Minas Tirith V2.1 is comming soon!

Posted: July 19, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE LOTR Minas Tirith

Hello there, Kaemon here!
I’m sorry for leaving the blog unattended for so long; is not that I was busy nor away; just not in the mood (I’m kind of a slacker, you know?)
To be honest; I was a little mad with Hannibal‘s decision (not with him, since we kept talking normally) to rush and release Minas Tirith V2. (Without even testing or telling me!)

If you are curious of what exactly happened here; Hannibal, even after finishing his studies and exams; had to do a non-planed re-catch exam for something he suspended, the 14th of this month.
(Hence the “Please wait until 14th” rant; which was about waiting for Hannibal to come back and bring news; not for the release of the next version; I get some people misunderstood this).

Anyway, he had (obviously) to study and focus for the exam; but he also wanted to release first a fixed version of Minas Tirith (since he felt V1 had too many spotted issues and exploitable glitches already); so instead of waiting (to start working on it) for the 15th; he rushed a version making fast-fixes and small changes; and released without the proper testing… And it failed.
To be honest, is not a completely broken version, or an unplayable map; but some of the biggest problems weren’t fixed, and some new appeared; including a “FPS-Destroyer” event when the meteor (an new Extreme Difficulty event) happened on multiple humans at the same time.

Since the version included some new things (like the flammable oil pot and the new automatic-meteor system on Extreme), Hannibal decided to call it directly V2 (instead of V1.1 or similar). But it truly didn’t deserve the title, specially without being properly tested.
Soon after release (and seeing some of the big problems not being fixed and some news having appeared) Hannibal decided it was for the best to remove the download links from both here and Gamebanana; however some servers had been playing it; and they helped us fixing new problems within. (I don’t think we could have never seen the multiple-meteors one on Lan-Testing)

Anyway… Right now Hannibal is finishing the next version (V2.1). We already tested it but he still needs to fix/change some little things; and then we will do a fast-test again.
I’m going to start writing now the next rant, including all changes from V2 to V2.1, and I will post it as soon as it’s uploaded and it’s ready to download-&-play (that should be between 2 and 20 hours).
(You can read the changes already made from V1 to V2 here).

Good luck and have fun!

BTW, Hannibal also edited (twice) the previous post; but since it was quite long you may have not noticed it (I already told him to make new rants and not that kind of edits for the future), basically there will be both a Player and a Server Challenge for Minas Tirith V2.1; both with 5 winners each (no particular order; so just 5 equally awarded winners).
Also, date of the demos won’t be taken in mind for selecting the winners, only the quality of the victories/gameplay/etc.

  1. Deathrowz says:


  2. Luffaren says:

    Sweet! I’m gonna participate in the contest for sure. šŸ˜‰

  3. Deathrowz says:

    So will it be like Predator? Server has to beat Stage 4 on Extreme to have their names on the map viewed from which was the best round in your opinion?

  4. Deathrowz says:

    Never mind its just the flag of the server’s name as it’s prize?

  5. Anonymous says:

  6. Deathrowz says:

    zzz.. i just remembered.. my gpu fan is so fucked right now T_T

  7. Random dude says:

    I will be failing hard but I will try the contest. I will probably do as the last time: start as zombie the stage 1, get a failor zombie team and not be able to do shit, so cts win, and then win stage 2, 3, 4 and 1 extreme in a row as ct.

    That happened me before, why not now that would put me in an uber angry position? Put your bets!

  8. mADASS says:

    Did I understand you correctly when you said that the map will be out in 2-20hours? Or is that just the rant with all the updates?

  9. CNe says:

    I dunno if I lost a bet or won šŸ˜† Anyways keep up the good work looking forward to the release even though my current comp sucks šŸ˜†

  10. Kaemon says:

    The map should be uploaded in the next 1-19 hours, in a rant that includes all the changes.

  11. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, it’s the equivalent to a texture showing their name. Any other suggestion? XD

  12. Anonymous says:

    can’t wait šŸ˜›

  13. sebaka says:

    so map is coming next week? šŸ˜€

  14. Agent Wesker says:

    Hey Hannibal I see the map detects when the physics bug out which completely RUINS the map so could you have it restart the server automatically when that happens.

    That would be much appreciated.

  15. Random dude says:

    So Han, are you going to release the map and start the contest at a total random hour instead of announcing the hour like 24h before?

    And then u want a competition with everyone having the same chances?

    A server can “win” the contest in <4h and you may release the map randomly in the next 24h? thats like saying "hey first to notice I've released the map wins" instead of the contest itself.

    This is bullshit. I and others are waiting for hours here, then we'll go to sleep and tomorrow as we wake up there will be winners. Yeah, ultra-fair.

  16. : O so clear, so beautiful

  17. I can fix the physics glitch. I saw that the last updated fixed something from vphysics… I hope they fixed that.

    About the release of the map, it is not a time-based contest. A dude sending the demo file the day 31 of August could be the best one. Go sleep, don’t worry. If someone win tomorrow after 2 hours, it could be a ***tty win, if there are another 5 better victories, that first victory will not appear.
    So, relax, I compiled the map but didnt uploaded it.

    I had a really had working on adjust the numbers… specially with the level 5 item and troll. The version must be perfect to see the less exploits possible.

  18. Random dude says:

    I see, thanks.

    Btw, did you read the proposal I wrote on the other thread about putting destination images for teleports? Kaemon said it was impossible due to number of entities, but it would be just 2-3 images (textures?) per stage, so 3 entities cosindering you have thousands are a problem?

    It would really HELP the zombies to know where they have to enter the portal to not fall on the water while cts are on osg already on stage 1, to enter out of minas on stage 2 while cts are in the top, to start down on 3 while ppl is holding the rocks… things like that.

    It’s necessary imho :S

  19. Random dude says:

    Btw did ya solve the bad-looking stuff like the skybox fails while you’re on the top balcony on the shop city, or the big ilumination fail of the building infront of minas door, or seeing a farest building (real entity) over a closer building, which is skybox (this happens with towers and with the orcs at the ground).

    Also the grounds have that big problem, you see a big line of orcs throught the orcs, and I think the great work you put into them is completely ruined by that :S, it would be awesome if they looked real, cause now.. :S

  20. It is not necesary…. teleports are shortcuts, to a places near the humans. It doesnt matter which picture you see… the three portals go to the same place.

  21. About the in front of gate building bad illumination, fixed. And well, these things are not important right now… I will pass šŸ™‚ I post tomorrow the version (less than 15 h)

  22. Random dude says:

    I am not talking about the big teleports, but the small ones that people uses when they do !ztele !!!!!!!!!

    Those have the green/blue/yellow tornado color as image and you can’t see where you’re landing, most times in a fail zone cause u didn’t know when it changed location!!!!!!!!!

  23. Random dude says:

    I am not sure that they are not important, those are minor details to fix and really make the map more enjoyable šŸ™‚

  24. Kaemon says:

    Thats some nice suggestion… But not sure if it should be implemented.
    Anyway, if you ever see the map bugging again (while playing V2.1 or superior), please try to learn WHEN exactly it bugs; since there are chances that the physics get bugged by something done wrong within the map.
    (We know at least a couple ways of bugging physics via wrong Hammer usage).

  25. Kaemon says:

    As Hannibal said, they are shortcuts, mostly for people that stopped playing for a while because AFKed or that joined the map late; not really to use !ztele to win X metters/seconds of advantage.

    And yeah, every entity counts right now (V2.1 has 100 less entities than V1 and V2, since it is strill crashing big servers with 50+ people).
    Also, it could be easily abused; just teleporting back and use it when it’s more worth using it. In any moment you should be abble to “shortcut” using !ztele and using it; so if you do so you are probably trying to shortcut instead of keep walking (as you must do on most ZE maps) šŸ˜›

    Anyway, it could have some little chances of happening in a future version, but not right now, since Hannibal really wants a rest from Minas Tirith (that he thought he was going to get with his rushed V2, the poor naive… XD

    About your next comment (about visual problems), I mentioned most of them a couple times to him; but it’s mostly the same reason; too much work (at least right now, since he is burned with Minas Tirith at the moment) for no reward.

  26. fuckballs says:


    this is my favourite song

  27. fuckballs says:

    ahh fail here’s the original link

  28. fuckballs says:

    oops triple post lol

  29. Deathrowz says:

    Board of the names of the survivors just like in Mako, please =)

  30. Deathrowz says:

    Look at me, I was a huge disadvantage when Predator v2 World Challenge came out, the server that I originally played at (ICannt) was dead for the time being and I started playing on SG, sG (and all those other US servers) about around January – Febuary. Since our time difference is so far off (If its morning here, it will be like 7pm at US). And since I am busy on weekdays I wont be able to play on those servers, On the weekends, I managed to survived Predator v2 along with around 10 other survivors on SG during the Challenge a week before it ended (And of course which triggered SG to 2nd place).
    But this map is hard as, if you think 4 hours is enough to beat it, you think wrong.

  31. Deathrowz says:


  32. Greg says:

    Really? šŸ˜€

  33. I don’t wanna this kind of shit in my blog! But, why you didn’t put the music video : D , it’s much better. (don’t do it >: ) )

  34. Neox says:

    Valve Time? šŸ˜€

  35. lool says:

    perm ban him for that faggotry :S


  36. Kaemon says:

    If you mean “Half-Life 2” or “Episode 3” Time… No.
    It should be published within a few hours.