, then yeah, reduce the hold times a lot, then people wont even hold or use most props, that will be LAME, easy wins, people ragging about being zombies and having 0 chances of getting score cause first round on stage X ended on a very easy win). Then in extreme things are going to get though, because people won’t be used to props since “normal” was way too easy, and the comet is going to decimate the long-holding spots (new for those players).

    But as I say, idiots will get infected fast, or failnade/prop-block and make a lot more cts get into zombies, so there are not enough cts to defend even a low time. THIS is the map problem, unlike other ze, the number of ct has to be high (mako can be won alone, like most others ze’s or with few cts, no way minas tirith can, u need to be like more than 1.5 * #zombies or your chances will go down to zero.

    Thats why I think you should try to make a zombie escape variation mod for this map (if you’re into this too). With this you could get all the players to be ct at the start, at the same spot (no need to block the shop since ev1 could rush with same chances)…

    … because this map is a masterpiece which would belong to Zombie-Hold, not Zombie-Escape. Thats the big first problem. No other map has been designed to hold like this one, with all the prop possibilities. The current infect system makes it impossible to win just by the firepower size at the hold spots, and that’s a shame.

    By the way, I’ve been thinking and… why there are 4 stages? I don’t find much sense to the 4rd one. You could’ve joined the end of the stage 3 with the end of the stage 4, the map would get faster to extreme, wouldn’t take that many hours to pass the 4 stages, and so on. I’m not saying the stages are bad designed at all, they are perfect (except dark zone)

    A last thing, this is “minor” but conceptually is MAAJOR. Why there’s that big illumination problem at minas tirith entrance? (front building behind the horse statue). Also buildings that are in the line with the skybox have the problem than if you get in the right angle, you can see the faces from the other side of the object.

  10. testinn says:

    btw sorry for this big chunk (aka tocho)

  11. It’s coz the level thing that the zombies are more agressive than never, for sure. If the lvl5 is a lamer who never shoots, I will see it on the demo… It will be a cheap win. About the “sorry, game hates u” it’s because if I don’t put rules like this.. then I will receive lots of emails with the description of “I was level 5 but it was last round”, “i was level 5 but I lost conection..”

    Another thing. Moderate your language, you don’t need to add these words like “is pure bullshit”, “gay trigger”, etc…

  12. Agent Wesker says:

    About players running away, I tend to do that a lot unless I have the armor, ammo barrel or gandalf. Most of the time I am running ahead if I don’t have those items but I do try to get props and make fancy barricades and I try to direct people what to do on mic. So I am a little guilty for running.

    Anyways I like those triggers you added in that speed up the ending, I had that exact situation where I held on for 10 seconds right in front of guards with 15 or so people and that would have helped.

  13. Agent Wesker says:

    I will stay behind sometimes though if at least 1-2 people stay with me which is rare.

  14. Deathrowz says:

    Mako cant be won alone until the 35 sec last room hold. Vandeam’s strategy is now well known. Tons of people starts camping at the elevator and vents, and thanks to those trolls now Wind++ will be nerfed down alot which I think is good enough. First seeing the “Hiding then rushing in with Wind++ / Gravity”, I thought it was really epic but then after seeing people doing it and just want an “epic” win themselves is just annoying. Hiding by themselves with Wind++ or Gravity when theres around 15 people in the last room, I understand if theres like 5 humans left but doing it with like enough to hold the room is just stupid.
    I dont want to see Wind++ getting nerfed down to less than half of its duration time. 2 secs nerfing may be good enough..

    And as for Minas, yes I actually think 3 stages is enough T_T
    You saying Stage 3 is easy as cake? Get real, its one of the hardest. Stage 2 is hard but not near impossible. Stage 4 is near impossible that 85% of the time only around 8 Humans survives after the Dark Room, I suggest maybe putting that “Shiny Path” like what you did for Helms Deep? Stage 1, the room is too dark in my opinion at the bottom..
    Stage 2 is good enough. Stage 3 needs a bit more balancing and lowering the secs on the holds. Stage 1 needs some lighting on the bottom at the start. Stage 4; the door after the teleport at the start from the shops area, door needs to be open the other way.. I find it quite annoying how I sometimes get stuck after teleporting.. And the Dark Room and Gandafl needs some fixing or like at least a console command for us to get ready T_T

  15. Puni says:

    Im not sure about this. I actualyl like the map how it is cept the bugs and some balance things.

    However I think your fix isnt worth doing, or maybe you should find another easy. Coz if someone wins like this running in and out the zombies, it wont be an epic win, it will be a lucky win, lucky wins are for noobs!!

    Try think of aanother fix :/

  16. Metro says:

    hannibal nice idea hope u make the fix but u should realy Make Balrog as Level 5 its with level with Dog 😉

  17. Agent Wesker says:

    You should expand the contest to cover servers that beat level 4 extreme and have the server name listed.

  18. My god! Do you say that Minas Tirith is easy!? Stage 1 is very easy, the glitch at boats and the nazgul glitch make it very difficult, but not as difficult as round 4… Round 2 is hard, round 3 is hard, round 4 is very hard.
    There are 4 stages because the engine has a limit, I can’t join the stages 3 and 4. Stage 3 has like 350 created antities, stage 4 has 400 created entities. If I join stage 3 and 4, the map would have 1750 entities (1000 is the default), and it would crash ALL rounds.

    I wont make the retreat trigger thing. But this is the list of change to make the map easier:
    – Barricades have from +75% to +100% more of resistance (Except the big stone which was ok).
    – Stage 2 tower part fixed a bug (zombies jump to platform from wall)
    – The brige part at stage 2 bridge part structure changed to be more human friendly.
    – Less defending time at stage 3 holding spots (-10 seconds to -15 seconds ) but not the last spot.
    – etc….

    This is the kind of modifications I’m doing to make it more easier, btw , this is the timing and things that should have been at v1 release… it’s not nerfing the difficulty, it’s fixing the map balance problems.

  19. testinn says:

    Those are really ok, also you should add the mako “burn if you touch other’s materia” thing to props here, could ya? so people don’t use your props or your barrels..

  20. | Scottz125 says:

    Was the barrels stats changed too hannibal?

  21. sebaka says:

    anyway you can open the human and zombie store faster. you always get like 10-20 players door hugging and is damn impossible to get something. since spawns are random, can you keep it 1st come 1st serve.

  22. Deathrowz says:

    If that happen then alot of people will be on Fire..

  23. testinn says:

    then fuck them, why are they touching other props? :S

    Also, instead of burning forever, the burning time could be 30s or so, so it wont kill u but u will be mostly pwned by zombies.

  24. Deathrowz says:

    Its the 17th at my place.. looks like what Kaemon said was true xD

  25. Brawl says:

    How about making the props in a way that only holder can activate them, just like it was in Mines of Moria or make them only block zombies, so that when improperly use it doesn’t kill the entire team,

  26. Ammo barrel works for 25 seconds, and it has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

    I need to test the map with Kaemon! but we are not coinciding. Today I’m staying at home all day, so as soon as I see him online, I will test the map.

    Last changes:
    – Balrog = LVL 5 necessary
    – Dark area is now easier
    – Added server contest

  27. Random dude says:

    Hey Han, this is not a bug, but a request of something that should be necessary:

    As you know, people can do !ztele to return to the city or die to return as zombie, and then they have to enter the portals to be teleported.. the problem is that the teleporter changes destination at X unknown moment and if you take it at wrong time ur fucked, you have to wait till its updated, example:

    On Stage 1, if you get zombied before people gets to the big part of osgiliath, and enter the teleport, you will appear on the water.. moreover, you will until at some point after cts reaches the door-to-horses and before its opened.

    This happens on all the stages, and it’s frustrating since zombies can’t catch up in stage1 and specific places on others (like starting outside minas on stage 2, while people is already at the top of the tower..).

    One solution that I think it could be implemented it Putting the real image of where you’re going to get teleported on the teleporter, instead of that green-ish classic tp generic image. THis means, asap the teleport change, the image will change too, people will notice it and will be able to catch up with the rest of zombies 🙂

    What do you think? Imho this would be extremely useful.

  28. Kaemon says:

    Don’t freaking lie… I had been online the whole day…

  29. Deathrowz says:

    Everyone gonna door hug?

  30. testinn says:

    I doubt that can be done, otherwise it would probably had been done on mako with the materials, and it’s not the case. Maybe with a single entity on the map its doable, but not with thousands of them.

  31. UNREAL says:

    It is possible to filter the buttons using testactivator Output, but its too entity expensive in this case I think. Could be easly implemented in Mako tho.

    See how:

  32. testinn says:

    Okay, then I think its doable and it coul’ve done perfectly, or at least on mako, solving mostly all the problems with dumbasses on that map (a shame Kaemon answered but nothing changed).

  33. Anonymous says:

    hmm we all got 1000 points? map broken or

  34. Kaemon says:

    It can’t be implemented on Mako.
    Mako uses the Players-Names for the Level of the Materias; it could be implemented only if Materias became all single-level (like Earth, Gravity and Ultima).

  35. Hannibal[SPA] says:

    1000 points at what version?

  36. Greg says:

    Hey, it´s funny 😀

  37. UNREAL says:

    Ah right. Didn’t remember that.

  38. Hahah, that is going to be a classic

  39. Today I’m releasing the v2_1, in the next hours.

  40. cripler says:

    how much longer?!

  41. Random dude says:


    Where’s the new versioooon

    Han, have you considered the location-images on teleports as I proposed few post above? It would be an awesome update and !!!needed!!! on stage1/3 for zombies to catch up.

  42. Kaemon says:

    I’m sorry but it won’t be implemented. Mostly because the number of textures/entities that it will need.
    In fact entities had been reduced again for the next version; hopefully stoping the map from crashing servers with more than 50 players.

  43. not SOLDIER says:

    So Kaemon, will Hannibal getting around to releasing the new version today like he said or did he lie again?

  44. Random dude says:

    textures? it would be maybe 2/3 images per stage = 12 textures is too much???

  45. Deathrowz says:

    Zzzz… I wont be trying out the new version by then D=